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  1. Look what academy does every weekend. They use them state buses as charters.
  2. 17069 arrived at EHT around around 1am this morning from CMF. 17064 currently sitting outside at Washington Twp. 7442 is done and off the roster sheets 7422 is due to go anyway now, however it’s on the road now.
  3. 7442 has been decommissioned; 7422 to follow by the end of the month.
  4. If your run carries overtime you’ll get up to 55hrs a week. Most runs at Egg Harbor, Washington Twp, Newton Av, and Howell runs pay 50hrs. combos are basically what you call work runs like at Jackie Gleason where that depot is basically an all swing depot. egg harbor is the 100k+ a year garage. Making 130k is easy there. newton, Washington Twp, and Howell have a lot of combos that pay good. extra board, extra list samething, both you have to work upon coming in, however most new guys coming In now are getting jobs. The turnover rate is high right now. So if you come in suggest you make the decision while the turnover is high. also keep in mind southern division garages runs are longer and runs pay more then northern division; where almost all north garages are 8-9hrs. any other questions just send me a private message.
  5. Academy most likely will be left with the bare minimum. It goes deeper then what you guys see. There are major issues with the route 9 services. It’s time njt stop letting these private carriers tell them how they want the buses. We giving you buses so you take what we give you not how you want. Every last one of the private carriers should have had stainless steel sides. If route 9 is lost, you could possibly see the 134 line comeback. Academy does not care about the transit lines. They are solely for the charter work especially with the sport teams.
  6. This is a separate order for more lavs. Previous lavs been in service.
  7. 17064 and 17066 has been transferred to Egg Harbor. Still waiting for 17069 from CMF.
  8. 30 of those 22xxx are supposed to be lavs for EHT and Meadowlands.
  9. 17069 is scheduled to be sent to Egg Harbor in the coming weeks.
  10. A side chick. If I’m not mistaken he has a wife and 4 kids.
  11. You have to look at it from an idiots(news media)POV. Then you have to know that it is a skilled career that people dream of having. We know it’s not just pushing controls. You literally have to look for 8/10 car markers; stations that are longer the 10 will be closer. In hindsight anyone can push that mc forward but the skill comes in on braking, working gt, st, one shot-two shots. Pressing the ATO alerter. Holding the mc down on smee equipment as my gf explained it “my hand is on fire”. Don’t let news media piss you off in that manner brother. Me as a bus op I get people saying all you do is drive and news media always call us train drivers and bus drivers, we are not a drivers, we are operators who took the challenge and succeeded at the craft. oh not to mention having to stop on the 8/10 for 35+ stops straight, that I give you guys the utmost respect for because you have to learn each station especially fast stations, some stations you can slow without much braking on uphill stations. anyone in the transit industry to me we are all brother and sisters all bus ops and train ops. I don’t wave to train ops I salute, if you see that person in a njt uniform doing that, it’s me, and every train op and c/r gives me the nod because it’s them knowing I respect you.
  12. That’s him operating. It was posted on her Instagram account.
  13. Yessir. My gf is a op in the A Div and the shit that’s going on over there now. ADiv TSS are out for blood right now, especially that Indian guy that’s usually between bowling green and 59th
  14. One op in my garage is married and has 3 baby moms on 4 different lines that he’s hiding from now.
  15. Not only that there was a conductor changing clothes on the platform in full view of people.
  16. P**** will get you caught up kids learn now the easy way or you will find out the hard way. he’s a buff as well, he probably hasn’t stopped crying yet. I’ve seen him not too long ago on a D via 8th Av GO few weeks ago.
  17. Are you kidding me? Meadowlands has some of the worse NABIs. All they do is keep the outside clean. There break down rate are higher then Fairview’s and Egg Harbor nabis combined.
  18. I said it earlier, it was because of DOT inspections. Wayne garage was short staffed and Washington Twp was the only garage fully staffed with mechanics to do DOT Repairs.
  19. That is now an egg harbor bus. They are 7422,7442 replacements.
  20. 20004, and 20027 are tracking Washington Twp for DOT Repairs and Inspections.

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