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  1. This is bull. The reason why those lines fair better the L,1 and 7 is because they don't have deal with going throw junctions to other lines. Honestly and this is just my opinion they should extend the 3 train to east 180 street and the last two station along the lenox avenue are redundant and should be closed, the M7 bus provide service to 145 anyways and the R62s don't have to deadhead to 180s yard just to get a wash.
  2. Nope the state still cleaning up years of neglected from the city.not to mention they close down elevated lines which could have been used in a growing city like today that needs more transit options.
  3. I think is just shear stupidity on the kids part. but charging them as a hate crime is even more stupid just because it happen in a Jewish community? if it happened in other neighborhood it would be considered vandalism.
  4. Saw 6333 m100 today, man seeing black back felt so nostalgic. also it in nicer condition then the other Orion v. no rust.
  5. I hope not, I like the depot sticker Art, specially the kingsbridge logo with a RTS bus coming out of the caste, as well we know which depot maintains them. this is just my opinion but the Quill Depot Maintain there buses very well. very clean...by NYC standards.
  6. Hopefully they wont make that same mistake with the 6000
  7. Do you guys think that they will preserve one 6000 orion V for there museum fleet?, I understand we have 101 and one as a training bus but that's it and those are 93 models. it sad because they have different types of old and new look buses and different types of RTS in the museum fleet, they didn't ever bother preserving Orion V CNG.
  8. Same WF is the last depot before they go to eastchester depot for retirement.
  9. The used the express track as storage lol. Also the city hated the el, the fact that weekday service was limited to 7am to 6pm and no weekend service below 149th, ''Yes no Manhattan service on the weekend'.lol
  10. I doubt it, if it was an RTS or Orion V it would have only damage the Undercarriage of the bus that's it. now the woman will go to court to get that sweet million.

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