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  1. P.S. I really don't like the Nova. I drive them because that is what the yard dispatcher tells me to take but, they really do SUCK!!!

  2. This bus pulled into Ulmer Park last week to have a rear roof hatch repaired. I had a

    chance to take a look at the interior. I liked it but Provost is a Canadian company which also owns NovaBus. I would have preferred a new MCI to the Provost .

  3. I' m glad that you think the 8600's deserve to stay. A good number of them have roaches. (a direct result of passengers eating & drinking ) The MTA has exterminators spray the buses a minium of once a week but they come out at night and I have had passengers scream when one of them crawls up the leg. They should be retired already.....

  4. It was nice to meet you if even for a brief minute when I was driving the B41 last friday afternoon. I love the license plate. that is what caught my eye and I knew that I wanted to catch up to you & say hello. Have a happy & healthy New Year.

  5. Isn't Ulmer Park replacing the coach seats with hard seats?? I know that some of the 9300's were overhauled. When I was at Ulmer, I was told that eventually all of the 9300's remaining would be converted within a year.

  6. How many times for ADA announcements depends on the line. I work the M100, so I have 21 to make. The paddle sheet seems hard, but best bet is to ask drivers at your depot. You will learn how to read it in line training, trust me. It has your report time, the time you P/O (pull out), P/I (pull in), R (relief and/or relieve), and DPK (Drop back). The times in between are time points at certain bus stops. These are usually major stops.

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