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  1. Bus was cut off by a dump truck. Saw it in the back of meadowlands.
  2. That is why I'm glad I don't drive local bus lines. I'm not dealing with that mess.
  3. It’s the same, if they don’t have money we are not to argue or deny. After a while of hearing all the nonsense stories you start to say no, because it’s the fair to the paying people. You can tell who’s lying and who is not after doing it for years. New drivers have a tough time because they don’t want to get fired.
  4. Coming from a NJT bus op. You should be essential riding the buses during this time and especially after 8pm. As long as you have a ticket or mobile pass you can ride. And the buses are not free. Anyone that don’t have a ticket they are not getting on my bus PERIOD.
  5. Drivers hardly come to work and new drivers are quitting because of the extra board. Until that stops 15min service outside of the peak won’t happen. Bus service ar night is the way it is in those areas especially Bergen County because the towns like Fort Lee, Leonia, Oradell, and do on don’t want the buses on the streets waking ppl up past 10pm.
  6. Those schedules are not reduced. Weekend service on a lot of lines operate more buses then weekdays. The 319 for example runs a bus every hour all day until 830 in ac and 845 in New York. howell is running the 319(eht runs) and they paying 2 drivers a trip. Every driver is doing one trip and dhd back and the other driver dhd to ac to pull the 2nd trip.
  7. A dump truck cut 7174 off on the turnpike. I was at meadowlands and saw the bus.
  8. There not losing no money. Trust me when I say that.
  9. I’m sorry to hear that man! Njt cut our days to 2,3,4 days with 3-5 days off. I feel for you, not fair. I hope things better soon so you can get back to work. Just be patient and go sign up for unemployment. Anyone looking to fan njt be careful and have the app handy. A Sunday schedule is going into affect. If drivers call out they are not filling the run. After 8pm do not expect a bus to show up because you should be home by that time.
  10. They are taking paper passes as well Still taking paper passes
  11. Driver was doing a extra trip. Ops are starting to call out. A service change for the bus was supposed to go into affect on March 25th; that was cancelled, due to them making an entire new schedule based on which lines need service and which ones don’t. They will not make paper schedules you will have get the schedule for each line on www.njtransit.com. I will announce the new service change date as soon as o hear from our union. Anyone riding a local line njt is doing rear door boarding on lines with Nabis and neoplans. MCI lines have the first 1-2 rows caution tape off. At this time no bus operators will be accepting cash, you must have a ticket or mobile pass or eticket to board.
  12. Egg Harbor has 3 137 AM trippers. We used to have 4 pm trippers but we could not handle all that extra work while helping Washington twp.
  13. Don’t get loaners mixed up with assigned garage buses. a loaner due to breakdowns can end up being used at another garage for service.
  14. That was the plan before. Oradell currently has 200+ buses and if you had in market st fleet that be around 340-400 buses
  15. 20801 had electrical problems and gear shifting issues.
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