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  1. I completely forgot about that. The plug doors was one of the few new specs they pitched for in the RFP. I believe that will happen.
  2. All of the 3800s and 3900s loaned to Grand Avenue have returned to their respective depots.
  3. And that's exactly why I said to not use past orders as an explanation, because it's not just about delivery speed or anything like that. It's also about product quality and performance, which has favored Nova this time around. These orders also have nothing to do with the network redesigns because other hybrid buses are getting retired due to this order.
  4. Now why would you think that? Don't use old orders as examples of what may happen in future orders. They are. They're likely doing a slightly different configuration to these 10 XDE40s.
  5. Thank you for this, and for further reinforcing the majority of what I said. --------------------------------- And this right there makes me wonder why they never bothered to swap the local NABIs around.....reliability all around would increase if they had swapped the local buses around, but Transit chose to make them stay at their garages throughout their entire life cycle, which was pretty dumb.
  6. ....big engine swap? What engine swap? lmao....they rebuilt engines, not swapped them, which is not even a big deal..... By the way, all of those failures you mentioned? Yeah, that happens to EVERY bus, NEW AND OLD....so those points are moot. That last line.....I've heard that line over the past what....11 or so years since I've been on this forum, and for the most part, my information has been backed up by people who work at some of these companies...so yeah, you saying that is a cliche, especially when many forum members have doubted the information moderators have posted....and then got proven wrong. You don't have to listen, but expect your "facts" to get challenged and corrected. That entire post was nothing but a cop-out. Anyway, you clearly proved you didn't know what you were talking about from the beginning. If you didn't care much about responding to me, why respond? Contradictions are a funny thing, isn't it? Your statement above proves that you're not in the loop though. What engine swap? They never swapped out a Cummins for anything else. 5631-6549 all have the same ISL9 engine, most, if not all of them have received new or rebuilt engines from their lifespan..... You don't spread misinformation? You CLEARLY said that the SOUTH JERSEY buses are in better shape....which is far from the truth. Egg Harbor & Washington Township's units are beat and Washington Township has been short on NABIs to the point where MCIs ran on the NABI lines.....North Jersey has also loaned buses to the South to make up for their shortages at one point...Newton Avenue is essentially the only garage with a half-decent set of NABIs down there, outside of Transdev & Academy. Once again, you're not in the loop. Also, if you're any good at math, IF and WHEN these orders will be placed....the first gen NABIs will last LONGER than 12 years....likely up to 14 years, which is also, you know, when the first batch of 1999-2000 Nova Bus RTSs started to retire in 2012 through 2014...and the Flxible Metro-Ds starting their retirement in 2008(14 years)....The Metro-Bs lasted the longest out of every other bus AFTER 1989, and since then, they've ALWAYS started retiring buses earlier....clearly, you're not in the loop of anything. For you to make all of these false claims while saying that "you're in the loop" is comparable to Trump saying that he was going to help pay for the rest of the Second Avenue Subway.....absolute nonsense. But again, don't let that stop you from spreading misinformation as facts.....like you clearly did the past few posts 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️
  7. So explain how they suck and how they aren't put together well then, because, you know, high impact accidents will destroy anything. Less wear and tear in South Jersey? You already sound like you don't have a clue about what you're talking about because the Washington Township ones are BEAT.... You also don't seem to realize that the majority are old....almost 12 years old 🤔 But, don't let that stop you from spreading misinformation and nonsense though "boss". 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
  8. There were no plans to repower them(nor would it really make sense for them to do so). 5230 was the only one with a Cummins primarily because it was an Altoona test bus.
  9. Wrong. The bodies and the stainless steel frames of the NABIs are holding up fine. The ones that are prioritized to go first are the Caterpillar engine buses, as the engines are costing them more and more to maintain ever since Caterpillar left the bus market.
  10. I was about to ask what the heck happened to 6268 until I saw that it went back to the vendor. Oh lord, I wonder what happened with it.
  11. Those buses haven't hit service yet. They're probably getting prepped for service. CP has 5 of their C40LFs at Grand Avenue CMF, with others receiving routine maintenance at the depot.
  12. That's a fresh move actually. That was a LaGuardia unit. It was on the Q47 last night.
  13. That was unnecessary. If you're going to be insulting for no reason, go somewhere else with that nonsense. This is a place for discussion, not for infantile statements such as that.
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