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    Greetings! - A
  2. Greetings! Lovely intro. - A
  3. metsfan


    Greetings! - A
  4. Good stuff man! I'm going to miss those R38/R32 once they are gone.
  5. Israelis should return the land they seized during the 6 days war, stop building on the west bank, and have a 2 state side by side peaceful existence. I believe 2 of our worst behaving "allies" are israel and saudi arabia. The first with kinda scary militarism, and the second for massive human rights atrocities. I say forget both of them if they want to bring down humanity by not working towards civilized peace. - A
  6. On most trains if i'm not sitting i'm standing not holding anything. Most people stare at me because they expect me to fall over, but i never do, i have amazing equilibrium, plus it's fun leaning into those turns! I have hand sanitizer, i've not/forgotten to use it in the past & gotten very ill with sore throat etc several days later, so i always use it now. In winter i use gloves, but if the heat is on too high i have to take them off. - A
  7. I believe on the new haven section they have at least one bridge that requires drop pans due t there being no wire on that bridge. Hopefully soon they will have that fixed. With the shore line being relatively late to electrification past new haven its not a huge priority. The old new haven railroad overhead lines have been totally replaced by constant tension. - A
  8. Greetings! The PA-5 has route correlated destination signs on the front & rearmost cab ends, ie red for newark, green for wc-hoboken, yellow for jsq-33, blue for 33-hob, and yellow/blue for the overnight/holiday/weekend 33-jsq via hob. The windows are different, they are held in by the frame, vs protected by a bar, they have a seal removal vs push in/out for emergency egress. They are a lot like the R160, just narrower and shorter, and able to go much faster. Any other PATH questions post them in the regional trasit systems forum! - A
  9. Pop culture loses another one. I saw him & the other guys at summer slam in philly long long time ago it was so thrilling. Loved him as bone saw in spiderman. I know he will be missed by many, and it just sucks we lost him so suddenly. Rest in peace big guy. - A
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