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  1. and for the record i have no problem with you about the whole thing so don't even worry about it

  2. thanks. belated? my birthday is actually on saturday...but thank you.

  3. try Bose but don't buy anything until you see on the box. Many of their products are made in the USA but be on the lookout for those that are "engineered in the USA" and "Made in China" so that you don't buy one of those. That information will be on the box of the set you buy, so just make sure to pick an American made one out.

  4. Thanks for the bday wishes everyone

  5. Behind anyone standing there. It does nothing on current equipment now though, except on the R62A cars with side LED circles or diamonds, where it controls whether the circle (LCL) or diamond (EXP) displays on the side signs.

  6. field shunting was, yes

  7. Not the signs themselves, no. If you're talking about field shunting, see this thread: http://www.nyctransitforums.com/forums/showthread.php?p=121586#post121586


    When it was active, field shunts were controlled by the ENRCON switch which had a "LCL" and "EXP" position so perhaps that explains the confusion

  8. LOL I'm not an employee...just a volunteer (even though I have a few friends that are employees though). Anyway yes I have taken apart traction motors, but only DC ones, and mostly old stuff like a GE 714 which would be under an R9 for example. Taking them apart is not easy, as even an individual field coil (if you're familiar with DC motor theory) can weigh more than a hundred pounds, and the armature (which you'd be required to take out to really make much progress) can weigh more than a thousand pounds. Unless you have the resources of a legitimate subway shop, hoists/cranes are your friend :D However it's very difficult to do, and almost always should never be done by one person alone.

  9. transit is not selling traction motors, so if you were able to get one for whatever purpose you have in mind, it would be a special arrangement of some kind. Also a word to the wise, a DC traction motor such as that is extremely heavy, weighing several thousand pounds, so it is something that would require a highly rated crane/hoist and slings to load/unload, as well as a serious vehicle to transport it since even pickup suspensions are not rated to carry something that heavy. Also I don't know your housing setup, but that's not something that really would have a place in any home other than maybe in a garage on a cement floor. It is very heavy and unwieldy, and frankly may even be a bit dangerous to have around due to its weight. Don't know what you're planning on using it for, but just letting you know what would be involved. If you're still interested...good luck, although I can't say convincing someone at TA to sell it to you will be easy...

  10. ahh not yet...decided to sleep in today to catch up for a change...might go during the week though, gotta see when i can get outta work

  11. if you're talking about the new designs from that guy, no not yet

  12. can you forward me the email the guy from TWear sent you with all the designs?

  13. is DD still coming up this Saturday? JH mentioned he spoke with DD at the ERA meeting and the charter wasn't going to happen since those guys would come up another day...was wondering because you could take your road test if you let me or JH know by Fri and word can get to George. Plus I've got to qualify on 629 still so it could be a day for ops which would be nice...haven't had handle time in a couple weeks anyway...

  14. sounds good...i'm there. I passed the word along to JH via email tonight too and filled DD in.


    I'll be up both 9/5 and 9/6 (or at least will try to be). The other JH will be piloting the cars. "I may not do the same thing both days" PM me if you dont get what i mean.

  15. its not a question of "like" with me you know that...its an inside joke b/w me and Matt but in short we don't find anything particularly interesting about them...they're just big cars

  16. i got somethin ive been meaning to send you for a while but i dont remember your email address...PM me it?

  17. The process of putting together a replacement resistor grid for 1689 has begun...


    You're coming Sunday right?

  18. haha "just the motor"


    -2 motors need to be swapped out with the ones we've rebuilt, then placed under the car on the existing truck. Shoe beams need to be reattached once this is done.

    -Jacks and power supply for the jacks have to be set up for this to happen.

    -Air brake parts need to be repaired/rebuilt

    -Resistor grid needs replacement

    -600V fuse will probably need to be replaced as well but that's relatively minor.

    -Car needs to be inspected after that to make sure nothing else went wrong.


    Then it'll run! :P

  19. haha that's funny...by the way i'll be going up on Saturday, let me know if you're interested but I will be operating during the day

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