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  1. No it did not. 8663 is not yet official at KB. It's still assigned and registered at QV, but it's in service at KB. Lest we forget that a few 8500s were transferred from QV to KB after delivery. This could be the same case but in reverse. KB might be short on buses as well.
  2. Screeching sounds mostly involves the fan belts I believe. It could happen at any time, despite maintenance. It's happened at depots with supposedly the best maintenance. Bumps, potholes and such can cause that to happen. That is extremely irrelevant......
  3. What kind of maintenance issues would they have with just screens....?
  4. I'd wait it out for a bit before doing that, it'll probably be fixed. It is a test phase after all.
  5. I'm not sure if Apple Cash or Apple Pay are two different things, so I'm not gonna speak on that, but from what I've been reading, most of the issues comes mainly from Apple devices and services, especially with the whole "Express Transit" setup in them with Apple Cash & Pay. Used it yesterday with Google Pay w/my Ally Bank card linked at Atlantic Avenue, picked up my phone pretty quickly. I had no issues with it so far. Did you have NFC enabled on your phone? The chip is usually where the camera is located, so you don't just put the entire back of your phone onto the screen. I saw a lot of people doing that yesterday and I was cracking the hell up. The actual scanner is also towards the bottom. Just don't do what this guy did....he was doing it all wrong with his phone the first time.
  6. Returned to AD, that bus was not ours to keep.
  7. That's because you won't. They aren't authorized to run on MTA routes, as those are technically NJ Transit's buses. Academy would have to buy them directly from NJ Transit for them to show up on the SIM routes.
  8. That was just an AM loan, not an actual move. --------------- Interestingly enough, 5384 is at BP, still assigned as a JFK bus though. 7843 at UP 7598 at MQ. 8617, 8629 & 8635 at GH.
  9. 16 is on the B62. 17 just pulled in from the B38. 18 pulled in 2 hours ago. 19 ran in the AM. 20 still OOS. Not as of late, some of them have been out almost all day.
  10. By that logic......every other route that doesn't shadow the streets they run on doesn't work with their designation(e.g M1-4, M21, M22, M15, M60, ect......). Agreed. Though I'm still very interested in how it will be implemented. That's one ride I would definitely like to experience....with a pillow in tow lmao. I also forgot to add the Bx29 is also an unjustified cut....while it sounds good that a PBP-City Island route seems more logical, ridership on the Co-Op end is relatively high....they basically cut all of that so the Bx23 can fill in for it. Having the Bx23 fill in for all of the Co-Op City cuts is not good by any means, even if it has 3 to 8 minute headways. I still do not agree with all of these Co-Op City changes. The Bx28/Bx30 changes just reeks of service cuts to the Bx30 in exchange for the potential increases for the Bx28....
  11. He's reaching way too far out with this thread....the question was solely based on the history of transit in New York and when the first air conditioned bus entered service in New York City, not solely for the MTA. @Eric B's response hits it right on the nail. Thread locked, this was a rather terrible attempt at trying to shame the MTA. If you're really that bored to post something like this and still be wrong, you should probably find something better to do with your life, honestly.....
  12. .....That's basically every QM downtown route(avoiding Midtown and focusing on the Financial District). I hope some schedule information comes out. I didn't say that the split isn't bad, I'm pretty much for it. What I don't like is the M125 designation. The purpose for the route is good(sorta), it just verbally sounds bad. That sounds much better.

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