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  1. It has not been announced whether we are getting Proterras, New Flyers, BYDs or whatever.
  2. Can't compare the two. Megabus only offers tickets that cheap to fill seats and beat the competition(Peter Pan, Greyhound, Boltbus, ect).
  3. 6173 and 6174 officially at Flatbush. 5337, 5340, 5342-5343, 5346, 5349, 5352 are all left.
  4. Dammit, I just saw this. That's actually a good question. I never really looked into that to be honest with you.
  5. GPS data and system listing still has it at the vendor, but it has not been updated since the 4th so it's possible that it's at Flatbush. Some photographic evidence would really help.
  6. That would depend on how bad they need the buses. The options can be picked up at any time, but from what I heard, at the current time, it's not happening.
  7. Actually, his statement is not somewhat false by any means. Look at the M60 at this current time, only luggage rack buses are on the line.....The only time they use 5500s and XD60s is when the luggage rack buses need routine maintenance. Not sure myself.
  8. Word is that the options are no longer happening. XD60s at Flatbush: 6103, 6119, 6123, 6125, 6128, 6130-6131, 6133-6139, 6141-6143, 6145. 6147, 6169-6172. XD60s at Hale: 6113, 6117, 6127, 6129, 6132, 6140, 6144, 6146, 6148-6164, 6195-6223. XD60s at Quill: 6089, 6091, 6093-6100, 6102, 6104, 6106-6109, 6111, 6115, 6165-6168, 6183-6189, 6191-6194, 6224, 6226, 6228-6232. XD60s left for delivery, the entire MTA Bus batch, 6126, 6173-6182, 6190, 6225, 6227, 6233. 6234 is back in Minnesota.
  9. That depends on the pick itself and how much work is available(if they lost any or gained any).
  10. They had plans, but it was cheaper to maintain the hybrids as is.
  11. That's also if NJT would even want to run a line to Staten Island to begin with, which is extremely unlikely.
  12. After your claim about missing the so-called "last Q44 of the night". I have doubts when it comes to any sort of credibility with your constant complaints.
  13. I've been hearing the same thing for a few months now, but haven't heard anything concrete just yet.

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