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  1. If there are always empty seats, doesn't that mean that less people are actually riding the . The old (Mx) was never as empty as he makes the new seem. I still hate the new and I'd love to see the (Mx) return to Brooklyn.
  2. There was a fire on the 2nd floor of a Sushi restaurant on Bay 25th and 86th Street. 6-WIRE and the FDNY shut down the whole West End Line because they were afraid the whole building would come down. I also heard that because of the sub-zero temperature, the Red Cross came with some blankets. I don't know what the situation is now, but here are the service changes from the MTA website: "Due to FDNY activity in the vicinity of Bay 25th Street and 86th Street in Brooklyn: There is no train service between the 62nd Street Station and the Bay Parkway Station in both directions. Selecte
  3. Well, when I was much younger, I remember my grandpa taking me to this store where he bought me some scale models (©ars, not (B)uses, however) on the 8th Avenue and I was thinking I'd like to visit there sometime but I don't remember where it is or what it's called. It's on 8th Avenue near the Post Office and Madison Square Garden and I really don't remember anything else about it . Does anybody know what store I'm talking about, if so, what store?
  4. I maybe only be fifteen (in a few months), but I'm mature enough for her to be able to tell me about her job and things like this and for me to understand them. Now about the Station Agent exam, I know she took the test and hasn't gotten back the results or any information about the exam in general and neither have her colleagues that had taken the exam along with her. Maybe they just haven't given out results yet, so I can understand that. As for the Train Operator exam, I clearly remember her going to take at a school in the city but she came home because it got rescheduled. Ever since t
  5. I was talking about the Station Agent exam which was in 2008. So maybe not 2 years, but you get the point. They never released the list and it's been a long time. I'm not certain about the flooding thing, but she did apply for the test, got scheduled and was supposed to be rescheduled but lo and behold, they never rescheduled her and she never got to take the test.
  6. My mother went to go take the T/O test but they had to reschedule it because they said the school "was flooded." Turns out, they never rescheduled it and my mother never got to take the test. I have a feeling they're going to do what they with the Station Agent and not even release the list. It's been about 2 years and they never released the list! At least for her... (Sorry if somebody mentioned this before, but I'm not reading through 60 pages of posts -.-)
  7. I don't see what the big deal is and why this would and why this had even scared the "bejabbers" out of New Yorkers. I didn't see for myself because I was young, but I remember hearing my mom say something about how she saw Air Force One over NYC, doesn't mean something bad was happening. Is Air Force One supposed to only be flying over New York when there's an emergency or when it's highly publicized like Obama's visit to a Broadway play? Is a not allowed to make a sharp turn? Sheesh >.>
  8. wow love your work nice job

  9. O man are you the creator to those lovely 68's

  10. Technically wouldn't the metrocard be considered revenue if you have to pay for it's services?
  11. I really don't like this new forum layout. It feels like a downgrade from the previous layout. The pictures in the logo in the old layout was really cool and interesting. The top of the layout reminds me of BVEStation's top but this one is more bland and a little less interesting. No offense of course. B)
  12. I've noticed recently that the conductors, when the train stops, they like stick their index finger out or something (as if they were pointing at something) then open the doors. What exactly are they doing and why?
  13. It's not very easy to distinguish those signs, especially at a quick glimpse, because the two different lights are visible at the same time and aren't that much different in lighting. In addition, it's hard for color blind people, like myself, to really distinguish the colors. (I only knew the colors because of the post before )
  14. 2 Things I have to say; 1st-It's a real shame what the MTA is doing, raising the express bus fare by that much is a horrible idea. Like somebody said earlier, if the fare is raised, they'll only take it once week. Then the MTA looses $2.50 right there. And on the X28/X38 in brooklyn, I only see people taking it because it's more comfortable and safer than the train and they pay $10 a day just for it, but if the MTA raises the fare, those people can just take the train. I mean, seriously, the X28/X38 runs right by Coney Island Terminal and kind of close to 4th avenue-86th Street. Just take the
  15. Hillary Clinton is the Junior Senator for NY... Of course she's done something, whether it be something bad (like raising college tuition) or something good.

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