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  1. I actually got a response email from the exams unit that stayed they released those text and emails in December so that ppl

    can know if they passed or failed and so that they can chose to apply  for the new test or not based on the results.. it would had been more helpful with a list put together already but we talking about MTA 😂 . From everything I heard we will be called from

    this short list.. the talk about throwing out the list or not calling is nonsense they only throw out a test if their is proof that there was wide spread cheating the list is short so if anything they will probably send it out after this test date next month 

  2. It goes by your record no major suspensions or write ups of disruption of service, can’t be in sick control and can’t have excessive unsubstantiated sick days ( meaning no doctor note) if you guys ha e the MTA app that shows your work check on the leave time column it shows your sick status if it’s good or bad. I’m just waiting for this list. I heard rumors that only 80-100 passed but don’t know how true that is without an actual list 

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