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  1. That is indeed a glitch. That's 776 assigned to run 976.
  2. It does have a cheap look to it, but as someone with pretty poor vision without glasses, I like how it's spaced out it is. It makes things easier to see without my glasses. The text is also a little bigger as well. The original timetables to me were very cramped and narrow.
  3. Not gonna lie, I actually like this. It's easier on the eyes instead of everything being so cramped.
  4. 22 is now at the NJ Prevost Service Center. Whether or not it'll be renumbered to its original number remains to be seen. 23 is currently in operator training at Spring Creek. They train their operators between the depot and the Howard Beach area.
  5. 1305 is at the service center in NJ. 1306-1309 are awaiting final adjustments in Plattsburgh. -EDIT- 1305 was sent back to Plattsburgh for adjustments.
  6. That's exactly what's gonna happen. That bus will likely be on a flatbed back to West Farms. Which is exactly why we don't give those people any attention. 1020 was on the Bx35 when that happened. There's speculation that the bus experienced brake failure, which may have caused this.
  7. Yeah, that one and 3304 were loaners after they scrapped a few Detroits a while back.
  8. 3280 is a LGA bus. And this means that CP is down to 15 detroits.
  9. What they're asking you is. 1. Why? 2. Who would benefit from this? 3. Where would it go? No one is starting a fight with you.
  10. For a few years now to allow more space for the artics on the Q44.
  11. Not the reason. Gun Hill is short. A significant number of their artics are at the Secaucus facility for work, with some others at Zerega also for work.
  12. No, they will not. They will be using 6148-6184.
  13. Service is gonna be operated by Suburban, they've been training drivers along the lines this week.
  14. If they were short on local buses, they'd be getting loaners. They have 213 buses in total. It sounds like they have a spare factor to a point where they are able to let some buses go.
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