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  1. This post is for anyone who knows fleet assignments: With 3 M8 8-car trains in service as of now, I would like to know the current M8 assignments. PS: I saw gregorygrice's post of fleet assignments when there were two M8 8-car trains in service.
  2. ATS stands for "Automatic Train Supervision", not like "Automatic Train Stop" in Japan. When is the pilot 11-car R188 scheduled to arrive in the subway?
  3. I do not think that M8 trains will be assigned on weekend/holiday runs when these cars start revenue service. When R160 started revenue service (NOT revenue service during the 30-day test), these cars were only assigned on the weekday runs on the . Don't expect that they will run on weekend. They may, but just don't expect it.
  4. I am asking this because M7A's A (even numbered) cars face Grand Central, while all others' A cars (not everything, though) face the other way. It is not like Long Island Rail Road, which all EMU's A cars face Long Island. It faces either Grand Central or Connecticut, and I am looking for the answer of either one of the choices.
  5. So which direction will A (even-numbered) cars face?

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