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  1. Fair enough for them to not get any new local buses any time soon, especially when you consider the history I clearly laid out of them getting new buses over the past 10 years. Also, other depots have been getting older buses than Flatbush, ENY has been getting 12 year old hybrids to fill the gaps of the RTS retirement....that makes your point moot. With that logic, ENY should've gotten more XD40s..... They've consistently have gotten new local buses over the years, and the NGs aren't really outdated compared to the OGs.... You want to talk about being treated unfairly? Look at Manhattanville, they haven't gotten new local buses in over 10 years, and here you are complaining about a depot that has consistently gotten new local buses over the years, not getting a small batch of their own. You're making it sound like they've never gotten any new buses since the RTS. And to say that they're being treated unfairly because they're not getting new buses in the local scheme is absurd when you consider that those buses are basically the same thing as the 7300s they currently have.....just without the USB ports that people hardly ever use. Your argument is basically saying that for every new order coming in, Flatbush should always get a piece of it. That's not how it works. After all, I'm pretty sure they'll be in line for the 275 Hybrid Bus order anyway.
  2. Whoops, completely misread that from my end, my mistake. Avenue A would be needed for a fact, it's more narrow than Avenue D and buses always get caught in lights along that corridor after picking up passengers. Avenue D, not so much.
  3. I hope you mean Avenue C and not D.....D would mean that the bus lane would go through the Con Ed plant! However, the bus lane through Avenue A to C..... I have mixed feelings about that one. Traffic surely isn't an issue between Avenue A and D, it's between Avenue A and 9th Avenue where the issues arise. What I'm disappointed with is that they're not doing much to curb the continuing issues along Jamaica Avenue, one of the more busier areas of bus traffic.
  4. As for the fans coming up with conspiracy theories for Flatbush..... Late 2007 into 2008, Flatbush gets selected for their first order of brand new hybrid buses 2008, they receive a couple of 3800s from Castleton for training, they received brand new NGs afterwards. 2009, they got brand new NGs. Late 2009 into 2010, they got brand new NGs. 2011, Flatbush was selected to get articulated buses. 2012 into 2013, Flatbush receives 5800s for training and operation usage, they receive brand new Nova Bus LFS Artics afterwards for Hurricane Sandy shuttle work and B44 service. 2013 into 2014, Flatbush gets selected for brand new buses. 2015, Flatbush gets brand new XD40s for local and SBS service, also got 7483(I forgot what year) 2017, Flatbush gets selected for brand new buses. 2018, Flatbush gets brand new SBS XD40s, sending only 4 year old XD40s onto local service duty. 2018, Flatbush gets selected for brand new articulated buses. 2019, Flatbush receives 6100s from Quill for training and operation usage, currently receiving XD60s to push out 6 year old LFSAs to other depots. So....I must be missing something as to how Flatbush has been treated unfairly as of late, when they've consistently have gotten new buses over the past few years.....not to mention, the only time Flatbush DID NOT receive any new local buses was during the period when the 2003-2007 Orion VIIs were being ordered and delivered.....
  5. That honestly would not make much sense, especially with the new Novas bumping off NGs to Brooklyn and Manhattan from The Bronx & Staten Island. Besides, even if Flatbush got new XD40s to replace the RTSs, that number would be low from the jump. The number would not be nearly enough to make fans happy.
  6. How is that unfair? Flatbush has a ton of local buses that are roughly 4 years old, just exactly how is that unfair? Is that too old for you?
  7. I'm not sure how that ties in to your original, inaccurate point about CNG buses at West Farms, though....
  8. ....What growth are you talking about....? None of this is making any sense. Also, the CNG order was not a botched order, the CNGs that came retired the ones that already had tanks expiring and were ready for retirement. At the time of the CNG orders, the buses that were in service were NOT YET READY for retirement.
  9. Yup. They had a hard time keeping up with the upkeep of the NABIs. It got so bad out there that they had an MCI or two consistently on the 780 and some of the other local lines. And then it got worse when passengers were complaining that they were not getting MCIs on the local routes!
  10. I could've sworn I posted this earlier, I guess I forgot to hit the Submit Reply button lol. 8509 & 8524 en route to QV. 8558, 8566 & 8571 en route to KB.
  11. Did a bit of fanning here and there. Photos & videos were taken with my Canon 7D Mark II & my Sony RX100 Mark II. I got some more stuff, but it'll be posted on a different time & date. MTA New York City Bus 2019 Nova Bus LFS 8538 by Shane Ramkissoon, on Flickr MTA New York City Bus 2019 Nova Bus LFS 8527 by Shane Ramkissoon, on Flickr MTA New York City Bus 2019 Nova Bus LFS 8530 by Shane Ramkissoon, on Flickr MTA New York City Bus 2018 Nova Bus LFS 8514 by Shane Ramkissoon, on Flickr Some other stuff. MTA New York City Bus 2018 Nova Bus LFS Artic 5513 by Shane Ramkissoon, on Flickr MTA New York City Bus 2018 New Flyer XN60 "Xcelsior" CNG Artic 1108 by Shane Ramkissoon, on Flickr MTA New York City Bus 2018 New Flyer XD40 "Xcelsior" 7572 by Shane Ramkissoon, on Flickr MTA New York City Bus 1999 Nova Bus RTS-06 5179 by Shane Ramkissoon, on Flickr MTA New York City Bus 2011 Nova Bus LFS 8070 by Shane Ramkissoon, on Flickr MTA New York City Bus 2019 New Flyer XD40 "Xcelsior" 7578 by Shane Ramkissoon, on Flickr MTA New York City Bus 2018 Nova Bus LFS Artic 5571 by Shane Ramkissoon, on Flickr
  12. Which is kind of sad to me, honestly..... Before BusTime was a thing, it was a type of accomplishment to find a brand new bus out of the blue without the assist of trackers and such. It was a good feeling to be able to do that. Nowadays, fans rely on trackers waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much, which is both lazy and sad in my opinion. Folks can make up the excuse of "omg I don't wanna stay out there all day" or similar types of excuses, but the fact is, trackers kinda killed fanning in my opinion. The spontaneity of it all is gone.
  13. Kingsbridge is the next to receive the LFS order....out or order. 8544, 8555, 8549 and 8551 are there, with 8565 & 8553 at the vendor. -EDIT- Just for reference, QV has 8510-8517, 8521-8522, 8526-8531, 8536-8538, 8540, 8541 & 8545.

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