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  1. A lot of people don’t understand that Egg Harbor Garage has the longest MCI lines in the entire bus network with the 313/315 running time coming in at 3hrs one way, and the summer 319s in and out of cape May at 5hrs. A round trip staring or ending in cape May and ending in AC is 395 miles including deadhead. While meadowlands round trip on the 319 is 260miles with no cape May. 320 13 trips is just about 70-80 miles while 4 trips on the 553 is 267 miles. Egg Harbor has the best maintenance because we actually have to fix our buses for distance while meadowlands only fixes for short distance. Between Howell and EHT they both have the best maintenance of buses. While those 7100s has 1.3 million miles, look at this, 7180 had the original C13 and Allison it came with and had 1.2 million miles with no rebuilt transmission or engine. Now 7175 had 500k and had its engine replace around 470k and trans around 500k. No meadowlands bus will ever run to a million miles unless those buses came from south jersey with high miles. 7177-78 were originally egg harbor buses and are meadowlands most consistent buses.
  2. 4008-4044 are all the 45ft hybrids; all ex egg harbor buses and been gone for nearly 2yrs now.
  3. All of EHT 7100s(7179-7187) we scrapped except fro 7184. It was painted white and who knows where it’s at now but someone bought it.
  4. Southern Division Garages Egg Harbor Newton Av Washington Twp Hamilton Twp ——— Central Division Howell ——— Northern Division Big Tree Greenville Hilton Orange Fairview Wayne Ironbound Meadowlands Each garage is assigned lines, the 319 is serviced by Egg Harbor and Meadowlands. Meadowlands has 4 319 runs all starting in NY, and egg harbor has 9 319 runs all starting in Atlantic city and 2 starting in Wildwood. Meadowlands only does those 4 out of New York to prevent egg harbor from deadheading from south jersey to New York, but in the summer egg harbor has 1 run that deadheads from Egg Harbor to New York And operates on Friday only and meadowlands has one that deadheads from north Bergen to Cape May which only operates on Sunday only
  5. We have a couple drivers from EHT that transferred from Greenville that go back and help out. Just this week recently.
  6. It’s based on how many people ride in a certain area. Like Howell for example it is split Into 2 zones(14/15), why because it’s primarily Mexicans that ride between Lakewood and Freehold Center so they make them pay more in a sense from zone 16 to 13. Most of the commuters are off the bus from Aldrich Road P/R. From 13-16 it’s primarily minority who don’t commute, it’s messed up but if you look at the 139 during rush hour they force anyone going to Lakewood to get on the 63/64 at Old Bridge SB, as all the expresses skip freehold center and Old Bridge SB., well not all but some drivers just don’t go. Academy hates picking up people even though they are supposed to. back to the zones it’s based how how many ride in a certain area. Zone 14 could be 1 mile long while zone 13 could be 8 miles long. Also the 139 zones must coincide with the 319 and 559 because the 319 was the original line that operated from AC to New York or Jersey City and New York locally. If you as passenger get on in Freehold you can purchase a CTT to AC zone 31 or 39 Cape May or anywhere between on the 552 or 559.
  7. Not to mention SRT was given 18118 and 19 for Atlantic City for when they help with greyhound in the summer so they have LAVS. But instead run the non LAV 17000s, and that didn’t hit well with the hound when they got complaints because they paid for LAV service then hound got back to NJT when complaints rolled in. 17063 was frequent flyer and it quickly blew up in their faces. Them adding the steel wheels made a bigger problem into a straight now we have to take the buses because they voided the warranty and NJT is in the mist of forcing all private carriers to switch to Michelin Tires after all NJT buses are done by the end of February.
  8. This is what I hate. They used to swap for miles but got lazy and now buses die at their garages. Meadowlands the biggest cry baby of them all moaned about getting high mileage buses from South Jersey. 200-300k is not a lot of miles for a bus. If you look at Coach USA Suburban D4500s some of them are pushing 4 million miles. But back to the lands they have a big say int what goes on as well as Howell. But lands with the one crying. The longest line outside the 319 is their 167/177 to Harrington Park, however most of the trips are express. The 320 on 14 trips might do 70 miles. But all of those high mileage buses they got from EHT are still running to this day and garages like Wayne/Oradell like getting EHT buses because of the reliability of those buses.
  9. As a Bus Operator In the Southern Division, ill shed some light and drive at both garages. Washington Twps NABIS as I type are getting rebuilt Cummins ISL and Cats, and right this second Egg Habor is putting a rebuilt ISL9 in a NABI, most of which the 6200s have got rebuilt ISL9. Egg Habors NABIS suffer salt in the air damage, so their NABIS will not last 12 years but because of the 12yrs they will go to about 14. They have 6200s Which have a lot of sensor problems because of the salt. Washington Twp NABIS are beyond beat to death and they break down every day, especially the cats. Route 168 on the 400 takes the life out of the Nabis, every bump sets off the check engine, blown oil hoses, coolant lines, leaking def tanks, over heating, retarders stop working. All of Washington twp Nabis got rebuilt trans. so far. The ZF retarder does not work well with the cats. Newton Av a different story, less running time, more time to repair and less breakdowns. The highest mileage nabi they have is around 150k, compared to WTWP and EHT which are in the 300-450k. The only time WTWP has to get as much done as possible is between 10pm and 249AM before they have to make all Nabis available for the AM combo and straight runs. If they can’t a mci has to make a nabi run, and even so they still didn’t get enough 18000s. Only 63. They needed at least 80 to run without being short. I myself have driven a MCI on the full 400, 403 and 459.
  10. If you standing at the zone change it’s 3.50, if your after the zone change it’s 3.50, if your before the zone change it’s 4.50. If your close to the zone change but after it some drivers forget to change the zone.
  11. 8273 is not scrapped it’s still a Howell active bus.
  12. 19126 on up have the new X12. And up to 19125 have ISX.
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