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  1. Hey Acela, when you went to Zerega, did you have all the medical and 401k or whatever choices already already picked or you did it there?

    Thanks and good luck qualifying, from your posts you won't have a problem.

  2. Boxer, hope u don't mind the PM. You had written to keep on their ass till July. I was wondering what made you say that, if we aren't called by he summer, you figure that's it for now?


    Thanks, btw, I'm Fred

  3. Hey Chris,

    How u doing? Hope all is well with you.


  4. P.S. Great Jet game. If they beat Mr. Brady they are good enough for the ring.

  5. Hey Tim

    Did you have truck driving experience before

    the fedex job? I've seen ads for driving for them

    but it says at least 6 months experience of a like sized

    vehicle. I never applied since I didn't have the experience.

    Hope you don't mind I asked.


    P.S. What list are you on? I'm on the 8006 and hoping

    the hiring picks up again, maybe there are more retirees.



  6. Roy was a Bus Driver out of Yukon, on the s89 I'm pretty sure, passed suddenly a week or 2 ago.

  7. Hey Chris-hope all is well.. I'm Hoping the budget crap straightens out pretty soon.. My # is 494, from what I hear it's not bad. I heard about Roy, did u know him?

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