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  1. As of today, it's not at MCH in the system. Still at the vendor.
  2. ......you really think Fuel Cell would come here?😂🤣 Often times, when they say "Standard", that means diesel.
  3. Flatbush: 6130-6131, 6133-6134, 6136-6139, 6141-6143, 6145, 6147. Quill: 6165, 6167, 6184-6189, 6191-6194, 6224, 6228-6231. Hale: 6127-6129, 6132, 6135, 6140, 6144, 6146, 6148-6164, 6195-6223. Vendor(not including MTA Bus: 6126, 6166, 6168-6182, 6190, 6225-6227, 6232-6233.
  4. Most of those pictures are tame compared to when they had the Orion Vs and D60s.
  5. That person typed it wrong. The wait time will be reduced by 3 minutes.
  6. I don't see how the turn is an issue when the XD60s can turn tighter than their 40ft counterparts. The Q10 makes very similar turns in Kew Gardens and with the Rockaway Blvd short turns, so I don't see that as a big issue. It would have to be a slightly tighter turn just to avoid the EL structure. As for the spacing, DOT will have to make the changes so the line in general can get the proper spacing it needs.
  7. All of the artic loaners to CS have returned to Grand Avenue.
  8. 4738 is indeed at KB(I have a bad habit of looking at a whole row of numbers without looking for gaps).
  9. Seeing as those buses are in the system at the depots mentioned, they are considered to be moves until further notice. ------------------------------------------------ Casey Stengel has 4710, 4717, 4723-4740, 4756, 4763, 4765, 4771, 4774, 4778, 4780. Grand Avenue has 4711-4716, 4718-4722, 4754-4755, 4757-4762, 4764, 4766-4770, 4772-4773, 4775-4777, 4779, 4781.
  10. Damn, it would've been hilarious to witness the BxM17 in action.... Well, there goes that 😂
  11. Nope, the majority are OOS because they found bedbugs in almost all of the buses.
  12. Didn't seem narrower to me when I rode it.
  13. That doesn't actually mean they will. It wasn't a guarantee.
  14. If you actually read through the press release, those were the times for that day, not every other day.
  15. Frequency was roughly the same as the South Ferry trips. It was always 1 South Ferry Bus, 1 City Hall bus and so-on. Routing, same as the current M15, right turn onto East Broadway, left onto Chatham Square and follows the current M103 path down.
  16. Not my photo, but it looks like the children were out there in full force this morning. Whether they went to school or not is another story.
  17. How do you miss the last Q44...when the route runs 24/7. Clearly, you are making stories up..... If you're going to blatantly lie about things, pick a line that doesn't run 24/7.....
  18. As far as I can tell, there's not much. 7848 appears to be used as a demo at this moment. It's currently up in Rockland County at the Transport of Rockland garage. The LFS order on the other hand, system-wise, is complete. 8504 is assigned at QV.
  19. Currently at the JFK vendor. It sat at Zerega for a while before going there
  20. No confirmation of what numbers. That one you'll have to wait and see once everything is organized. Flatbush was originally supposed to get the first 57 buses but that changed.

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