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  1. Do not expect me to visit NYCTF too often.

  2. Go away Dirty Pond LOL!

  3. Your profile looks nice and clear.

  4. Don't let this bull piss you off man keep your cool there's a bunch of idiots on the web lol, I can't stand the drama so I ignore it. It's all good! Don't let the internets get to you man, I have learned that the hard way.

  5. Yeah I saw KR's video, it was pretty good! I know a bus driver but he's funny about meeting new people lol

  6. Thanks I'm not posting here anywhere near as often as I used to, long story, you know how to reach me though if anything, I'll check my PM's and stuff that's mostly it.

  7. Thanks guys! I really really appreciate it!

  8. Yeah I had to make a new YouTube that's why lol

  9. Thanks for the compliment, I needed it! She is great indeed, she says you're one of her best friends

  10. roku six is cool.

  11. Now I will reconsider since they have a bunch of NG's coming through.

  12. Wow damn you're hot!!!! Wooo child I need a fan

  13. I don't have more, but I make them on command if anyone wants one.

  14. I do the fonts manually pixel by pixel, takes much longer but look how good they come out. ;)

  15. Nothing much, I see a large percentage of the female transit fans are into the (6) line. Welcome to New York City Transit Forums! Home of the Transit Geeks.. So what's good with you?

  16. How dare you leave the 6 for College Point lol traitor I swear

  17. College Point sticker, I don't recognize you no more.

  18. Orion

    Ohh I'll warn you right now avoid 103 and 106 as well.. The only good diesels is pretty much the 6000s (I don't like 6010 or 6020 though) and 304. My friend got 304 to 60 easily. Let me tell you 106 got rust on top of rust wrapped in rust with a side of rust.

  19. Nice video again, you have nice taste in music I can see.. I only say it's nice because it's just like mine. Jus kidding :] I like that song though.

  20. Orion

    Hello, sorry for the lateness, but welcome to the forums, I'm guessing you like Ulmer Park? That depot is one of the best in the city. They got the ultimate RTS fleet, even though the boss made them all governed at 40MPH-45MPH.

  21. Damn I need to stop busfanning so much, I ain't even know groundhog day was coming.. I need a new hobby haha

  22. Everythings going good, how about yaself?

  23. So sorry for missing your birthday, Happy Belated Birthday and congrats on the mod spot! :D

  24. Orion

    Hey man I was wondering if we should meet up one day? I probably seen you already, was you driving 104 on the QBx1 yesterday?

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