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  1. I did ok on the el turns today and braked much better. I messed up on one tight turn and couldn't park the bus until my 7th try. She told me I know the bus and procedures well but I can't operate on the road with much control. I am letting the bus take over. She said she is sttill on the fence with me.
  2. I slowed down today and kept my clearance. But she still said I was making the turns too fast and that I break too hard. She gave me a satisfactory overall and she told me to come in strong tomorrow. How do you guys break? Do you have a particular technique? I was honest and told her I haven't driven since I moved to Manhattan and sold my car 4yrs ago. I just need more experience on the road.
  3. I am too nervous when I am on the road with the bus. I did better today on day two but the instructor said I keep staying too close to the right since I'm use to driving in the middle of the lane and not straddle the left line. I need to slow down too. Said I'm driving too fast. I hope day three goes better
  4. I start my training at ulmer park tomorrow
  5. I'm list #1533. I worked for the DMV before and they would not let me get a leave of absence. Never ever work for that agency. It is all inbreed and retarded. Unless you're related to someone or best friends with someone high up, you will never have anything go your way. I asked for two weeks leave of absence and without any hesitation my district director said no, and the only option was to resign my post. I seriously hope I can make it through training. There is no turning back for me at this point.
  6. Finally lifted my medical hold today and was sworn in. Told to report on Monday. Went straight to my job to resign afterward. I felt bad not giving them any notice but the lady told me she didn't know when they'll start hiring again. So I took the leap of faith and I hope I pass the training.
  7. Crap. I told my job that I was going in late. I hope it doesn't take too long. I'll try to be the first one there on Tuesday. Did they give you the date for the next class?
  8. Going down on 12/27 for physical and final processing. Does anyone know how long this usually take and what the whole process for that day is like?
  9. after my 3rd trip down to 180 Livingston I was finally able to take my drug test today. Lets pray I get the phone call for the physical soon!
  10. The government is making tons of money for all the civil exams. They're offering tests but the hiring freeze is still in effect and these list does come with expiration dates. But I have no sympathy for those who don't take these exams seriously. I have seen so people go down to Livingston to hand in paperwork and they don't even have their B permit as its stated on the exam announcement.
  11. What's up cana. I never heard of taking the boss survey more than once unless it's for another bus op. Exam. Did u take the mabstosa or mta bus exam?? If not then I'm just as lost as u. My advice report as asked and while you're there ask why u have to redo the survey. Best of luck if u have any other questions let me know.

  12. I went in Sept and they checked my paperwork and told me there were no more classes. I just got a call today to go down and take a survey. Has anyone done this before?
  13. It is the general rule for all government agency. I scored in the top 3 for the promotion in the DMV and they passed me all the way to someone who scored a 75, so they could be reach. It is pure bs. The 5 new supervisors I have now. scored lower than me on the test, less time on the job, but they're bowling buddies with the regional director. The mother F*CKERS were in the same bowling team! So it doesn't matter where you go, private sector or public sector. It all comes down to who you know, and who you can brown nose.
  14. How are people going in for drug test two months after me and they're already getting called for final processing? I just got called today to go down next week to take a survey? I went down back in Sept for the initial step by handing in the paperwork and was told to wait for phone call to go back for testing. This is taking forever. Did anyone else go down to livingston to take a survey?
  15. it has been two months since I was called to livingston to hand in my inital paperwork and I'm still waiting for the drug test and physical. I hope something comes through soon.
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