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  1. To support this point, 4710 has been testing along the route lately. The longer buses don't really affect parking.....all they do is move the bus stop several feet, that's it. I'm pretty sure that it's not going to be a big deal, as the Q12 only goes on the residential side streets for a little while anyway.
  2. All three are at Yukon. 6160 is not at Hale. 6160 is still at Quill. What you probably saw was 6161.
  3. 20 has been in service since the 15th. 4571 is registered as a Flatbush bus.
  4. I forgot all about the plant they got from NABI, oh man lmao. Last I read, the Jamestown plant was a plant for them to build parts, not assembly of buses.
  5. Three? I didn't think the Jamestown plant was a full blown plant.
  6. New York and Canada. New Flyer has two in the States and one in Canada(I think).
  7. Quill isn't getting those till the end of the year. The Q12 conversion starts in the fall. They want CS to only have the new Xcelsior artics, not the old ones.
  8. Just know that the districts that the Q46 travels through is more or less against losing parking spaces, so moving buses and removing parking spaces would pretty much cause massive outcry by people who live around the areas. For example, the Q5 was set to become a +Select Bus Service+ route, but was evidently killed by the communities and businesses affected by the loss of parking spaces. Why in gods name would you want to put a light rail in Flushing smh. My man, you gotta explore outside of your area more. For the Bx35, they don't actually need that much, interestingly enough....although, West Farms basically kills their artics on a day to day basis, and they got a whole lot OOS right now..... The Q12 though, that's the question right there.....they'd basically run through their entire spare factor. I'm going to laugh if Stengel gets the rest of the non-2019 XD60s from Quill, or they keep the ones they have now from Quill(RIP 6031), with the addition of the buses loaned to LGA. It would up their numbers by a little bit, but I think they're gonna need a little more. I have a feeling that Quill would probably some more 2019s and boot their lower 6000s to CS.
  9. The only problem is that statement the Department of Buses doesn't really have a say of who gets what bus when depots are short and other depots gotta loan buses......but on deliveries? Sure.
  10. Not when a vast majority of them are off of MTA property and shredded up. Not even NJT follows that at times lmao. That one we're gonna have to wait on. ENY was supposed to get artics for the B15 and B82, but that's been put on hold from what I hear.
  11. Yep, it's also why they rarely run artics on the E shuttles when shuttle buses replace the E between Kew Gardens and Jamaica. The last time that happened, 5713 came from Manhattan to do trips on the shuttle in the AM.
  12. Mostly because Stengel is already equipped to work on artics. They'd have to do some shuffling around to convert the Q46 into an artic route. The other issue with the Q46 is the Queens Blvd/78th Avenue stop.
  13. 6127, 6132, 6135, 6161, 6193, 6195, 6196 and 6198 at Hale.
  14. So an opinion of one essentially covers everyone? O u t o f t o u c h. This is why I personally find these "reviews" to be silly, especially when they come from people that has never driven them......
  15. Hold on....what do you mean by that they lack of....amusement?? You are kinda out of touch with that statement...... Some employees hate them for the footwork they gotta do with the brake release to get them going, along with the stifled transmission setup that makes them take off slower than the rest of the XD40 fleet. Most transitfans hate them because they replaced their older favorites.....which in itself is a dumb point, but I, and a majority of fans who look past that dumb reason don't like these mostly because they ride like hot garbage with all of the rocking and swaying, and the HVAC isn't as good. Also not a fan of it's transmission setup that makes them take off slower than the rest of the fleet. The 2011s, and the 2017-2019s are much, much, much better than the 7090-7483 batch by far. The only buses I like out of the 7090-7483 batch are the MTA Bus units at LaGuardia, they take off much better, have better seats and AC units. The 7090-7483 batch(except for the MTA Bus batch) is by far some of the worst spec'd Xcelsiors we got.
  16. Monetary incentives won't help when manufacturers have other customers to tend to. For example, the 8090-8503 batch was delayed by months because of some pretty significant issues arising with SEPTA's batch. It came to a point where the MTA decided to change the rear setup to SEPTA's so that production and delivery can come faster. We have penalized manufacturers before, most notably with Orion, when we got 4701 and 4702 as free buses.
  17. Not yet, but from what I gather, it might be split... See below. Nope. That's not the reason at all. Nova has had problems meeting with delivery schedules.
  18. The XDE40s are projected to be direct replacements for the vast majority of the 2004-2005 Orion VII Hybrid batch. But of course, things can change, they could go to The Bronx, but I don't really see that happening. And no, not every NG will be displaced from The Bronx.
  19. We don't even have Nova Hybrids like we do with the XDE40s, so the chances of them splitting the order is very, very, very low. The XDE40s will also not be going to The Bronx.....
  20. The MTA has started the process of procuring more electric buses. The RFP for 45 40ft Electric Buses is out in the wild. Anyone wanting to take bets on who's getting this order? I'm banking on New Flyer.... The projected boroughs to get these buses.....Brooklyn, Queens & The Bronx. Also, some spec details have come out for the new order of XDE40s....which includes plug-style rear doors(like 5311). It appears that they are making preparations for all-door boarding for the future.

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