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  1. Looks pretty creepy in the night in the train stations of the Bronx.
  2. Hey man, what's up?

    Discovered anything new?

  3. it just pisses me off that no one that has vista can't play it. i never tried it and i can't even play it because of the bummer problem that it won't work.
  4. I got it to install but when I try to open it the only thing that pops up is a little box telling about the resolutions.

    then I would just continue then it would say the program stopped working.

  5. What website did you go to that you got it to work?
  6. Anyone here play a train simulator? I want to give it a try because I've never played it before.That fact that I seen many videos about it I'd like to know how I can get it on my computer. One thing is though I have Windows Vista. So I ask for some help from anyone that's good with it and can help me get it on my computer.
  7. Then why can't they clean those at least?
  8. Heres something I really wanna see for all the trains that are in the subway. I'm sure lots of you will agree as well. But what I want to see is for once the windows to be clean and clear. Some people like traveling on the trains and looking out the window to look at the views. Especially the old trains that are still around.The windows to those trains are filty dirty and you can barely see through them.But Thats what I wanna see.
  9. Actually the is pretty clean.From How I see it,its fine to me.
  10. wow the wasn't around at this time. its amazing how the subway makes changes really fast.
  11. what i was thinking which may be a cool idea to do. you know how they have their own colors for every numbered and lettered trains? well like for example the is purple, so when the comes out with the newer models of it and like how everyone mention its a red digital red LED light. i was thinking to have it its own original color but in digital form. you what i mean? like how currently the new train has a red LED light. Like picture it a yellow digital light instead of red. what do u guys think?
  12. Any one know how to get in the old city hall station?
  13. Hey man thanks. Thanks to all of you!
  14. OK people you're getting off topic here. I need info about the subway and history.
  15. thanks people. i hope i can still get some more resource on it though.

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