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  1. on conductor they aint doing 1-3 rule dont know on bus operator but read what i said above bolded ?? where do you see that i dont know what your talking about sorry
  2. decline in writing or check box no bus operator you are waiting for conductor i got the same for both but cant take either one .im reinstating my list num end of summer for conductor only .
  3. yes hi xentor how are things.things to take care of still after my dads death.the last bus operator exam i got called there was a long wait and city hiring freeze.many of us got a 1-3 letter with no explanation why,basically the city took are money.i have no criminal record,honorable dis from us navy,hs diploma,clean cdl bp and steady work history driving tour buses.there was no excuse for them to turn me down and others.its what i said and many others they took are money.but i just also got 2 positions again from same conductor exam 8094.also give me position also for bus operator but im strictly going for conductor end of summer.i spoke to 2 people and said they have no issues on the 1-3 rule like they did before im glad.but if again im lawyered up this time around and will fight for this position.take care xentor.
  4. question how long does it take to have your list # reinstated for conductor.i plan on doing this the end of june.to be in the august or sept class please reply.if you were reinstated how long did it take.dcas wont give me or mta a time frame but i know of many others on here that were reinstated cant find the post
  5. thanks ill wait to do that this is confusing now i just got a letter for 8094 also for bus operator i took conductor but also offering be a bus operator position im confused here. but still have to reinstate for either one in summer .but want conductor
  6. anyone know when the list expires there was no exam for this just send in the money i just got a notice but cant go till i take care of many things still after i lost my dad if you have an idea please post thanks
  7. hi guys and gals im curious i got called for conductor but sent my paper work back saying i cant accept at this time because im still dealing with my dads death and lawyers and helping my mom who has a disabilty.i plan on reinstating my list # in the summer 2013.whats the process,where do i go,and most important how long will it take them i call me back in for processing after i reinstate my list # please respond thanks all.
  8. then send a letter to 1 centre st to get reinstated and go down there after you send the letter to see the person that handles this to make damm sure your back on
  9. just fill out the letter on the bottom you decline if you have personal things to take care of but you will have a low list # then others in class which puts you in a better position of senority
  10. no the bus list i went down the first time i got called and the mta was at a stage of a hiring freeze and me and a few hundred others the 1-3 rule used against us for a hiring freeze but i heard there not doing this now with conductor so i hope after i got things in order with my dads estate in probate and changing things ill come onboard next year sometime
  11. emts have it much worse lots of death and blood and guts not for me at all
  12. i just got called but i have to decline because my dad passed away and i have to take care of some things still and i will put my list # back on in the end of summer of 2013 i was in the 800s
  13. ok thank you take care paul i thought they sent letters out and they went for certification im in 800s so i got a while but it will come very soon im ready !!!
  14. also dcas says last number certified im in the 800s i got no letter to be certifed what does this mean im confused about the last certified is 1,324 is please help thanks didthey pass me to get certified ???
  15. did anyone get a letter yet in the 740-750 range to come just wondering i was in fla for a few weeks and did not get anything in the mail if they did get a letter and i did not what do i do to get a letter
  16. i was asking the same and how many classes coming up and how many to a class right now
  17. hello future conductors i been away for a while just asking anyone know what list numbers were called in for next class are the in 800 s yet someone reply thanks take care all :cool:
  18. sorry to say this but amtrak calling you or others is like trying to win the lottery good luck while you wait i sugest you try to find other jobs
  19. ok thanks i probaly got another year or more
  20. donald what list number are they up to since you were there
  21. what is your list # so i know what they are up to if you dont mind thanks:tup:
  22. sorry i thought i was on bus operator this is for buses only
  23. you will be given tests in training the same day pay attention.but if you got a air brake study guide memorize it you and everyone get the airbrake test every day this is a must to pass your training very important.and rail road crossings to.

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