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  1. Yeah they sent it back. There won’t be no relief unless they get those ex saddle 17s in service. Mgt don’t want the 7100s in south jersey. The Detroit’s EHT we don’t have parts for them or 7100s/9000s. At some point when the summer schedule hits especially at EHT, there’s no way we can make service this year. Newton Av doesn’t need 18126-129.
  2. They would but those buses are in bad shape and don’t know if they will enter njt service
  3. They must have sent it back, but it was a swap because they lost 5201. 19145 has been put on the fleet sheet at EHT. EHT is short on mcis, we never get enough buses, nabis have been showing back up on the 553 again. 8271 has been retired with no replacement, 8021 was retired with no replacement. 7184 and 7186 was suppose to stay another 3 years but they retired them with no replacement. Meadowlands doesn’t even want to give up any extra buses. 7422 is at cmf possibly pending retirement with no replacement in sight. These 18000s are crapping. Newton av uses the least amount of mcis and yet they almost got as much as we do. 19145 is staying for the the time being.
  4. I will never understand why they need 30 lavs when they only have 4 319 runs and 7 on the weekends
  5. We don’t burn-in new buses. That’s what 20801 was for to find any issues. Production models after that already had necessary issues fixed but the problem with mass production no one bus is created equal. 16001 demo for 17000s 16002 will never see passenger service 16003 demo for 18000s/19000s 17185 demo for Cummins x12 buses 19150s on up. 4009 demo for 4008, 4010-4044 7501-7503(102-DW3SS) demos for 40ft mcis 8200 demo for 45ft mcis 7278 demo for 45ft Cngs No production model buses will burn-in they come and go straight into service. Whatever issue is found then the bus is sent to cmf or Cummins or mci comes to the garage.
  6. I don’t know who’s in charge of updating but I will again post the Egg Harbor and Washington Twp buses. Egg Harbor 8271(Retired) 7422, 7442, 7801(Active) 18064-18096(Active) Non Lavs 18097-18107(Active) Lav Units 19145(Loaner from Newton Av) 6206-6235(Active) NABI Transits 16001(Active Demo) 1602-1626(Active NABI 31-LFW) —— Washington Twp 7512, 7515-16(Active pending black paint) 16003(Active demo) 18001-18063(Active non Lavs) 5323-5345(Active Suburbans Cat C9) 5346-5367(Active Suburban Cummins ISL) 5284(Active Suburban Cat C9) 5201(Retired) Now a virtua hospital bus —— Meadowlands 18108-18119(Active Lav Units) 19124-19125(Active) 7121-7136(Active non lavs) 7174(Retired Lav) 7167-7173; 7175-7178(Active Lavs) 9036-9053(Active) I can’t keep up with Meadowlands buses as a lot are not running.
  7. Anyone want to get a last listen of 8224 which I had a few weeks ago on the 319 and the audio was recorded on a dhd back to EHT. Earphones recommended
  8. If you don’t know what a rear differential is don’t speak lol. It amazes me the information I see posted. NJT buses go through rear differentials quick. Like with the MCIS, the rear bellows have a 18mo life span but 319 Lav buses and Wayne buses are cut in 1/2 because of the terrain Wayne travels and the heavy usage on the 319 lavs. What I will say the last quality built MCIS was the CNGS and Hybrids. Everything after has been nothing but problematic. These new flyers they will have issues especially with alternator belts, power issues. Njt tends to over-govern there buses at CMF. Cummins can’t take that.
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