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  1. We added more service to the 553 and 552 and it used up all the extra mcis we got. But yeah I was hearing njt is going to take a bunch of there mcis from the private contractors especially the 4500s.

  2. Lol. I saw it out on the rd. i had 7182 when I saw it and I just laughed. And one of them was on 21 run which is notorious automatic sardine can run. I didn't catch the run num it was on today.

  3. I don't think that's the prob. But yeah go to maplewood cuz you can actually talk to a person. It's better to hand it in person cause they look at you like "ok he really wants the job". With all the exp. you got I don't see why they didn't hire you get. Since your living in NY I'd change your cdl over to NYS?

  4. Hey bz, is it ight if I steal your avatar n use it also lol?

  5. that lds on the cng, now dont hold me to it, but i heard very loose talks of those cngs to get converted to diesel and sent to other garages when the dls come in, and/or incase the dls dont hold up. NJT is smarter then we think, they are basically protecting themselves incase the dls dont hold up if the order bellys up. at first it didnt make sense why would you rehabb a a bus thats getting retired next year but then you realize its a protection plan if the dls fail. Thatb same lds you seen on the cng is coming to the older 40s & 45s. And the 7100 & 9000s series are suppose to be getting the new Detriot Diesel series 60 option

  6. the first and 2nd ones. I can watch em all day man lol.

  7. yeah i could tell just by reading his post.

  8. I LOL`D @ that. maybe that person rides it in the middle of the night but even then. On fridays and saturdays the younger kids ride it to get to and from the mall an ect but other then that....creepy lol maybe that person just hates njt. as for the that person saying his friend got robbed...its common sense not to flash out expensive items anywhere you go. i may register there to set the record straight.

  9. everythings good. the usual goes on. Your out of Oradell?

  10. No Problem. The Cash fare/zone is really easy once you get the hang of it. I sucked at math but now im stupid fast with numbers. The key is remembering the change if someone gives you a 5 since that bill is given the most.


    But anyways the 30hrs part time does suck. 3 days x 10. however as i said oradell & wayne you would get to full time 6months to a year. if you think your making more at pp i would stay. if its not that big of a diff then i would see what happens when your called.

  11. Sup BZ.


    The startimg pay rate could be anywhere from $10-$18. I cant give you an exact but it also depends on which garage you end up at. Wayne Medowland Oradell Howell Washington Twp Egg Harbor you see the 12 to 15 range. you have a cdl already so youll get the higher rate as long as your driving history is clean.


    Hope this helps.

  12. Route by route nah...they usually do a count yearly for all the routes and not route by route. But on my runs I usually average about 65 to 91ppl on any given day

  13. Thank You...Its too many nonsense arguments going on....

  14. Happy New Years KR! Get better man. Forums aint the same without yah. Get Well Soon!

  15. Everythings cool man, just working and enjoying life. How about you?

  16. Dude these are amazing!

  17. Thas wassup!


    553 Signs:

    **Means the ones used the most.

    553|Atlantic City via Blk Horse Pike**

    553|Atlantic Ctiy**

    553|Atlantic City--->S Jersey Hosp--->Cumerbalnd CC**

    553|Upper Deerfield via Blk Horse Pike**

    553|Upper Deerfield**

    553|Upper Deerfield--->S Jersey Hosp--->Cumberland CC**

    553|Vineland Transportation Center

    553|Bridgeton via Blk Horse Pk**

    553|Hamilton Mall via Blk Horse Pk**

    553|Hamilton Mall via AC Expressway

    553|Millville Cumb Family Shelter**

    553|Millville-Wade Blvd**

    553|Millville-2nd Pine St**

    553|Upper Deerfield--->Wal-Mart**


  18. Going great...couldnt be any better. had some ruff times but now everything is good. How about yourself?

  19. She is doing much better, however she has memory damage. As a reslut she has short term memory loss for the rest of her life. The lady that hit her is being sued and she is facing criminal charges. Reckless Driving and the whole nine. She was driving on a suspended DL also. So that lady is pretty much f**ked. I've returned to worked thats why I havent been around that much lately.

  20. Thanks Man! Yeah they can but the route I work is heavily watched, so i have to be on my A-Game. We can get into some serious trouble if we display any other sign other then what route is being run. Now in the fall I will be back on the 553 and that run is not watchted @ all. Ill be on the 319 also then

  21. she is still in bad condition. i was able to to get off of work for the next 3 days.

  22. its funny however that superteam isnt winning it all...sorry l0l.

  23. Its cool. It passes some really nice areas however it is a 2 hour ride from Atlantic City to Bridgeton. From Atlantic City to Vineland Bus terminal its 1hr and some change. Vineland is a nice area also.

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