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  1. my list number is three hundred and sixtey something.
  2. Just got my score...97.5 list number is 36? congrats to all.
  4. How are theyre payscales...academy pays pretty well I work their part time...and they have alot of local work versus otr driving. I know their Atlantic city runs from the port pay about 140 and have a 30min-1:30 turnaround.
  5. Loco trust me they are gonna downsize the non-rep personel and consolidate their functions between the different agencies. I beleive they are gonna go through that process first before they downsize anybody on the operating side besides cleaners and station agents.
  6. I am still trying to figure the purpose of having a Mabstoa seperate for the transit list if they all work in the same depots. Even their passes are the same now I beleive. I also heard MTA Bus might be joining the system wide pick soon...
  7. with academy the first day behind the wheel you do an obstacle course in giant stadium with cones....but the MCI's and their setras have more mirrors than the RTS so you can see everything...and I mean everything on your side. As when driving the rts you cant see that much in your right mirror because its focused mostly on the rear tire. It took a while to get used to driving something that big as far as lane control but I blow through the lincoln doing about 50 and on the open highway I run @ 70 mph non stop to atlantic city I get their in about 1:45 minutes from the port with 1 stop in between. The only place I dont like taking those buses through are the midtown tunnel, its real narrow, but honestly a bus is a bus once you know the turning radius and pivot points and what to look for in the mirror its a peace of cake, but with all the training you dont gain any of the confidence of driving until your on your own. In training I was scared to go above 50 and after a week of being alone the passengers thought I was a vet.
  8. Last year I went by what the Supt. told me that was training my class. He said every week even during the freeze there were no classes with fewer than 90 students.
  9. Yeah they have a 2 week training program like the mta after you certify you do atantic city line training then your on your own. I am way more confident now in my driving and turning then I was when I was training with the MTA. Plus I got 8 hours of driving every day..the only difference they have a different mirror setup they have a flat/convex /cross convex and a fisheye mirror. where as the mta when training they just have flat mirrors. The furthest south I went was atlantic city/philly and the furthest north is the Mohegan sun. Trust me though you will not drive any of the good buses without 6 months of clean driving..and they have drive cams that activate if you swerve or jam the breaks so that will count against you. There are alot of retired mta guys there.
  10. No I am not a B/O but I am working in another title thats non-rep. I did drive for Academy shortly after not qualifying and their training is more concentrated so if anybody really wants a feel of driving and they are not working right now I highly recommend working for academy. I was doing charters and atlantic city runs using their mci cruisers and j-models.however When I was training for the mta I asked the supt. about the last hiring freeze he said they still were training 105 students every 2 weeks. maybe the just call from 1 list during their hiring freeze instead of three.
  11. The hiring freeze is does not affect bus drivers/ train operators/ and conductors. There will always be a class called for the bus operator training class wether its for the promo list or new hires. How do I know I work for mta bus but cannot get into specifics as to my position....their are strict rules about posting on the internet information and representing the company etc..etc.
  12. Yeah I did....my list number on 8006 is 264, 2801 is 6618 and the Train operator is still pending. I am also on the sanitation list.
  13. my first 7 I had an supt with a D. That jerk that I had on 8 and 9 begin with a G.
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