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  1. You should see what one of my friends programmed on a Gillig Phantom, it's too explicit for NYCTF though.. :eek:
  2. I've taken this photo around 4:00pm at Long Beach Terminal.
  3. City of Long Beach's bus company has 2 words for you. :tup: Now that's friendly service.
  4. I'm sorry but this 4810... A MCRIB looks better than this bus, excellent catch, but I really can't stand this bus. I'll take 230 any day over this!
  5. I live along Route 61, you're from Brooklyn, so let me ask you one question. ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR DAMN MIND?! So many transit fans on the other side of the freaking city swear they know everything about a bus just by riding it a couple of times. That bus is useful and many wish that line actually ran more. That bus doesn't run anywhere near Metro North in the Bronx, except Fordham station, and it picks up a pretty fair amount of passengers in Westchester County as well. I for one NEED this bus, and many others rely on it as well. Route 60 is a Metro North alternate, and do you ever see that bus empty? They have actually added weekend service to that line due to ridership. Both Route 60 and Route 61 are vital lines in Westchester and the Bronx. Please sit your Brooklyn a$$ down.
  6. Excellent, your shots came out better than mine! I HATE YOU!!
  7. These routes actually have people riding on them late at night, it's about the $$ in the end of the day, not how much something makes sense, welcome to business. If you were the MTA and saw there were more people riding the BxM11 than the X90, which would you cut first? I can't even get on the 1:30AM BxM7 sometimes because it's so crowded! So then I have to take the , to the , to the shuttle, and get home at 3:00-4:00AM. The MTA cut the Q79, and apparently they've actually really needed that route, so people are actually spreading the word about how badly they want that route back. I don't see/hear about ANY articles of people wanting the x90 back. I'd just take a cab or ride a bike if I lived around your area. Biking is one of the best ways to get around in Manhattan (if no one steals it when you park it). The BxM7 has a better chance of becoming a 24 hour express bus than the x90 coming back, since it's so crowded from the moment it starts running, til the very end. Also don't think that 2nd Avenue construction is to play with lego blocks or something underground. The MTA is actually trying to get the up and running, the problem with the is that every time they try to work on it, a MAJOR recession hits.
  8. Well you have the M15, and your Second Avenue subway coming up. Does ANY borough have their own subway line designated for just one borough's use? Shuttles and the SIR are different. Many residents in your area who are on the train for like 5 minutes hog up the seats while we have to stand all the way to the Bronx. You want MTA to lick your cojones because of a possible half hour commute? Get real... Just wait for the T train so people like you could stop crowding the Lexington lines. You guys STILL have it easy! Why don't you take the 2 train from Wakefield... Then take the BxM11 from there. Talk from experience, not a god damned map. See how long that ride is. See how much your ass hurts for being stuck on a plastic seat for HOURS.
  9. Jamaica mon... I mean Baychester/Eastchester (on the border).. It might as well be Jamaica, more Jamaicans here than the island itself... jk I'm a 10 minute walk from the first stop on the 5 train, 20 minute walk from the first stop on the 2 train, Riverdale my buttocks!! Hahaha I wish..
  10. Many Woodlawn residents use the BxM4 because the Bx34 doesn't even run on weekends. The Bx31 is a bus that NEVER follows it's schedule. Woodlawn has a nice night life, pubs, bars, restaurants... It would take an extremely long time to commute from Woodlawn to the city. Why don't you try doing this for yourself? The BxM6 gets decent ridership, so does that matter? If it ain't broke don't fix it. Parkchester actually needs that BxM6, looking at a map doesn't tell everything. There's a reason it's there, so don't be like Dora the Explorer thinking the map tells all. The BxM11 also gets good ridership, and you forget how these buses are not running on 7th Avenue, and how painfully long it takes for the 2 train to get from Manhattan to the Bronx. YOU JUST MAD BECAUSE YOUR EXPRESS BUS WAS CUT. Oh hey, why don't you try living in the Bronx and commuting to Manhattan. It takes me from 1 hour and 15 minutes to 1 hour and 50 minutes to get to 34th and 8th, with NO subway delays. You're whining when your commute takes any longer than 25 minutes? Hahahahahahahaha!!! I'll laugh again at your cut express bus. LOL!
  11. I'm black and I will tell you first off that most of my friends are white and that doesn't appear to be changing anytime soon. The reason why that's true is because I only associate myself with decent people, not lowlifes, and guess what most of those lowlifes are... BLACK! Take a look on YouTube and World Star Hip Hop and see why they hate us.
  12. It's very common for people to laugh at others with mental disabilities... I can easily decipher that he has autism, and to be honest, compared to other transit fans I have seen, he's much more well behaved. Hey guys, call me when you laugh at someone on a wheelchair!
  13. Thanks a lot! I really wish I knew it was going to show up... Surprise trains drive me crazy haha
  14. It's coupled to Amtrak motor #700, seen in Picture #7. I am just finding out about this train, first time I've seen it haha! I wish I could have taken a better shot but I had no idea a historical car was going to show up... I thought about going there for photos but I've grown lazy after seeing that hill again! The 20th Century Limited.
  15. Now you may proceed to cleaning the "woooooooooooooooow" off of you.
  16. If you still have 56k internet, I feel bad for you. I warned you guys about how many photos there are, sorry but no reason to make two threads out of this. This is one nice, secluded station, and I MEAN secluded! It takes some elbow and knee grease to get up and down the hills to/from this station. If you make it there, I wish you luck coming back up the hills! Enjoy! IMAGE COUNT IS OVER 9000!!!
  17. I am attracted to it.... That VW Passat is sexy!
  18. Honestly when they feel like it, they do it when the weather is not so nice, so they wouldn't send buses to Orchard Beach with 2-3 people on it. MESS!
  19. On weekends most trips go to Inwood for the summer! The Bx12 is just a mess lol
  20. http://www.theweeklyvice.com/2011/06/stephanie-robinette-jailed-after.html READY, AIM, FIRE!!!! Okay, so I have heard of some nonsense in my life but one, she used a body part as a WEAPON, or two, she was arrested for attempted breast feeding to an officer. What is going on in this world? You know that officer only arrested her in hopes that she would do it again! She must've thought... Woman: YOU'LL NEVER TAKE ME ALIVE SUCKERS!! *FIRES BREAST MILK LASERS* PEWWWWW PEWWWWW PEWWWW!!!! Officer: YOU HAVE NOT SUNK MY BATTLESHIP, BUT YET, YOU HAVE RAISED IT. YOU HAVE THE RIGHT TO REMAIN SHIRTLESS! Where they do that at?
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