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  1. 5195 is not on the storage list. In the system the bus is officially retired.
  2. 9071 & 9215 to scrap, 9307 & 9348 currently enroute to ECH.
  3. Nope. Currently at JFK. Units do get rotated until the service starts but as of right now, they only have 6036 and 6042.
  4. That bus is registered in the system under the Storage list. So therefore until it is moved, it is to be deemed stored.
  5. 5185, 5186 and 5187 LG to ENY. 5188, 5190 are still in the system at LGA but are currently at Grand.
  6. The XDs will wipe out the 96s. The 99s are supposed to go back to transit and some more hybrids will go to eastchester
  7. Because MTA bus ruined those buses. The 99s are very different buses from any of the previous models. Let them go back to transit.
  8. These buses are to help provide service to the Q102 shuttle being operated between 30th ave and Queens Plaza while the astoria stations gets rebuilt.
  9. It didn't make it out there very long. Bus road called around 4AM
  10. Incorrect. The 52 and 53 will see artics but not the entire route. Additionally, the 41 will not go to FR until November 12th.
  11. Yessir. 261 went out on the B6 and 672 did both the B6 and B64. All 3 buses are back at Gleason
  12. 7674 and 7679 at at Gleason. 7665 is in the system at gleason but GPS has it at west farms.
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