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  1. I'm just going to post everything i've missed in 2011 & part of 2010 here so i can be all caught up. More posts to follow with freight etc.
  2. I really can't believe i'm seeing "highways should have no speed limits" comments on here. The Autobahn is no highway, it's a runway that airplanes don't use, it's over 2x as thick as our highways here, and they fix damage in 600 foot sections, they don't do patches. Absolutely no comparison can be made between the 2 systems. Then, yea, are you kiddinng me, you really want to die that bad? You realize what a tire blowout at 85 mph would do to most vehicles? You'd die, end of story. Lack of driving skills is an epidemic in this country and you just want to raise the speed limit or remove it? Man you folks live in a bottle or something. I've grown up around the tuner/drag racing scene, and i can tell you, you really need a speed limit. Then there's the fuel usage issue. You think 85+ is good for your MPG? Most cars can't even safely go that fast, the tires get more wear, things are noisy as hell too. Must have been the powerful texas oil lobby that shoved this frucking asinine public endangerment bill though. Can't wait to see the headlines when someone drives into something at those un-survivable speeds. - A
  3. Sorry, but no one... NO ONE needs 4 gigs of data unless they are a business user, and um tethering, do you know what tethering is? It's hooking your computer via bluetooth to your phone so your computer uses your phone as a wireless cell data modem. I consider myself a "power user" not to be confused with a business pro, and my monthly usage varies between 270 and 1200 megs, including use of 7 email accounts, updating & downloading apps & movies and using youtube and GPS... Literally the 1200 meg one was when i downloaded a feature length movie while i was on the train, the movie was 990 megs. Most months it averages around 300 megs, so why do i need unlimited? Unlimited data only enables abuse of the network. So, if you have an iPhone, on an individual plan, your bill should be about 110 a month, that includes roll over minutes and taxes/fees. My girlfriend & i have a family plan, the bill divided in half (we still have the unlimited data plan) it's 86 per person. Now tell me which is cheaper? Oh, we have 4,389 roll over minutes, which is in all practical usefulness is as good as unlimited. I think i'll stick with att, thanks though. - A
  4. They could make healthy fast food, it's only in the US that fast food is really disgusting. Everywhere else has strict limits on various things in food, i mean they really have a totally different formula for the entire menu. Why do you need a toy in the food box? You should not be rewarded with a toy for eating food that will end up killing you if you make it part of your diet. Don't get me wrong, as much as i eat organic foods with non GMO and all that, i do still eat fast food when there is no other option for a meal within reasonable time (example i've had nothing to eat all day and will not be home for at least another 2 hours), all be it probably around 3 times a year or so. I also try to eat it at least once a year so my body doesn't react poorly to it when it's the only viable option for that particular day/situation. Freedom = responsibility. Last time i checked, this country isn't so good with making responsible choices as a society. Also, the toys are made in china, do we really need to continue this venue to funnel cash (jobs) into asia? If you're going to have them, have them be made in the country where they will be sold. It's pathetic really, this country is filled with places where you pay for custom order food, and if there's a big snow storm all these folks wonder how to make a meal when you should have the skills to make simple stuff and food to make it at home. This whole outsourcing of our kitchen/food prep sickens me. I buy pasta, spices, sauce, i buy lots of soup in containers/cans, i can make a meal if i need to. How many of you can prepare & cook all 3 meals at home? Lazy, that's what you are if you depend on mcdonalds, dunkin donuts, wendy's and have money to buy the ingredients for a proper home cooked meal. Don't even start with the whole "i have no time" bs either. It's called living within your means. Irresponsible, poorly educated on nutrition and the global food trade... I'm just gonna stop here i could write a damn book on this nonsense. Pisses me off. "wah wah wah i want my food reward". Cripes. - A
  5. The olympia trails bus stops at the (traffic) end of the bus lane at terminal C. To get to manhattan on NJT bus you must ride to newark penn and transfer to one that goes to PABT from newark penn, the other option is to ride the go 28 to newark broad street and then 5 dollars gets you to new york penn on the train (midtown direct). - A
  6. Commie savages? I think you've been living in rush limbaugh land a bit too long. - A
  7. Ask on railroad.net, they seem to know what goes on with NJ transit. - A
  8. If by kool aid you mean knowledge and facts, then i will. - A
  9. I think that might be herald square or 34th st 7 ave by penn station. Midtown for sure, there is at least one if not 2 left. It's right next to a tall assed building so i know it's in manhattan for sure. If i'm remembering correctly, one has the square post by the end of the railing at the top of the steps, and one is at the corner of the railing near the designation sign. Still has the old (NYCT) on it. I gotta go to manhattan sometime soon on an errand so i'll check it out. I believe one is green iron or steel and the other is more stainless steel modern looking. It's been about a year since i've been in that area, so i'm straining my memory. - A
  10. Saw one of these testing out of service this past 2 weeks. - A
  11. So it's OK for the nuts running china's PR machine to alter books that represent history, but it's not ok to take in entertaining fictional works? What's next, no reading or writing? - A
  12. Most of the stuff you're talking about isn't a real problem, and would create problems if your ideas were put into practice. I agree though that we need some sane people putting their necks out and making choices and getting things done that may not be popular, but work and accomplish the goals without getting into ideology. Especially with lower paychecks for the elected people who basically have everything paid for them all ready. I've reviewed obama's budget, and i feel it's a great first step that will lead into more reforms over time that make the county's financial situation stable and healthy vs whacked out & on the verge of real crisis. Combined with the affordable care act, this budget is really exactly what we need right now. - A
  13. Amtrak7 did cover a lot of things. I think NJT needs to get into the hybrid scene, and replace the articulated models with newer ones. Leave rutgers bus alone, let academy keep its contracts as long as it keeps on time and customer satisfaction levels above a specified level. Remove coach usa from the red and tan #10 and hold the bus drivers accountable for being reasonably on time, and if they see a passenger racing for the bus, they have to wait within reason, especially after 8 pm. Have service to cape may, more frequent summer express service to AC from camden & philly, re-configure the tracks where needed to allow ACES to skip the detour into PA saving lots of money. River Line gets a few sidings, and re-work the agreement with conrail/CSX to operate later into the night. 9:30 cutoff from trenton, and not going all the way to the end in camden is too limited. You wouldn't believe how many people run to catch that last train. Pedestrian bridge connecting trenton transit center proper with the RiverLine plaza. Do something to efficiently connect trenton TC and west trenton stations. Weekend lower fares. I don't know about re-introducing the off peak fare, perhaps you could just lower the single fare by 8%, and have a specific weekend fare good from the the last 2 trains pm friday to the first 2 trains monday am. Also you could introduce a round trip ticket set that is 2% less per way, but good all day anytime. Also put bus & light rail ticket option and septa ticket options at all TVM. Real time train tracking map, as well as real time bus tracking map, available on a free app or the website. More communication between the various agencies & modes of transportation, especially for when there's a service disruption, and more effort to have services connect on time. Increased efforts to keep rail rolling stock clean & sanitary. - A
  14. If they are going to do this, they need to totally lock the cars and properly sanitize them, otherwise i really don't see an issue, it's not like the floors have carpeting. - A
  15. Short end of the stick?? This prototype made the SST program possible. It will be another wonderful edition to the floating museum, and will bring tourist dollars anew as previous visitors get to experience a fresh layout & with the overhaul the 'trep received will really enrich the experience for everyone who visits. - A
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