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  1. 2 Siemens sets went back to Jamaica and was spotted on the E.
  2. I have this set on video. I have a ton of uploading to do.
  3. Newton Av has Washington twos 3/313 for the time being due to operator shortage. Washington Twp has been throwing all available buses being we are not accepting cash.
  4. I havent posted around these parts in a long time! on that note enjoy some videos! I hope everyone is well and safe out there! For more vist my channel https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNniNszHZYpKd7XNXxF0Nvg/
  5. Njt hasn’t been able to update the system, a lot of codes in the clever are wrong. Everyone is logging in manual mode and even then the bus still is not being tracked on mybus. The issue is with clever device central data not being updated.
  6. I’m all for it going forward to keep the system clean.
  7. The 5500 series have been sent back due to them needing there buses for the regular schedule going back into effect tomorrow.
  8. There doing it because it’s holding the min of 30ppl they want us to carry on the NABIS and NEOPLANS. The NEOS seat around 50 ppl and 50% of that is 30. MCIS we are only allowed to carry 26ppl. 45ft/50% of 57 seated is 26ppl 40ft/50% of 49 seated is 20ppl 30ft/50% of 34 seated is 15ppl
  9. They are going to cut those 2 lines. State counsel did not want to come to an agreement with ATU.
  10. It’s happening. Regular schedules are in effect on Saturday.
  11. Njt just cancelled the special schedule. Effective 4/18/2020 all njt buses resume back to normal, with full rush hour schedules on weekdays. Gov.Murphy failed us.
  12. Shuttling health-workers. Academy is not running no commuter service.
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