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  1. Nah.....the Bronx Redesign is ready to be implemented. At this point, it's a matter of when everything will happen.
  2. Not sure. Nothing concrete has been spoken about that yet. I doubt they'll actually get kicked out.
  3. Which reminds me. Word is that NICE Bus is getting kicked out of the terminal once it's all said and done to make way for articulated buses.
  4. If you mean the new order of Hybrids, that's primarily because of Cuomo. We were supposed to get more diesels until he wanted the MTA to order more hybrids.
  5. It's been a pain in the ass for those riders. It's been just as bad for the Manhattan operators since some have gotten lost along the express routes. It'd also be a pain in the ass to reprogram the fareboxes and signs back & forth for the buses to be trackable, since those same buses are used for regular service the next day(especially since the entire Orion VII OG Hybrid fleet is OOS at Quill). None of the Manhattan depots have express buses, so that should answer your question.
  6. Quill, KB and 100th Street have been covering Yonkers runs because of driver shortages/drivers refusing to do the overnight work. If your buses are not trackable, that's more than likely why. They've been primarily covering the BxM11, but they've also shown up on the BxM1, 2 and 4.
  7. Point blank, no codes are "top secret", nor are they that hard to decipher. Eventually, they will come out in full(hence how TTMG had a code list)....Most people on here have a general idea of what the codes are and what numerical sequence is for what borough, local or express. Stop making it sound like they are top secret government codes or something. And stop tagging us in almost every single post you make.
  8. Stop the exaggeration....they're not top secret.
  9. Can someone enlighten me about the B40 and B78? I've never known about these routes being in existence before.
  10. They still do actually, just not as often. Two have been on the M14A this week and last week in the early afternoon. 4959 & 4963 have been on 14th Street for the most part. Six of the twelve buses are at the vendor for various reasons, with three marked OOS, so that makes nine buses that aren't running.
  11. None from me, I had gotten off the LIRR and walked over to Queens Blvd lol. It did one round trip to/from LIJ as far as I'm aware. Here's a screenshot from a FB post.
  12. Full route. Jamaica has an extra piece on the Q44 for the overnight subway shutdown.
  13. Yeah....about that..... 2265 was on the Q46 earlier around 1am, in service. ----------------------- On another note, this looks pretty sweet on the Q60 honestly lol. It's a still from my video.
  14. No destination sign, they just leave it blank or put up a paper sign.
  15. Quill and 100th Street were filling in for Yonkers, Eastchester held down the BxM7 on their own.
  16. Thread moved, since it has nothing to do with the subway whatsoever.
  17. They probably mean the express, I can definitely see the QM6 and X68 stopping along QBL stops.
  18. 5 years isn't that young.....that's almost halfway through their life cycle.
  19. What you saw was 5597. Run 8 on the M23, I saw it earlier too.
  20. Buses currently OOS since March up to April 15th in Manhattan in no particular order.(OH will be added later, I gotta go to work.) MHV: 4092, 6716, 6696, 6726, 3867, 6692, 4340, 6710, 4041, 4396, 4263, 4275, 3873, 4401, 4346, 4364, 3961, 4057, 3869, 4084, 4000, 4361, 3874, 4264, 4075, 4010, 4694, 6707, 6699, 4277, 4353, 3971, 4003, 4270, 3950, 3864, 4267, 6705, 6715, 4088, 4273, 3875, 4343, 4095, 3967, 4009, 6702, 4254, 6709, 4019, 6725, 6693, 3861 Hale: 6198, 6151(Vendor, I think that's an accident bus), 6125, 6762, 6782, 6093, 6213, 6199, 6091, 6212, 6208, 3892, 6757, 6783, 6156, 6776, 6772, 6766, 6755, 4276, 6784, 6788, 6768, 6763, 6160. MQ: 3907(OOS since February, not sure what happened), 4951(vendor, assigned at Quill), 4953, 4954(vendor, assigned at Quill), 4956, 4957(vendor, assigned at Quill), 4958, 4959(vendor, assigned at Quill), 4960(vendor, assigned at Quill), 4962(vendor, assigned at Quill), 12, 6729-6754, 4119, 3823, 5490, 5586, 5592, 3917, 6166, 6188, 5508, 4137, 4125, 5496, 5494, 6108, 3942, 3801, 6100, 5492, 5594, 6099, 5493, 6106, 5523, 5515, 3913, 3818, 3914, 4115, 3800, 3804, 3916, 3915, 3822, 3910, 5495, 5571, 5491, 6098(vendor), 5596, 5507, 5489, 5598.
  21. I'm not completely sure, but that's what I heard. When I rode the Q24 during the beginning of rear-door boarding, people had to open the rear doors by themselves and the operator said that he couldn't have it open automatically unless it went on idle.
  22. Unless Transdev decides to sell NICE altogether(which they won't) or the county decides to kick them out of the island.....no, LIRR is not taking over.
  23. There's less OGs on the streets of Manhattan because a majority of them have not been modified for the rear doors to open like the NGs and the XD40s, and with the reduced schedule, there's not much of a need for them. All of Quill's 6700s are OOS. All of JFK's 6500s/6600s are OOS. A handful of 6600s and 6700s are OOS at MHV, same for hale with their 6700s.
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