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  1. I heard you have quite the presence....I am JoeDFD47 btw

  2. phuk me i think i just lost.

  3. The hell it shouldn't! We should all do it!

  4. Kick your butt.

  5. Yeah, it may be more than 1 day that I'm up there.

  6. Hey I will be up March 13th get in around 6. Let me know if you want to do something on Saturday, I am talking to Orion and other guys about getting a bus/rail trip planned. You're more than welcome to join in as much as you want.

  7. I like your thinking on buses.

  8. Yeah man, the more the merrier. I would love to get a good big group together.

  9. Cool, I'm JoeDFD btw. love the videos, they are getting me excited for my trip up to NYC. I plan on doing a lot of rail/bus fanning and if you want to join in, help plan or whatever, then you are more than welcome to! Did you get off from school today?

  10. Hey how's it going, are you Caitsith810 on Youtube?

  11. Hahah yeah. You're up in Boston right now? I have friends up there and I have visited several times. The MBTA is a lot of fun to ride.

  12. Yeah It is, thanks. It is actually freezing right now. Yesterday it was about 80 degrees, so people are freakin out down here. Trying to do some rail/bus fan planing for my trip, any help...info or if you want to join in, then that would be awesome. Have a good one.

  13. Ok cool, well if you want to help setup a rail/bus fan trip for my visit that would be great, and would enjoy the knowledge. Also, if you know of a group that could get together for this then I would greatly appreciate it, and any help.

  14. Hey do you live in NYC?

  15. Dude, I just had to let you know, that sig that you have is absolutely hilarious. I love it.

  16. Hey, I am Joe from Dallas, Texas and I was curious about getting DART's (Dallas Area Rapid Transit) logo up, so then I can use it for an avatar. If there is an easier way to do that, then I can do that, but if you need an image then here is one. Thanks!


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