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  1. I know how it can stop....just walk away from the computer.
  2. Love the photo of the R68 and R160 , with the Empire State Building in the background.
  3. Kick ass shots! The (J)/(M) are the two lines I am really looking forward to fanning on when I come back up in March.
  4. Here are some shots from around Dallas during November and December! Enjoy! Green Line train pulling into Pearl Station Green Line North to Downtown. Lovers Lane Rail Station
  5. Love this shot the most! Great photos, I feel lucky knowing that when I visited I did catch a R42 and that I was able to be at the new South Ferry opening, but I wish I had the chance to ride an R40 slant on the .
  6. This is a picture of me about to attend a Women's Professional Soccer home opener in early April. (I drove all the way from Dallas with a group of people to help support the St. Louis team, as we do not have a team in Dallas yet.)
  7. That is a really neat looking place. I would love to get a chance at attempting to drive a rail car, even if it is retired. That is really cool.
  8. R40 Slants. I should have made it a point to ride them when I was in NYC in March, but I didn't therefore I did not get to ride one of them. I really liked the look of them, just different compared to the rest of the fleet.
  9. Chris, 9755 is a really great shot. Love the others also. from one RTS lover to another.

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