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  1. There is no codebook. And why are you seeking bus codes?
  2. That's if they're gonna be held onto(which is likely).
  3. 12 years is the average lifespan for a transit bus, but the MTA has been known to hold on to buses longer than that if the bodies and such hold up better than expected.
  4. Those XD60s are staying at Flatbush. They won't be going to TU(if ever) until they're taken off of SBS duty(if ever). By the time that happens, we might be seeing mileage swaps all over.
  5. Yep, it's at Meadowlands. Meadowlands now has trips on the 156 and 159.
  6. That's for the outerboroughs, not Manhattan. But you've also forgot about depots that have multiple use cases in fleets, such as Jamaica(hence why they got XD40s), West Farms(CNGs), Quill(self-explanatory), Flatbush and some others. True fleet uniformity won't happen until there's only two types of manufacturers, which still won't happen.
  7. Knowing Kawasaki quality in NY....the ride quality won't last. It'll be bucking, squeaking and swaying around in 2-3 years.
  8. They didn't really fight against CBTC in the Subway IIRC. ATU 726 is a whole different beast compared to TWU Local 100, they get shit done.
  9. Not if the union has anything to say about that.
  10. They can work, its a matter of where.
  11. Your first mistake was assuming everything went smooth. They found a lot of problems with using an Artic along Richmond Terrace, which will have to be corrected by the DOT if they ever choose to run them on the 40/90.
  12. A one-time test on the island along the S40/90, not in service of course. It was testing along the line to see how the artic works with stops and such.
  13. It'll probably be similar to what LIRR/MNRR has now with the ticket scanners. In Seattle, they use similar technology with the Orca Cards, the screens tend to show confirmation of payment and when you paid. It also shows if the card is invalid, has no money, ect.
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