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  1. There's no codes for the S56 to St. George though.
  2. I can definitely see some of those going South. Washington Township still has 7500s in service IIRC. The ex-Saddle River 17000s were supposed to go South, but they have numerous issues due to deferred maintenance. 18118 & 18119 are the only ones from Saddle River that actually entered service.
  3. Yeah but BT and Orange usually was on the 1 when they needed extra buses. Now, BT and Orange have legitimate runs on the 1.
  4. Never say never. Stranger things have happened. It was rumored a while back that both the NGs and some 2400s would move to MTA Bus. Ulmer Park has no room for any more 2400s due to the artics. It was initially speculated that some would go to Spring Creek because of their mileage.
  5. 9501 was last in service in March 10th. 9504 was last in service in September 2020. It's in Indiana.
  6. Ironbound has shown up on the 1 from time to time before today. Big Tree legitimately has runs on the 1 for the Spring Pick.
  7. 9626, 9628 & 9637 is assigned to 100th Street. Currently in NJ.
  8. Looks like Meredith's batch is getting accelerated, up to 1586 is ready for delivery. They are all in Plattsburgh right now except for 1560, which was en route earlier. It was spotted by a friend of mine in NJ.
  9. At this point, any pointless, meaningless posts that don't have anything to do with this thread(or any thread for that matter, especially from those who just post just to see themselves speak and make themselves laugh) or doesn't contribute to the discussion will get deleted. Members will receive warnings if this continues and will be placed under post moderation. I've already deleted some posts. As for folks going ballistic over discussions, look, there's going to be some discussions here or there in this thread one way or another. It's not THAT serious....just scroll past it and look for what you need. I do encourage folks to use the BUS-Random Thoughts Thread if they can, but if its questions and whatnot, that's fine in this thread, just don't get carried away. Predictions and long, drawn out posts, don't post them here. BusTime glitches, don't post them here. Loans, do not post them here. On another note, 3260 is at Spring Creek from Baisley Park. Spotted it earlier in service.
  10. I wouldn't trust or keep up with CPTDB or any wiki page when it comes to things like that.
  11. In the process of doing so. 4 were in service yesterday, 7110, 7114, 7117 and 7118.
  12. I'm not completely sure. But last I heard, anything that involves Lead Acid batteries is going to scrap. So the 3900s might go there and then get pushed out by Lithium-Ion units.
  13. This would be nice to check out if their weekend service wasn't so atrocious in most areas.
  14. 1557 at Meredith Depot. There are 7 Detroit Diesel MCIs left at CP, 2209, 2858, 2859, 2871, 2878, 2897 & 2910.
  15. The problem with that is that there are two routes that basically does the job of the m25 proposal, the M103 which is footsteps away from Grand Central, and the M15, which is two-three blocks east depending on which side of Grand Central you exit out of. And then there was the M6 before it got pushed over to 7th Avenue due to the pedestrian plazas being made. The M25 would basically be a duplicate service.
  16. Felt like this would be relevant here. It's confirmed that Academy's Perth Amboy Garage will be closing down. The SIM23/SIM24 will be moved over to Hoboken Garage. Service reliability may go up due to this, as Hoboken Garage has some of the best maintenance throughout Academy's system. I'm not sure what fleet of buses will be used when the move happens, but it's definitely not going to be the NJT State buses. It'll likely stay with the Vanhools. I just wonder how they'll deal with the deadheads to Staten Island for the AM rush.
  17. 1319 is at CP. 1382 and 1384 are at Eastchester.
  18. 8755 has been built. Currently in Plattsburgh.
  19. 22 is back at KB. 9622 went back upstate. ----------------------- Oddly enough, 1382 & 1384, along with 9626 are at Secaucus. I think it's only for adjustments. I'll be pretty surprised if it actually goes to a depot.

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