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  1. For me, the iOS one has a loading symbol, it just loads faster than the Android version(and my phone has 8GB ram with a Snapdragon 845).
  2. Would you shut the hell up with your irrelevant posts already? If you keep posting more irrelevant stuff, I'm putting you on mod queue. So actually take the time to THINK, before you POST......
  3. It's been out for Android for a few days now, and it has some animation glitches that needs to be taken care of. The iOS app is seamless(I own an iPhone XR & OnePlus 6, I straddle between the lines lol)
  4. Wayne, Howell, Ironbound, Meadowlands, Coach USA & Academy (I think that's all of them)
  5. You're being way too hopeful with the redesigns lol. The meeting had nothing to do with the redesigns(he's also not the head of the Queens redesign), that's all I know.
  6. Just a work shuttle? Have you ever been on the B15? And what about your assessment on the Q3? They don't really have a choice in the matter, since the Port Authority is pulling the MTA's strings in regards to where buses should go due to construction soon taking place in the airport of the terminal redesigns and a new hotel.
  7. Word is that Byford stormed out of a closed door board meeting, went back into the room after the meeting was over and handed in his resignation letter. Clearly sounds like the level of his frustration reached a tipping point.
  8. Don't waste your time trying to get that from someone who doesn't understand the purpose of those routes.
  9. So explain how Jackson Heights, Elmhurst & Northeastern Queens is fighting back against the MTA....without paper documents? Lol.... Again, that ain't the problem...
  10. If anyone has paid any attention to the moves/transfers thread for deliveries and how buses were being delivered to both the vendors and the depots, the answer should've been right there. Just because they were delivered out of order doesn't mean the buses currently at the depots are not in that order either. You're slightly overexaggerating that point. Numerically, the 2019-2020s are in order at both depots, just a few missing from JFK and LGA. 6126-6233 came out of order(kind of), but to a certain degree are in some kind of order at each depot. MCH and Quill are swapping buses for OMNY installation. 7484-7850 arrived out of order, but are technically in some type of order at the depots. The 8090-8503 batch of Novas as you mentioned came out of order, but the large majority at the depots in the boroughs they are in are in numerical order. The only real set of buses from 2017 and up that are completely out of order at depots is the 5987-6125 batch. Stengel is basically the only depot with a solid numerical batch, with some extras. I'm not sure why this is a big deal to begin with. The average customer wouldn't care anyway about numbers unless they're reporting bus drivers over nonsense.
  11. JFK XD60s: 6235-6236, 6238, 6240-6257. LGA XD60s: 6239, 6258-6263, 6265-6273, 6275-6286. 6234, 6237, 6264 & 6274 are all at the JFK Vendor.
  12. ^This. I would've thought people figured this out by now. Buses have been delivered to depots out of numerical order since 5987-6125, some of the 5700s, 5800s and 5900s were also delivered out of order. For example, Quill has 4950-4952, 4954 and 4955. 4953, 4956-4964 are still awaiting delivery. LGA is still waiting for 6264 and 6274, and JFK is still waiting for 6237.
  13. That aint happening for another year. 1. Those XD60s you saw at Flatbush either had an early pull-in or is awaiting maintenance(likely the former). 2. The reason Stengel kept those extra XD60s was for an increase in service on the Q44, as well as a spare factor for the Q12(6000s have shown up on the Q12). 3.The Bx19 alone uses a large chunk of those articulated buses at West Farms. Factor in the Bx35, Bx36(which also uses a large chunk of artics) and Bx39, you have A LOT of them out on the road at West Farms. Plucking from them would not be a good idea, as their artic routes get really, really bad when they run 40fters on those routes. Fun fact, West Farms is also the depots with the most drivers in the entire system.
  14. If it does hold true, I do want to know how the hell are they going to prep the depot for artics within 3 and a half months....and how are they going to manage with those buses INSIDE the depot?? I've heard complaints about there being tight spaces for the express buses to navigate through, I can only imagine the difficulties the artics will bring. And then comes the age old question of where are these buses going to come from to all go to UP!? If they pick them out from The Bronx, they'd have to pick carefully as they'd lose roughly 25-30 or so artics, and that would cause problems if The Bronx doesn't get anything else back.
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