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  1. 21, college student. i dont have a job yet. planning to join the nypd. lol orion...but a least you're having fun all the time..
  2. EASF

    I'm here

    Welcome Home Pierre!
  3. WoW man thats a lot of games you got there .. well, i have a lot of games in my computer too. I do everything with my pc, but i dont have any other game at the moment, but i would like to get the ps3 .
  4. yeah i agree with you guys. its true for both side. nobody force them to become a cop. so thats their choice, and they know before joining, what they're going to get pay. Coolbreezing The starting salary for police officers, should be more than $25000.00 a year. They can hardly do anything with that, specially if their have to pay rent, gas and electricity bills. Inflation increase but their pay scale remain the same. you are right man. the salary that they have its not enough to cover all teh expenses in N.Y.C. i think everyone agrees that they should be pay more.
  5. Hello everyone, I've been assigned to do a research for my Public Administration Class. The research is about any public agency in N.Y.C., like the FDNY, NYPD, MTA, Public housing, Etc. I choose The NYPD because I like that field. (Law Enforcement), and I'm a interested to know about how the society thinks and feel about that agency. I was assigned to do the research a couple of weeks ago before i knew this site. if i knew it before I would have chosen the MTA, since this website is mostly about it, and you guys know much better, but dont worry this are just 20 simple questions. this is anony

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