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  1. Ok here's my two cents.... Point and Shoots get good shots underground and at night...if the thing your trying to take a pic of is either A. Standing Still or B. Intentionally blurred (i.e. the speeding train shots) Daniel you gotta start at the bottom and WORK your way up to the top. Not just buy a new camera because you think it'll automatically turn you into an epic photographer. Itll only make you look like a fool when someone with a crappier camera comes along with better pics than you and your DSLR. I'm still at the bottom with a point and shoot too but I'm working my way up with the same camera and not just jumping the gun from a consumer point and shoot to a high grade camera thinking it'll make me any better. The camera doesn't always make the photographer. You can be a good photographer if you just cool it with all the cameras...learn the one you have and learn it well, it's flaws and advantages, and work with them both to the best of your ability...and if you think your ready then you move to the next higher up camera and so on and so forth. In the end, wait a little while (longer than a few weeks) before you buy a new camera and work with it and learn it the best you can and go take some epic shots. Stand still underground is the best advice I can give you. Plus don't wear out the same techniques and angles over and over and try to invent some new ones or use some nobody's used in a while to add some pizazz to your pics. I have spoken.
  2. nah I live in the Bronx I go to Clinton

  3. wats up do you go to fort hamiltion ? . . . do yu live in ci ?

  4. Whats good its my profile check it love it peace

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