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  1. okay so does anyone know how Nice is doing their run picks for drivers? Is it online? do they do it online? ive seen the list of interlining which is great because that shows some of the runs but it doesnt show whats coupled together to make a single run for a driver
  2. Oh okay but they get the same pay as mta bus other yards correct? Or are pay scales different
  3. Yeah but are they using mta bus people too?
  4. Got it I thought if you work out of far rock you only do express now and that would suck I also heard if you pick far rock away you get paid less?
  5. Byes I take it you worked for chs lol? I know everyone there....no longer with eat but still doing the transit thing out here Wow messed that up I take it you used to work for cbs? And nit at eat anymore but still do transit out here
  6. Yes but far rock still operates it's local routes?
  7. It's backwards 1101 days east Northport but should say north va medical center 1103 says Northport va med center but only announces to Huntington square mall so they use 1101 I used to drive it but used 9913 so I had all announcements and correct sign
  8. Just curious because I know far rollaway does have local routes but I hear that JFK is covering them....so is far rollaway strictly express right now?
  9. Do we know what depots in queens are short on drivers exactly ?
  10. I was just told to take the boss but my list number is 15xxx...do I basically have no shot at all?
  11. So I'm starting a new topic as I fear my response to one of the old ones was passed over ....I was just told to take the boss exam by the mta on December 2nd Now let's say I take that test and I do pass it.....is it guaranteed I'll be called eventually ....or is it still hit or miss based on my list number....that number is 15xxx the one I received originally before told to take the boss I called the employment center and inquired and they just said come down and take the test on December 2nd.... Anybody have a good answer? Is there a way to find out what number they're up to?
  12. Just not at fault accident (person ran into rear of bus etc) other than that attendance is in the 90s percentage wise I very rarely call out...I always do a ton of overtime and nothing else on my record I was really worried about this and actually debated not going I'm glad I came here first Do you know hoe long this process will take at all like after the boss and such?
  13. 161 passenger...you work there now? Do you like it? Well it's a private company that is subcontracted to run suffolk county transit runs....the safety records all disclose everything just mentioned, and bringing me back was based on a last chance agreement if I did anything wrong I was to be terminated....I had no further discipline and left on my own terms Now I work for a different private company that operates suffolk county transit routes...so all of this shows up still...the tickets for the red light and the termination but I told them about it and still kept me and I've had no issues here in eight months.....does that help your decision? Oh and none of those show up on my abstract only my employment history with that company for their disciplinary records and saying I didn't follow rules.... I'm just worried that any one of these can disqualify me and I don't wanna waste my time But as I said before out of the thousands of operators no one has a scratch on their record like mine...I don't think I'd believe that
  14. That speeding ticket was reduced to a parking ticket. The red light ones are only registered to the bus...I was told honesty is the best policy and if you tell them up front what's going on they aren't too bad....I find it hard to believe that out of the thousands of operators no one has a scratch on their record? And should I even bother? At this point I don't want to waste time for nothing
  15. Hello all I just read this entire forum and I have a question that might be a little pre mature but any help would be greatly appreciated I applied for exam 2301 back in 2011 and received a list number of 15xxx I randomly called the employment center and they said "actually, can you come and take the boss (bus op selection survey) on December 2nd in Brooklyn Obviously I said yes but is it supposed to be something I arranged myself to take the boss? So what I'm wondering now is yes I have to go take the boss....now provided i pass that Is this a guaranteed that they'll call me for medical? Also, I've been working for suffolk county transit about 3 years now....I've had two red light camera tickets with the bus and I also was terminated for a speeding ticket in their vehicle...BUTTTTTTTTT I was taken back by the union because the ticket was dropped to a parking ticket and a fine Should i still go and do this or is it a waste of my time? I doubt every operator has a flawless record so to speak so I'm wondering if it's gonna be a waste and I'll already be eliminated or if I should do it cause I really want to How long should I expect to wait for all of this processing? Any help is greatly appreciated please thanks
  16. Thank you for the info and examples....well it's not on my abstract but if they check employment history with the transit division I was in in suffolk county so I'm wondering if that plays a role...because I was terminated but brought back by the union because the ticket was reduced to a parking ticket...other than that there is an accident on my record excluded from the program (so it's not chargeable) and Thsts it....so it's still worth it to go is what you're saying As far as clothes for the boss jeans and a shirt is okay or dress better? When you find out your results of the boss is there an "acceptable score?"
  17. For the mta bus exam 2301, I was in the list number of 15xxx but I called the mta yesterday and they told me to come in for the boss on December 262nd So my question is that list is going to be retired soon....via the four year mark that's approaching If I take the boss and the list expires do I automatically lose a chance, or once you take the boss you are automatically eligible based on your score on that and they will still call you even if the list expires but you took the boss? Any help is appreciated Secondly what's the boss like? Just a test to weed people out or is it difficult? Should you be in interview attire or just plain clothes Is the boss free? What happens after the boss ? If there is a speeding ticket that you received in the past while on a job but it was reduced to a parking ticket should I be worried and not bother? Any help is greatly appreciated thanks Sorry December 2nd*
  18. as well as if there are meal breaks and such
  19. well i don't want to push anyone if they'd like to share their runs with me i welcome private messages i miss the old day of the seat even though my orion v's are going to crap from what i'm hearing and they added to the route with the hempstead crap i liked just mineola better and when it was interlined with the 79....even when it was interlined with the 6.... barely any breaks it seems anymore but i'm just wondering....
  20. so i'm guessing not, but does anybody have any info on how NICE runs their driver schedules? it's been awhile since i've been in the seat of one of those Orion V's and i was just wondering if they still do the same thing with linking routes, or if you stay on the same route all day, or if anyone has any idea of assignments i don't need all of them just a few to see how they do things....especially now since my 23 is all changed up
  21. i understand that there isn't a mandatory meal period but for example for crew 45, 653 arrives at huntington at 255. 654 doesn't leave until 326, so this is a 36 min layover but is what you're saying that there isn't enough time with other things the engineer has to do?
  22. or oyster bay lol i need a book of my own
  23. if i have to i would definitely do it.....yes i know the training is very difficult i understand that.....but i was just wondering how they were structured....can you post a greenport run and a ronkonk run as well?!.....and so basically crew 45 would eat in their smaller break but it wouldnt be considered the mandatory

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