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  1. The door control system was not reliable and often conductors had to open them at the door control panel for each car at every stop. This meant some cars had doors that did not open. This also meant the locomotive may not recieve the door open/close info. Due that that last point, some crew applied the manual emergency brake once the train stopped to keep it from leaving with open doors and/or crew still on the platform. - A
  2. As far as the MCI replacement i just hope they have a comfier ride than the NABI that replaced the fleible's. And please ditch the CNG forevar. - Andy
  3. http://broadway.pennsyrr.com/Rail/Prr/Maps/Itlk/
  4. I will do a quick scour for PRR era diagrams which are available with a bit of searching, but the EL and CNJ lines will be a lot harder to find.
  5. NJT has 1 if not 2 or more fenced off areas in manhattan that they use to put busses when not being used. I've walked by the one, it's somewhere west of penn station. - A
  6. Rutgers, coach usa, academy. Broadway i believe took over from when public service ceased trolly operation in bayonne, but i could be wrong. - A
  7. The rais are fine, it's the PRR era infrastructure that needs to be overhauled/replaced. - A
  8. That trip should have cost 54 bucks (plus parking?). What people don't get is that the fares are geared towards commuters who usually buy monthly or weekly passes. NJT has to cover budget shortfalls by raising fares and cutting service. If you don't like this vote for people who will increase funding to the point where fares either stabilize, or go down. As for 90 minutes, you must be taking one of those weekend super locals. Anyone going on a trip using transit should know weekend service is going to be a shadow of weekday service. NJTR is a commuter railroad. Before the 25% fare increase the fares were a huge discount on travel to NYC. - A
  9. NJT still runs truncated "clockers", simply between NYP and TRE. The stops after nyp are: newark penn, princeton junction, hamilton, trenton. Peak AM and PM 3900 series trains have these "super-express" trains, and only lose to amtrak due to limitations of 100 mph operating speed. It should be said though, that SEPTA routinely holds for late NJT trains at trenton. NJT often can't wait due to limited slots into new york penn. The 2 services actually connect rather well. All that said, a single seat train with limited stops such as the keystone would be great... if amtrak pulled a shore line east/MARC and allowed transit riders on those trains that would be very cool. I believe they run hourly. - A
  10. The mobile NJT site has had the blue and white design for ages. - A
  11. I have had mixed feelings about NJT contracting service to private lines. In most instances the contract companies do a decent enough job, but it has to be said the red and tans out there need to go. Crap OTP and poor employee attitudes towards the job at hand. When you depend on these drivers to be there on time & act like a fellow human and they don't do that its time for NJT to take over. - A
  12. This explains some interesting driving i observed over the last few months through certain intersections.. - A
  13. The service on the 10 was terrible, always late or running back to back, frequently leaving people at stops in the middle of winter. I for one am glad NJT took over. Hopefully now busses will arrive on time and not leave people at stops and zoom past. - A
  14. Late summer 2012. By then a large % will have been delivered hopefully. No one knows which trains they will be used on first. - Andy
  15. About time njt got a modern transit coach. Nothing against MCI, but they seem stuck in a rut. - A
  16. So, after 3 plus years i've finally climbed the mountain to 10,000 posts. Through all the time i've spent on here my life in the real world has changed dramatically. I have gained and lost friends, jobs and my own tour business. For the few of you that make up the core of these forums and have made it a treat to be a member here, thank you. And to the admin & mod team keep up the good work, than you for making the site what it is and keeping it going all this time. I'm going to close my post by asking everyone to try and get along here, we are all passionate about some form of vehicle or transportation system or another. There is no need to put others down or be rude. :tup: Too much foam upsets me: -
  17. This is by far the most stupid s**t map i can think of using for commuter rail service ESPECIALLY the lack of geographic accuracy. :tdown: Bring back the old one, please????? :mad: -
  18. This is NJT they will get the cheapest stuff? Since when? I guess you have not been looking at the rail ops in a while, or light rail for that matter. The 416 order was NOT cheap, they had the original design modified to save weight. The changes help those busses accelerate fairly well and hold highway speeds easily. NJT is looking to shake things up, and i bet you those MCI's are next to go when they get approval for funding the next bus order. -
  19. Part of the Aldene Plan was to have dual mode equipment take passengers from the former CNJ main into new york penn. Prior to this, you had to transfer between PRR and CNJ trains at Elizabeth, where the 2 main lines crossed. Or you could go on to jersey city via bayonne and take a ferry from there. The "interim" was having CNJ/reading trains utilize newark penn as a transfer point for passengers going to and from new york penn. Believe it or not trains used to operate between philadelphia and jersey city, then newark penn, not using most of the NEC. The dual modes are finally here, but operation into NYP will be limited if it happens at all due to capacity limitations of the north river tunnels. Of any of the lines to benefit from dual mode service, i believe the RVL should be the first, followed by the coast line. That will likely happen in reverse though, as coast line trains all ready have slots in the schedule. Sadly not all of the decisions and outcomes that would and should have worked have been what happened over the years. The transition to dual mode operations on currently diesel only lines will likely take years and lots of very scarce funds. -
  20. What a huge loss. Instead of some commentary, I'll list all the apple stuff I ever bought in no particular order. My first, from 1992: - A
  21. Seems like nothing is done right anymore. As far as robert moses, he built highways, and destroyed public transportation. The only real time he had things demolished for no real reason was to create certain parks, including "ribbon" parks. - A

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