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  1. I love hot tea sugarless or with a little bit of sugar, with cold drinks it's a different ballgame lol.
  2. I love Arizona's so much I color coordinate with them! By the way I am not nearly as dark as I look in this photo, it's the lighting LMAO I love all the teas they have except unsweetened!
  3. Video by my friend Angel, who requested me to post this on the forums.
  4. From my birthday bash lmaooooo!!
  5. Kingsbridge did improve to an extent, I spent the last week checking them out and some of thier artics had me speaking in tongues, and with WF that's how VII CNG's are supposed to sound! They have a bunch of fast VIIs compared to a couple of months ago, and thier VIIs do much better than Gleasons. West Farms is almost as dirty as Casey Stangel when it comes to the exterior of buses, maybe even worse! The interior, forget it, though it's the riders fault usually.
  6. Yeah I saw KR's video, it was pretty good! I know a bus driver but he's funny about meeting new people lol

  7. Thanks I'm not posting here anywhere near as often as I used to, long story, you know how to reach me though if anything, I'll check my PM's and stuff that's mostly it.

  8. Thanks guys! I really really appreciate it!

  9. Well then bring it on, I didn't know you was the same Joe, if I did your ass would be on the train tracks extra crispy.
  10. And who's my girlfriend? You have no idea how I get down, give me place and time and I get it on and popping. Wait and that was you? I never knew!!!! :mad:
  11. Lol my girlfriend is white, and my ex, and my other ex... I didn't have beef with you until you became a total b!tch, I don't care about mod spot, I don't care about being banned either! This is my first time I brought up your damn mod spot so get a needle and deflate the air in your head. Keep ******* with me and you will get your ass popped!
  12. You really need to shut your ass up sometimes, you've been a b**** ever since you had your moderator status confiscated. Get the hell over it! Such a sore loser ohh wah wah wahhhhh.... Grow a pair and grow a hair because you're acting like a 10 year old, you're worse than me, my god!
  13. Sure lets have people die from being on the upper level crashing into a tunnel.
  14. Any idea why 115 was signed up as the QBx1 at 233rd Street station in the Bronx? I wish I knew.. Seen it two days ago.
  15. Wait a minute... Rotflmfao!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay I'm done... LMFAO!!! Nice pics btw.
  16. Enjoy the traffic, and $5.50 fare. Not all cars in those sets will have locked seats anyways if you read more, and blabber about express buses less.
  17. One day your girl is going to come whip some Vinny booty for showing her on NYCTF so much!
  18. People always find a way and seriously they waste too much time talking smack about this train model we've heard it all, it's the reason I rarely post in the subway forums. It's the same thing with Hybrids, sure MTA ordered alot of them but we used to have over 3000 RTS so what is the problem? MTA buying a lot of a train/bus model is nothing new, some people need a little history lesson.
  19. You had me thinking a MCI #3100 was on the M42 hahaha
  20. These are your best yet, keep it up!
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