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  1. Hey cosmo is mabstoa allowed to pick into ta depo's
  2. Thanks cosmos if you don't mind me asking what was hour tittle doth mta bus? How long ago did you make the change go mastoa. And finally is your pass now a red universal pass?
  3. I have to agree because there we times when I tried to board the subway and the token booth clerk would not even buzz the gate for me and on one occasion I was running late and the clerk wouldn't let me in so I jumped the turnstile lol. Some bus operators won't even look your way they will literally look out the window the other way. I've even showed my pass and been told w What is that. Very funny.
  4. Are the mabstoa men passes the same color (red) as nycta? Of are they a different color also like mea bus which is green ( and not universal)
  5. Does anyone know how long does it usually take to get called down for the medical after you complete your drug test?
  6. Thanks a lot but does anyone know what pension system mabstoa uses
  7. Thanks Andrew but if possible do you know advantages of working for mabstoa over mta bus since your already on that side. Thanks again
  8. I've been working for mta bus now for the past two years as a cleaner/helper and just last week I was mailed a letter asking me to report to 180 livingston st. This week for the same tittle but for mabstoa.should I jump ship and go over to mabstoa or should I stay put at mta bus? Are there any advantages working for mabstoa over mta bus? I know I'll be losing out on my seniority but that really isn't a big deal to me. Ive heard there is a diffence in the passes in regards to transportation I know with mta bus your pass won't wowork on the train and it only works on queen line buses. I know its a different pension system but which is better? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. I was wondering if anyone knows the advantages of working for mabstoa over mta bus.I have been working for mta bus now for almost two years now as a cleaner/helper and I was just recently invited to 180 livingston st. This week for the same tittle but for mabstoa.originally the test I took for cleaner/helper was for mabstoa but at the time mabstoa was not hiring and the offerd me the same position but for mta bus.should I jump ship? Or should I stay put
  10. Hey everyone how's it going good I hope. I have a question I've been working for mta bus as a cleaner helper for the past year and a half and I've just received a letter to report to 180 livingston st. This week for the same tittle cleaner/helper but for mabstoa. I know I would have to complete my probation over again and for the short term I would be taking a pay cut which really doesn't bother me that much. I was considering jumping ship and going over to mabstoa which in my opinion has a better pension system than mta bus whose pension system isn't nychers they use another pension system.I was wondering resides the pension system dose anyone know any other advantages if any that mabstoa would have over mta bus if any or should I should just stay put.

  11. Happy Birthday overtyme(2)! ;)

  12. what ever happend to list 2801 for bus operator for mastoa
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