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  1. He's primarily referring to in-service malfunctions.
  2. The B83 doesn't go into New Jersey, and it's stint on the Belt is much shorter than the S89's stint over the bridge and along Route 440. The discussion was primarily about New Jersey, where the way they handle things is different. I'm pretty sure if something happened within New York City, it would've been common knowledge by now. Operators and such have argued about the 40MPH govern limit being unsafe for deadheads and other situations, but both the MTA and the city were like....meh. Let's get back on topic.
  3. ....I can tell you've never been on the line. Speed limits at that part of NJ is over 50mph(55 I think). Buses doing 15 below that is unsafe along a high-speed roadway and can create hazards for other motorists. The police had every right to pull them over.
  4. He's not really snitching. Staten Island(specifically Yukon) has their buses over 40 because of the S89(which has also benefited the S79). NJ State Police have pulled over MTA Buses for driving too slow in New Jersey. As for the M60 fleet...they're somewhere between 40 & 45.
  5. For some routes, it's practical such as the Queens SBS routes. It's most practical for deadheads, especially on Staten Island and operators that have to deadhead to different boroughs for subway shuttles. Driving on the expressways at 40MPH is both impractical and unsafe.
  6. No. Door specs are not fit for SBS. Wider rear doors would speed things up. The acceleration and top speed is due to the local buses being governed at 40-45MPH.
  7. That's what everybody says when they go to another city and rides their buses. Simply put, SBS implementation was trash from the start. The bus spec is also a big part of that reason.
  8. A 75 cent discount for LIRR off-peak one way...what a joke.
  9. M14 SBS was announced before that plan. There have been no set assignments on any of the new buses yet, same goes for number series.
  10. I'm not Nostradamus, I can't predict that far into the future lol.
  11. CP does the most work in Queens, not quite a CMF but they fix up a lot of buses and repaints them as well. Whatever they can't do, they send over to Grand Avenue(I consider it only as Brooklyn Division), ENY or sometimes Spring Creek. 5439 & 5441 currently at KB, awaiting their arrival to GH.
  12. Word is that Suburban is getting a piece of that order, but that hasn't been confirmed yet.
  13. You're more than welcome to criticize what the MTA tends to do or whatever, just stop sounding extremely immature about it.
  14. Yo, calm the f**k down. This will be the first and only time I'm telling you this, otherwise you will be put in mod queue. FYI, that tweet was about an R160 that had a door problem.
  15. Delivery order(not 100% confirmed). Wayne: 20001-20057 Ironbound: 20058- 20119 Academy: 20120-20147 20148-20183 is currently up in the air as to whether Coach USA or Meadowlands will get that batch. Wow, I really expected Howell to get some from this year's batch. I guess they'll get the last of the buses in this entire order.
  16. The majority of the routes that have been merged don't interline with one another. Some of the routes in question aren't even in the same depot, or in the same company for that matter. Q10 is JFK, Q64 is Baisley Park. In no way, shape or form do they interline.
  17. It's not a mileage swap. @Future ENY OP, you seriously need to stop getting ahead of yourself. Mileage swaps occur when large groups of buses get swapped all around. They most likely got those NGs to fill the gap for the two artics they lost. Flatbush still has more artics coming in, they can afford to lose a couple of 40fters.
  18. 20002, 20006, 20009, 20020, 20024, 20025, 20034, 20035, 20036, 20037, 20041 are all up at Pembina. 20016 on the 161.
  19. I'm aware of that. My response was towards what you said about 3563.
  20. Manhattan Division, not solely MHV. There's no actual runs for it.
  21. 54????? That's way too high.....Stengel didn't even lose that many buses when they got the XD60s, same for Grand. Pretty sure that number will be much lower, and that UP will have to do some re-configuring around the depot to make space for the artics.
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