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  1. that means I have to order it over the online... ok
  2. Congrets! I was not born than. I like the color of it to.
  3. Cool. I like the look of it to. Hope to see more photos of the train when you get it. if it's possible.. ^^
  4. I have read your post. There is something I want to ask about the Download Station. I have seen all the trains and etc but I can't download them. What do I have to do in order to download them?... If it's alright asking you...
  5. Is this still in stories?.... 2008'
  6. Hello I have a question. I wanted to know which MSTS pc game can use the nyc subway trains and the other trains like the new M-7 NJ train?... is it the 2004' or 2006'?..... I don't have the game yet but soon I will have it.
  7. Hey, you have my third favorite Train. Sweet! You have only one of the R40?..
  8. Wow, that is a huge train set NYC Subway Cars. The blue R36 was the first new trains?...
  9. Oh.. The Trainz Classic is the only game can use those trains. Hmm.. I wish I had the game to try it out but I might have to go hunting for the Game for 04' an 06' in store and the Trainz download on the net. The creaters that made the trains still have them on there site?..
  10. Wow.. I never seen trains like those in the game before. What game is this?.. If you don't mined me asking.

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