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  1. Typical of the x17J whenever there was traffic on the turnpike.
  2. Cait Sith

    Sim23/24 coming to MTA?

    And you wonder why 90% of the members in this forum have a problem with you......you CLEARLY do NOT LIKE to READ or listen to anyone or anything!!!!
  3. Cait Sith

    Sim23/24 coming to MTA?

    The word is that they'd be split between two depots and that 30 extra buses would be needed.
  4. Cait Sith

    Sim23/24 coming to MTA?

    Most of the complaints that I've heard were about the buses themselves, rightfully so, they were in GREAT shape when they showed up, but they were eventually ran into the ground, and are now showing their age. To fill that gap, they acquired some of New Jersey Transit's best MCIs(that they were already leasing) to make service as well. Those buses are in impeccable shape as Academy took care of them during their time and are still in amazing shape.
  5. Cait Sith

    Sim23/24 coming to MTA?

    Not the case. The garage that the SIM23/24 comes out of from Academy primarily operate commuter routes. The bigger garages operates other contracts and shuttles.
  6. Cait Sith

    Sim23/24 coming to MTA?

    There's been talk that the MTA will take back those routes. The 50 express bus order for NYCT was initially supposed to be for retirement of older buses, and extra buses if they do intend on taking the routes back.
  7. To be fair, they bitch about anything & everything that's not directly beneficial to them.
  8. They most definitely did....especially since with the creation of these routes, the corporate goons at the MTA didn't have as much of a say in how these routes are created, especially since Byford stood up for the operators out there.
  9. Cait Sith

    The SIM Treatment

    Whatever it is you posted, is not loading properly.
  10. Cait Sith

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    Kinda disappointed that no one checked out the SIM2....I was hoping to see some type of news or insight about it. With all of these SIM creations, that one is the most interesting one to me.
  11. Cait Sith

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    No. They do not train with the programs on.
  12. Cait Sith

    MTA Bus Operations: Moves & Transfers

    23 is reported to be at Yonkers.
  13. Last I heard, the Brooklyn express bus network is supposed to focus primarily on the x27/x28/x37/x38. But of course, that can change in an instant. And I doubt they'd even cut the BM5....that line has a tendency to carry, especially with the added stops in Queens. And I wouldn't say that Byford is getting caught up with Cuomo's politics, especially since Byford is seeking funding for his fast forward plans, which...you know...Cuomo has been very quiet about.
  14. This whole thread could've been avoided if you just use this gotdamn thread for once....not every question needs a whole new thread.
  15. Cait Sith

    BUS - Random Thoughts Thread

    It actually is. Almost all of the artics are used for service on the Q53 with only very little spares and buses needed for maintenance. Jackson Heights also gets hit pretty hard during the summer months on the Q53. At the current time, there's only about 12 or so artics out, but during the rush hour, almost every artic is out in service.


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