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  1. Like I said you get the few buses that fall through the cracks, sometimes the governer breaks too, some RTS are capped at 25MPH for no reason! Some drivers take it out the depot just to go right back in to drive a faster bus. is losing it..
  2. That happens all over, people see it's night time so less traffic will be around, but one time this jay walker on Tremont Avenue crossed without looking, my friend with #5454 floored it and aimed the bus at him no horn, doing 45MPH and counting LOL! That kid finally looked to his right and my god did he jump across the sidewalk!
  3. While that is true, I got on a 3:xxAM Bx34 from Katonah to Fordham it was packed, I mean packed! Also the people on the Bx34 pay their fare. Another instance where I got on a 5:xxAM bus from Katonah, I couldn't even get on, both times I was waiting for it by 233rd and Katonah. It's as if the routes where people farebeat are the ones being left alone and the ones where people pay their fare, are being cut. This won't help them as much as they think it will.
  4. It's not lack of power, but GH generally don't have too many fast drivers, and a bunch of the Artics are governed. Ungovern them and they can go as fast as an ungoverned V CNG.
  5. You're complaining about 60 when I had 5430 on the Bx12 doing over 70? My friend had 5733 Not In Service doing damn near 80 on a service road, and that is an articulated bus! If he's still driving then maybe he knows what he is doing behind the wheel, take it and like it lol! Let the driver do his job, most people don't know what it's like being a bus driver, maybe driving fast is what lets him have fun, people cut him off and use the bus lane to park and much more, you'd be driving like a mad man too!
  6. The one train I never ride is the , unless it's midday on a weekday only and I have no other choices available. For some reason drunk people tend to like me here LMAO! The could be much worse but I never had a huge issue on it.. The seems safe to me. But yeah in NYC you almost can't avoid idiots at all unless you're by Locust Point or Edgewater Park, time to move out this city! The is actually alright IMO, but you're hearing this from me and I'm from the ghetto in the Bronx so I know poor quality of passengers.
  7. It was a different sign, a simple print out of a petition against the Bx34 being cut, Woodlawn needs the 24hr service actually. Yeah that's what they did, it doesn't cost much to operate the Bx34 and people need it and yet they cutting it? Wow..
  8. What kills me is the good areas are in a terrorist attack threat, and places I can't stand, terrorist don't ever care about! LMAO! B35 via Church: I agree with you fully, I hate domestic violence, but many women are just becoming total b-----s. Then they're the first one to call the cops when someone gives them a taste of their own medicine, of course the women doesn't end up in jail even if she pulled out a knife because they abuse the privilege of self defense. One time this dude who lived hundreds of miles away was locked up for 4 years because a girl said he raped her, and the guy never even met the chick, nor was evidence found, they only made one phone call between each other, the guy was black, girl wasn't. You know how annoying it is that the good people get treated like crap, then they turn into bad people eventually? This world is sickening. Girls (not all but quite a few) love to start problems but they can't receive any without calling the cops/their boyfriends. I never hit a girl and never would, but they get on my last nerve pulling that crap on people. Ghetto chicks almost made me a none-sexual! Sorry I needed to vent, I hate living in the projects lol.
  9. I'm so close to saying **** NYC. I went up to Portland, Maine and you was lucky if there was anything on the news for you that wasn't the weather. NYC they have to have newspapers, many news channels and more just for the reported crimes, the non-reported crimes are probably 2-4 times worse since NYC is afraid of being to snitch/too lazy to report (generally speaking). Man I hate ghetto people! I might just become a cop!
  10. MTA has a reputation? Ha!!!! There's worst cases this is for a good cause... One time someone used my VII CNG #7772 photo when they was making print outs about debating the Bx34 being cut, the posters we're all over Gun Hill buses. This I don't mind if it's for a good cause then I don't care, this is the MTA's problem not ours!
  11. Thanks, I forgot to label which one I used, Kodak P880. It was a deadhead from 180th Street to Dyre Avenue. I rushed that one, thanks!
  12. Probably on facebook... Thanks guys!
  13. It could've simply been a slow driver... Those numbers are gear shifters and don't determine speed. RTS have 3, Orion V 600's have 4, every other bus have 5, MCI have 6. Driver chooses how many gears he wants to use on the transmission with that number. Also buses are not automatically governed at 40, governs them and a bunch of them slip through the cracks.
  14. Thanks guys! 526's exhaust is underneath the bus like all the diesels from 401-680, but for some reason they covered that little vent.
  15. Sorry my friend ruined the last shot lmaooooooo!
  16. I had no idea how to use these cameras but I started to get the hang of it, the last four I was playing with the settings so the lights look glared. 25 shots are with a Kodak P880, and the 4 photos with extreme glare I forgot what camera I used haha! I've done better with a Nikon E5600 sadly.. Try to enjoy! Lol
  17. Maybe I'm kind of jealous I can't get that many cameras.. http://www.ttmg.org/photos/dstevenson/NYCB_Orion_418.jpg http://www.ttmg.org/photos/dstevenson/NYCB_NFI_5414.jpg http://www.ttmg.org/photos/dstevenson/NYCB_Orion_7642.jpg Last photos I'm linking, I mean we both are right in a way but I'm just trying to help him work with what he has now especially since he doesn't have a choice for now. Those we're shot with the same E5600, those other shots I didn't change the color settings, I also hate photoshopping my images so I try to have them crisp, lol.
  18. I used point and shoots and at one time the same model, there's photos my friend took with a disposable camera that looks better than some stuff I have posted with a Kodak P880! I have worked with cameras people call pieces of craps and next thing you know they wonder how I do it, if you learn your camera you can work wonders. No bull here. Sure your photos generally come out better but it's best to learn how to mess with your current camera so you can have an idea on how to use an advanced one. I used a Nikon E5600 and it came out clearer than many photos taken with DSLR cameras. People hate the Nikon E5600 with a passion too but I love it! http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs107.snc1/5063_1089729844603_1267194062_30235236_917802_n.jpg http://sphotos.ak.fbcdn.net/hphotos-ak-snc1/hs107.snc1/5063_1089729884604_1267194062_30235237_1837542_n.jpg http://hphotos-sjc1.fbcdn.net/hs379.snc3/24238_1251285123384_1267194062_30603270_4908817_n.jpg Taken with a point and shoot POS Nikon, but hopefully you see where I'm going with this.
  19. That's somewhat true but from my idea buses will still go by Flushing Main Street station, but they just start somewhere else near Shea Stadium, won't kill business that much, especially since Flushing the (7)'s last stop. Main idea here is to not have buses layover at Flushing but still have them serve Flushing.
  20. It is completely backwards for me! The Bx8 runs on schedule like a drill sergeant. Bx31: It passes my window so pretty much I know everything about this route and the 28 drivers per day. Timeliness = B- (D- on weekends. Weekend service is amazingly off schedule for no reason) Cleanliness = D+ (This bus goes through project city between 225th and 229th who couldn't care less about littering) Safety = B+ (I feel much safer on this bus even with the rowdy teens usually in the back than walking to where I live at) Speed = B- (This pick the drivers are pretty fast, but even then it moves at an average pace of speed) Frequency = B (Works for it's ridership) Overall score: C+ Bx8: My alternative for the Bx31 (I have to take a nice walk to it) but I ride it very often. Timeliness = A- (On time at all times, though sometimes early but meh!) Cleanliness = C (Riders north of Westchester Avenue tend to litter) Safety = A- (Depends if the school kids from Evander are out LMAO) Speed = B+ (Runs pretty fast for a long route, makes more turns than it should though south of Bruckner Boulevard) Frequency = B+ (Needs later service) Overall score: B+ Bx30 (fml): Route I am sometimes forced to use to get back from Co-op as it's a 3 block walk from my crib. Timeliness = D- (Are you effing kidding me with this route?) Cleanliness = C+ (Actually not too filthy of a ride!) Safety = C+ (Generally fake thugs trying to be hard ride this bus) Speed = F+ (I live by Baychester Avenue and walking to Bay Plaza beats the Bx30 EVERY single time I walked to Bay Plaza, even with a fast driver, makes annoying stops @ Dreiser Loop) Frequency = C (Weekends are a pain in the patooty!) Overall score: D Bx41: Avoid this route like the plague, same for the Timeliness = B- (It tries, very long route) Cleanliness = E- (If that's a grade, filthy riders) Safety = D- (Self explanatory) Speed = E (Oy vey especially @ White Plains Road) Frequency = C+ (Sometimes just too crowded but who pays the fare on that line anyways) Overall score: D+ QBx1: My direct bus to Queens Timeliness = B+ (Some trips never show at all but the ones that do are on time) Cleanliness = A- (Usually a clean ride) Safety = A (Never had a problem on this bus) Speed = A+ (I look biased but it's one fast route once you get on the bus Frequency = C (The Flushing bound bus is a pain to catch and only goes one direction in Co-op City so the people in Section 5 need to take the Bx29 and transfer to the Flushing QBx1 or ride the Flushing QBx1 from 5-4-3-2-1 if it's even running at the time) Overall score: B Bx16: Also known as speedy, gets me to Norwood at a fast pace. Timeliness = A- (Never saw this bus bunch up ever) Cleanliness = B (Pretty clean) Safety = A- (Despite some neighborhoods it serves it's nothing to worry about) Speed = A- (I just hate the Mundy Lane thing) Frequency = B+ (Weekends are kind of a hassle) Overall score: B+
  21. I know it's not too close to Flushing but there could be a bus terminal built near Mets - Willets Point station, and then the buses can go up Roosevelt Avenue and continue normal route @ Main Street, though routes like the Q44 and Q25/34/65 remain untouched since their first/last stop is not at Flushing. Buses that start/end at Flushing should end up starting at this imaginary terminal I'm thinking about, and then they take a 2 minute cruise to Flushing. This way buses won't be parked at Flushing for driver's breaks, but of course this terminal should provide bathrooms atleast.. Lol bathroom... Flushing... :-X Even an outdoor terminal would do perfectly fine. This would make some customers get off at Mets-Willets Point station to get a seat on the bus, while the rest are at Main Street, which slightly reduces boarding times. But I can't think of any closer place for a terminal, there's simply no room.
  22. I'm more worried about him thinking the camera affects how good your photos come out, really he needs to work on his skills rather than spending bills. Practice makes perfect... In general you can't buy photography skills (especially with camera models), it's not hooked on phonics! If you go to a more advanced camera and don't know how to use the current one, you're going to have a much harder time taking the photo you want!
  23. Could've simply been a slow driver also, I haven't rode a governed MCI from EAS or Yonkers yet, but every other MCI I had was ungoverned, or governed at 60 or 67.
  24. I thought you learned your lesson with biting off other people, how many cameras can you get in one year? Everyone's going to have a Sony H20 if this continues, you should learn how to use your equipment before upgrading because the camera doesn't better your photos, you better your photos!
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