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  1. Tried out that TMIX exporter. A-plus indeed. It saved me tons on time to try and get everything done through 3DS Max, and as an added benefit, the Elevated canopies are in game, looking better than ever. No double face shares the same texture, giving it the most accurate lighting effect. This is by far the highest I've ever detailed an object, and the outcome is complete accuracy, at a sustainable frame rate. Enjoy!
  2. Take the train to the plane...loved that jingle. Anywho, in the meantime, I'm still working on the newer models of the elevated stations. The first pic is a revamp of the beta versions released last year: The second is a newer BMT/IRT variant: A couple of changes were made to the newer models that weren't featured in other models: -More textures instead of faces are being used, generating a cleaner product. -The under structure of the platform has been cut out and girders have put in their place, this way it actually sits on the elevated supports, as opposed to floating in midair. -The railings will be updated shortly; exits will also be a feature of these platform objects. -Two new elevated supports, for stations, of course, will be made in conjunction with these new station models. -The new stations will follow the name coding put in place for the Subway Stations and Tunnels (for example, A, B, C, D, etc.). More models on the way. Stay tuned!
  3. These are very good models, but aren't particularly accurate. You can see it out having to look hard enough.
  4. This is a stupid, troll-worthy topic. Low door chime means something technical, not something emotional. Trains are not people; they do not feel. They are public transporters. It's the rail fanatics, A.K.A. Foamers that give them personas, and sympathize heavily over them when they get scrapped or reefed.
  5. Yeah, the test route was not meant for making routes, it was just meant for showing people how all the elevated objects came together and worked. The stations should be ready by no later than tomorrow, for release.
  6. Doing some minor tweaks to the overall visuals of the stations at the moment. What Ace said was right: you cannot connect the tunnels and the stations currently out, with multi-track splines. For now, a series of 10 extra tunnel parts, as well as a variety of single track tunnels will be available for use to remedy this problem. The stations will be tweaked here and there, as well as a minor fix to one of the tunnel parts, which seems to be facing in the wrong direction. Whoever figures this out gets free candy lol, but enjoy the package! Now That the workload has been reduced I can focus more on returning the stations to Ace and resuming work on Phase 2 of the package: The Elevated and Phase 3: The Open Cut. Ace will be focusing on Phase 4: The Portals and we will collaborate once I've returned from Hong Kong. A New method of object building by using the Wavefront OBJ format and a simpler way of texturing I simply named "overlay" will be used to complete this pack, with pictures sure to come during the rest of the holiday season. Work will resume and hopefully be completed on the R142 in a timely manner (do not mistake this for soon, I just said "timely") which only need a few extra textures and a route texture animation before it can be released to the public. Honestly, the train is done with the exception of the route textures, and no you will not have it before then. My intention is to complete work so that you can enjoy it fully, as opposed to waiting for updates. Fair deal, no? R160 is also back in the game. Thanks to the success of the exterior for OpenBVE I will be returning to work on the train directly after the completion of the R142. Directly after that, I will be coordinating with the developers on BVEStation on trying to see if we can't get these high quality trains over into Trainz, and if everything gets the green light, expect the R32, R38, hopefully the R40-46, R62, and R68 to be converted over for Trainz use. It excites me more than it excites you, I can guarantee that.
  7. You can easily get the job done with the basic station and tunnel pack, which will include platform amenities like stairs, trash cans, subway maps, benches, and other things of that nature. Terminal pieces are a priority, so once the work has concluded on this first set we will come back to this after the completion of the open cut and elevated work.
  8. Well if it were that simple then I wouldn't have asked you guys, would I?
  9. It's easier to place them in quote boxes. So that's the deal. We need help from all of you railfanners to go out there and take pictures of various route signs and destinations. It would help speed up the process tenfold. Send them to Ace on the Trainz forum via PM, or you can email them to him at anthonyelejalde@gmail.com .
  10. Can probably be edited in game after it has been exported. It's not that hard if you're using one texture. @Strain I have no idea how scripts work, nor does it look like i'm going to. I do not have the brain cells for such a task. I will, however, keep putting out objects and work on the website it is to be hosted on, at a later date.
  11. Never said we were working on invisible stations, but yes, you can use the AJS ones instead. And no, strain, to release the entirety of the 468 color variants is a hefty file in and of itself, which is why I said you can make your own variations without re-releasing them. Scrolling through over 400 stations to look for the right one will eventually become boring(if to put it lightly). The pack is just meant for the basic requirements to build your own NYCTA subway system, while Ace handles the actual route building. An increasingly considerable idea is adding station entrances and exits for those who want to get realistic with their routes. Sounds like fun, and Ace is currently researching a script that will allow us to place connections, lines, destinations, etc. on the entrance placards. Nothing on that, as of yet.
  12. Feel free to make as many reskins as you like, just as long as you do not re-release them. This is actually a major step you made strain, since we can't make all of the color variants. This goes hand in hand with the V2 stations as well.
  13. In collaboration with the N, the line is being worked on by Imanuel, with support by JayJay85, Mr Railfan, myself, Nycrman, and the BVEStation crew. New objects will continue to roll through, as I begin to port some of my Trainz stuff over to OpenBVE.
  14. It seems that information has been becoming increasingly misinterpreted, such as the projects that we are working on, so from now on I will post mine or Acelejalde(Green Eggs) pictures from Trainz, or BVE. I am well aware that I am busy and so is he but I have not forgotten about this forum and it doesn't take longer than a second to make an update here. These guys do not need daily updates, otherwise that eliminates the virtue that is patience. Thank you. One, I am working on the R160 and the R142. NOT The R62; as I said a few pages back it was just an idea. There is already an R62 for Trainz and it works perfectly. My Main focus are those and the development of the Super Pack V2. Two, Green Eggs has NOT resolved his account issues, otherwise he would have given you the updates on the previous pages himself. He is in the process of making a new account, and will be back on shortly. Now that that has been settled, we can get back to real business:
  15. One of the new tunnel variants. V2 is steadily gaining momentum.

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