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  1. Congrates to you bro, and good luck. Hey I have a ?, I report to zerega on monday, I have experience with ct transit for about 3 and half years and I was asking what's the odds of me getting thourge the training, and also how do it work, meaning how long you stay in zerega before you get sent to your depot. Because when I got hired at 180 livingston they already gave me a depot to go which is at college point, so give me some insight I'm kind of nevouse.

  2. Just wanna let you guys know I qualified on day 7 and I appreciate all the advice that was given, I start line training tomorrow and I look forward to learning how to drive the hybrids, thanks to all
  3. Today was day 1 for me felt ok with what was done today, didn't really have any issues I was able to find my pivot point in my right side mirror learned my air brake system performed pre-trip inspection overall I was pretty comfortable
  4. The good thing about the west farms depot is that it's fairly new and there's Alot of artic buses meaning the double buses, the west farms depot is known as the ghetto depot meaning all of the bus lines are ghetto for example the Bx 6, Bx15, Bx17, Bx26 and so on these buses run through Yankee stadium, the west side of upper manhattan, overall I've heard the gun hill depot is much nicer because the bus lines are better and if not mistaken gun hill depot as hybrid busses the west farms depot has no hybrids at all only artic's, Orion, Cng, so if I had to pick I would go with gun hill, have you driven the hybrids yet ?
  5. Hey RTS4life I have a question for you, I was reading what jaydubs quoted that he hit curbs on day 5 and on day 6 so he mentioned that he had to wait for day 9 so does that mean he didnt get the opportunity to qualify on day 7 or did they just tell him he has to practice more then he'll go to day 9 ?
  6. I start on Monday may 9th, I know the mirrors are extremely important, what was your instructors name and did you qualify in day 7?
  7. Boxer, hope u don't mind the PM. You had written to keep on their ass till July. I was wondering what made you say that, if we aren't called by he summer, you figure that's it for now?


    Thanks, btw, I'm Fred

  8. Has anyone qualified this week on day 7 of being an bus operator ?
  9. Oh ok I also start may 9th, do you have a CDL license or do you just have the permits ?
  10. Hey Tim are you in for training on may 9th.....
  11. Remember to take your time and there's no rush or race to the finish line, keep us posted, good luck....
  12. Ok cool how is everyone in your group doing jaydubs? Do you do ALSAPS every day ?

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