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  1. I got 8 questions wrong on the conductor exam 8094, which gives me a score of 89% Do I have any change of getting a call for the job? How high do you need to score in order to get a call?
  2. hi busboy specialkay here just tryin to get mta info

    i took the test and went thru preemployment waiting

    for next class

  3. was up BusBoy2010 cul8ta here new member trying to find out about the mta and the way they hire. took test in april no answer yet what's going on.

  4. I recently took bus operator exam #8006. I just wanted to make sure that we only had to fill out our social security number in order for them to contact us about our results and employment. I did not fill out my home address, name and telephone number on the answer sheet because I do not remember them asking for that. I just want to confirm that they DID NOT ask us for any other contact information other than our social security number. THANKS SO MUCH!!!
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