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  1. If you standing at the zone change it’s 3.50, if your after the zone change it’s 3.50, if your before the zone change it’s 4.50. If your close to the zone change but after it some drivers forget to change the zone.
  2. 8273 is not scrapped it’s still a Howell active bus.
  3. 19126 on up have the new X12. And up to 19125 have ISX.
  4. 19184 should be the last for the 2019s unless they exercised the options.
  5. Yeah it’s madness. I had 5355 on the 401/412. MCI Buses are not what they once was since NFI took over. MCIS never had a bottomed out issue, these 16/17/18/19s can’t absorb bumps for nothing. They sound like Navi’s on a bumpy road and it’s so bad that if the bump is deep enough the computer will tell the bus to stop power. Never had this issue with the Detroit’s and Cats. Not even the 7200-7300 and hybrids had this issue. The 18000s are lemons. The C Brake doesn't even give enough output at the highest setting; NJT capped the torque on the take off making them underpowered. It’s a whole host of problems and they only are in the 100k mileage wise.
  6. anyways the 18000s 7 of them caught fire and been temporarily put oos for rewiring and new batteries for 18001-18129. 1 more 18000 that catches a battery fire and they will see the fate of the designline for the 18000s, mci would have to replace those buses. I had 8301 on the 406, 7661 on the 406 and 8304 on the 401/410
  7. Twp has 18077 now and I forgot to list 18120-18125 for eht.
  8. Egg Harbor 7422,7442,7801,8271 16001 18064-18096 Lavs 18097-18107 Meadowlands Lavs 18108-18116 Washington Twp 7515-7516, 7526 16003 18001-18063, 18093(loaner) Newton Av 18126-18129 19127-19151
  9. Actually to install PTC which is nearly complete. The 340 line ends at the end of this current pick in January.
  10. No one wants to take those buses and there are turning issues on the 409 with them. So the mainly run on the 317 for now.
  11. 18120-18125 are Egg Harbor Buses. EHT still needs about 5-6 more buses to replace the last of the D4000s and 7400 D45000s. Newton Av has 18126-18129 18010-11 went back to twp and 18093 was sent to twp for service on the 554 amd 340 line.
  12. Yeah 4023 has a shitload of issues. 4040 was involved in a rear end accident. Its gona need a frame in the rear, new tranny, new ISL9 as it was pushed that far in.
  13. 8033 is in Wayne remove 8279 from eht. Thats a scrap bus 8007 scrap 7784 scrap, 7783 is next 4023/4044 are possible scraps. The rear frame on 4044 is shot. 4023 needs a shitload of new computers and work. 8021/8271 egg harbor 7529/8270 went to oradell 7183 might be scrapped its pending a possible rebuild 18091 now at eht 7501 Newton av remove all 40ft mcis from Washington Twp. Its 2-3 left for spares.
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