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  1. Ignore that.....that's not how it works. CNG tanks also doesn't explode that easily. Only way those tanks will explode is if there's a leak and someone lights up a flame, or if it gets it with force, causing it to damage both the roof casing and the tank itself. Neither of that actually happens here, or anywhere in the US for that matter.
  2. MCI would've won the contract if Prevost didn't drop their original offer by 13 million and offer a better delivery schedule.
  3. Breakdowns are inevitable with any bus, so that's going to be a moot point across the board.
  4. This isn't the thread for this question, but I'll answer it. Neither of them failed. The double decker actually passed tests outside of height restrictions. 37 buses were originally going to be ordered for the x17J and some of the other via Jersey routes, but that plan was eventually dropped, reason being that those buses would be permanently at Charleston, and they would rack up miles really fast. It made more sense to order standard 45ft coaches. The D45 CRT LE also passed tests, they were in the bidding wars with Prevost Car Inc. for the latest order for MTA Bus and NYC Bus collectively. Prevost Car Inc. lowballed MCI by 13 million and won the contract, which makes me very skeptical about this new order and how long they will last, because the current batch of 2500s, 2600s and 2700s on Staten Island aren't holding up as well as some people would say.... Rumor is that the MTA didn't want to be the first big buyer of the D45 CRT LE, but I'm not quite sure how true that actually is.....I think AC Transit will be the first big buyer of those CRT LEs with 150 units, but I could be wrong. Prevost was also awarded the contract because the buses will be built in upstate New York, which would allow for more New York State content into the fleet. On the topic of the D45 CRT LE, we recently had an engineering test bus in the city about a month ago, covered in wires. They were testing the bus out in various areas of the city and collecting data on it, perhaps for future consideration for an order.
  5. Not for a long time. They very rarely run 45fters on the 181 or 188.
  6. 3132 is an accident bus with side damage. It was covered in caution tape at CP prior to being sent to EC Scrap.
  7. Ever since the roadways have been empty....x63 and x64 ops have been flying through the Van Wyck, I know those operators are happy as hell to finally get some speed on the Van Wyck. I've also seen x64s and some x63s with literally 0 passengers at Kew Gardens.... if I had started work earlier, I'd definitely take the x64 home. The x68 from my POV, have had less than 10 people in each bus consistently. I've avoided the altogether now. The homeless situation has gotten to the point where it has become unbearable to ride the from Manhattan after 10pm....I've been taking the LIRR since then, and it's been 6 days since I've got my ticket checked.... I've thought about just taking the to Lefferts and catch the bus or walk, or take it to Broadway Junction for a Q24 or Q56, but eh...LIRR has been good for me.
  8. St. Cloud built NYC's XD60s I believe. I think the CNGs were in Anniston.
  9. After reading through this thread, I'm quite appalled and ashamed at the fact that there are people(particularly the younger transit fans) in this thread that are worried about a train set being repaired/returned to service, along with folks saying that the train was lit on fire because someone didn't like the R142s(which to me, was by far the the most dumbest thing I've read in the thread). Some of you guys seem to forget that trains can be replaced, human lives can not. As both a rider and an enthusiast, my heart goes out to his family and everyone who knew him and worked with him. We're already living in surreal times with this Coronavirus wreaking havoc in our city, and showing its devastating affects on the many employees of MTA Bus, Subway & Rail, this does not make things any better. I pray(and I'm not much of a praying person, admittedly) for the safety and assurance that all MTA personnel can make it through this and return home to their families and loved ones. Please be more considerate when you post, and think before you post. At a time and situation like this, subway cars are the very LAST thing you should be worried about....
  10. I've heard some in Manhattan, on the M15 SBS and some on the M14 SBS while dropping off orders.
  11. It's currently assigned to FP. 6839 is only at FP. It has not hit service since it's arrival.
  12. Until LGA gets Nova Artics, let us know, because I'm pretty sure that everyone here knows that LGA doesn't have Nova Artics.....
  13. Yes, artics have ran on the Q70. The turning radius for the artics is much better than their 40ft counterparts, seeing as the bus is 35ft in the front and 25ft in the back.
  14. There's more of those Orion VIIs than LGLink XD40s. There's 27 at LGA.
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