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  1. You're not getting disciplined for anything except for that remark, which my response was justified. My post was aimed at everyone going nuts over Castleton getting new LFSs and going hard with the theories. If you're going to be the one to feel some type of way about that post, then it is what it is. The way folks have been asking for updates these days is giving off a sense of entitlement that most people on here do not like, especially since ENY has left. You guys need to take a chill pill and relax when it comes to wanting updates. It'll come in due time. The last few pages have gotten ridiculous with all of the arguments and theories.
  2. On the contrary, he did, and he's moving on to bigger and better things. That's all I'm going to say on that note.
  3. While you are correct on that, some of y'all were going waaaaaaaaaaaay too hard with Castleton getting 25 buses and were trying to solve the case like an episode of Law & Order SVU. As for that little snarky remark.... I, along with a bunch of others on this forum(especially ENY, who also left to take care of things revolving around his own life), have lives to live. We can't provide information to you guys at all times of the night and day when we have other things to worry about. Lance has also left the forums to focus on things with his life. I haven't been on that often these days and some people have noticed. So yeah, is it hard? Nowadays, yes, especially when I don't have the time like I used to to post things and share updates. Some of ya'll need to stop being so impatient and rabid when it comes to wanting more updates, you can figure things out if you just let it work itself out. When the information comes, it will be posted in due time when some of us also have the time to post..... No one is also entitled to getting updates on anything, so you guys better appreciate it while you still have it coming.
  4. Castleton is getting 25 buses from Yukon's batch. You guys can stop with these conspiracy theories now. Get a hold of yourselves.
  5. Being a new transit fan is no excuse for making a video full of inaccurate information. There's a ton of resources on the internet where he could've found the information he needed(especially YouTube and this forum). This could have been done a lot better.
  6. The fact that a majority of my images are in this inaccurate review is insulting 😠
  7. ENY's case was entirely different. They had lost RTSs to West Farms and other depots, and got those buses as a placeholder. I honestly wish those buses stayed at ENY, but it is what it is.
  8. 4249 is in fact at Manhattanville. 8704 is in the system assigned at Yukon, but is at Castleton.
  9. Define what you mean by that. They don't drop off in Queens going to Long Island until it gets past Little Neck Parkway. The line doesn't pick up in Queens, and only drops off.
  10. Hardly, just by several hundred. Basically lost 1% of it's total ridership. That all depends on. A. If the union would want to take on less runs for the addition of artics, which I kind of doubt. B. If they'll order equipment for Yukon to maintain artics, along with making the space for artics. The XE60 never made it to Staten Island, it's no longer in New York City. As for the bold part....let's just wait and see what will eventually happen. Too many people cling onto information that might change. Nothing is concrete as of now.
  11. So is Lefferts Blvd in Queens, and the artics work.
  12. Wikipedia is the last place you'd want to check for information like that.
  13. Society is falling apart because some folks don't see the need for a different set of bus specs?😂🤣 The doors themselves don't actually contribute to the dwell times with maybe the exception for the M60.....wider doors wouldn't actually help THAT much if there were a lot of people boarding a bus that was especially late...(e.g 1st Avenue & 14th Street for an M15 SBS or Pelham Bay Park on the Bx12 SBS). And we also wouldn't get wide rear doors for parts compatibility reasons. All of the XD60s are uniformed with the same door spec. The LFSAs(except for 5311) are the same thing. If we had the door style of 5311, it would be much, much better. Wider rear doors just allows for one extra person to hop on/off at the same time. It's not that much of an improvement, especially if people want to take their sweet ol' time getting on and off the bus. I've seen it myself out west. Rear doors aren't exactly the problem either, it's the flow from the inside to the outside of the bus(and vice versa) that slows down the boarding process, especially when you have people that refuse to take off their bags or move more into the bus.
  14. 6121 is STILL at Quill..... If you keep posting these false moves, I'm going to put you on mod queue.
  15. Nope, you couldn't be more far off with that. Ulmer Park, since the debut of the OG hybrids, have refused hybrid buses. It has absolutely nothing to do with politics. Logistics is why they are an XD40 depot. They were originally in line for NGs....but rejected that batch, Baisley Park did the same. Supposedly.....they are in line for XDE40s.
  16. Sooooooooooooooooo......... I'm currently looking into this, but, we have a 9510 in the system....XDE40. Surely this cannot be the start of the new hybrid order, I'll post more information when I can. -EDIT- So it appears that the RFP was due today(or yesterday), so I think it's obvious that New Flyer got the contract.
  17. ....I go on vacation for a few days, and I come back with you wanting to open a West Indies Depot and having celebrity money??? Whatever you are smoking, pass that around! 😂
  18. Just because it's not on the MTA's website, doesn't mean it's not going to happen...people should know this by now. Also, not everyone checks the MTA website. The signs are literally inside of the buses.
  19. As for whether this bus was on the Q12 on the night he posted it....I have doubts. This bus had Q44 runs that entire day, and it's last trip ended at Jamaica and deadheaded back to Casey Stengel.....
  20. Spotted 3258-3262 testing as a C a few nights ago.
  21. 8075 & 8077 now at QV. Buses arrived overnight. 8076 currently assigned to Quill, but is at Grand Avenue, likely the CMF. 8670, 8675, 8676 and 8680 pending delivery to KB, at the vendor. 8644 pending delivery to QV.
  22. It's at QV. Like I said, it's GPS configuration was screwed up. It was always a QV bus.

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