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  1. Thanks Transit, I hope your post clears up what Random #'s means as well as what the Boss test is. No studying, common sense and honesty.
  2. If it's true as they have in the letter, they are picking in random order when vacancies occur so #1 or #15000 is luck of the draw. Good luck! Then again they did pull in another million$$ :mad:
  3. Loco, why don't you worry about yourself and not who posts on here or who "trolls" or whatever. I was on this site for information and not following what others do. At least I tried for the job. I've moved on now life is getting in the way of hanging out in the forums. Seriously.
  4. Hey Sim, Acela, Loco or anyone familiar with Day 10 test. On day 9 they got me on a red at Madison Ave which wasn't even yellow wheni turned then stopped in intersection for pedestrians. When the super looked up, he saw red and I was done. Do u know what I can expect on the day 10 road test at zerega? I heard there is a pivot turn but what else can u tell me.. I will be stopping at all don't walk flashing boxes for sure. My turns were fine as well. Thanks to all
  5. Thanks Loco, not much you can do other than play their game. I wasn't sure what was going to happen with making it to Zerega early this morning but knowing the MTA was putting service back on I had to go. The drive there was great, gave it alot of extra time and actually was having breakfast there at 5:45. FDR Drive was especially smooth. As others have posted Ms. B is great and had us laughing. She is really good with people and patient with people not paying attention. She even remarked "you guys better pay attention when you're driving a 40,000 lb bus". I'll be going to Queens Village tom'w 9am for qualifying training and the transfer is in for Staten Island. I did notice some list #'s, the highest I saw there was 638. Hopefully that transfer comes in for line training, Ms. B said it's possible to get a call in a week if there are openings. For anyone going to class anytime soon, if you take mass transit and are late, you need to get the # of the train or bus that you take there. MTA will verify your story. There were also 2 that came in about 7:30, that's when she told us that tip. MTA newbies were there in this class also, I think the class total was about 50.
  6. 2 kids in private school? This job pays better than I thought!
  7. Hey Acela, when you went to Zerega, did you have all the medical and 401k or whatever choices already already picked or you did it there?

    Thanks and good luck qualifying, from your posts you won't have a problem.

  8. yes they do but I don't know the criteria they use.
  9. MTA H.R. Can help with what # they're up to. 347-643-8231 After 3rd drug test I got called last week to have medical today. List # is mid 470's and I'm in the 8/29 class at Zerega. Gotta hold on a little more. Good luck to everybody.
  10. Watching sodium intake and drinking water is the best advice. I've had high pressure readings the times I didn't eat for a while thinking it would help.
  11. This is the 5025 thread. As Acela stated in the above posting, the link for the 2901 thread is there, that's where your answers are more likely to be. Thanks
  12. Have you called 180 Livingston for a status? 347-643-8231. They're usually helpful. Good Luck Acela
  13. When they are hiring, the people on outstanding certification are eligible to have their ppwk submitted to MTA for processing. They certify more than what they need until the vacancies are filled which is what it appears at this point. We have to hang in there.
  14. Those who were previously on outstanding certification can call the automated line and see if their status has changed. They may have stopped hiring for now.
  15. You're welcome Road, hopefully enough decide they've had enough and file those retirement papers. Some previously laid off drivers were hired back as well.
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