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  1. First finish high school. You will need to take an open competitive civil service exam for the title of train operator when it is given. At the time you file for the test you need to have a total of 5 years of previous full time work experience in any type of job , anywhere. You may substitute 1 year of college for 1 year of work , up to 4 years. So for example you may go to college for 2 years and have 3 years full time work experience. If you have over 4 years of college , you still need a year of full time work expereince doing something. Once you meet that criteria , you can take the O
  2. Next time bring some slices of cheese with you and when you get close to them , feed 'em some cheese. They'll come right up to you and nibble it out of your hand ... make friends with them and they won't bother you. In time , some of them will even help you get that put in done. :tup:
  3. What I want to know is , since it's a 1.6 million dollar pad it must be pretty big ... SO who is buying the beer when we all head over to Big Jay's place for one kick ass housewarming party :tup:
  4. Last night me and my conductor had to isolate a car with vomit in a relay. We notify control and get to the terminal almost an hour later. Six cleaners standing on the platform , not one wants to clean it. Some this and that about it's another guys car. We're on the train back and forth and off it less than 15 minutes in 4 hours and we have to hang around on our break time waiting for some cleaner to come clean the mess since we un-isolated the car back at the terminal. Long story short , the dispatcher has to get involved and call a cleaning supervisor. Turns out whoever was responsible
  5. LOL!!!! LMFAO!!! If they really do that , go and play pool outside his building , that is some FUNNY sh*t !!! :tup:
  6. Come on everyone , you're all being awfully hard on Mr. Walder. Instead of getting upset at what he makes , why don't we all send him a few bucks out of our paychecks , say $20 bucks a head , every pay period , until he's gone , to show our appreciation and veneration for our new spiritual leader!
  7. Hey Will , Shit*y deal , man. Sorry to see you go. Good luck. Since you got 99 weeks , enjoy the summer and live a little. Be strong. A better opportunity will come along and when it does , you won't miss this place. :tup:
  8. Personally , I felt it was very difficult to learn the R-160's were not outfitted with cup holders and leather seats.
  9. FDBGUY , no offense , but you're a douche. Your attitude is exactly what is wrong with this country. Everyone b*tching and moaning and crying when someone has a little more than they have. I don't have to forgo a pay raise because you're out of a job. I didn't cause you to lose your last job and neither did the TWU or the MTA. I don't have to be grateful for my job because I work hard and maintain my employment by coming in every day and doing what I get paid to do. I also waited over 3 years on the list to get the job , like you're waiting right now. If you do get hired you'll be singing a di
  10. I have a question about calling out sick : Is it an acceptable excuse to call out sick with a broken heart? What about if you feel home sick? O how about if you're just plain sick and tired? Or if you're just sick of all the crap? (Would you call out with a stomach virus in that case?) Hmmm ....
  11. The (N)ovember is going good , hope I can stay there come next pick. How are you doing? Hope the job is treating you well.
  12. Either the train operator or conductor can program them. Technically the conductor is supposed to do it , but if a train operator gets on the train and gets set up at his position first it's an act of courtesy to program it. When the train is inspected as a put-in , if there is a problem with the computer or the announcements , the displays , etc. the train operator is supposed to report it before the train is 'put-in'. If a problem occurs en-route and the crew discovers it , they report it at the terminal. In most cases the train won't be taken out of service or prevented from finish
  13. I work on the N Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun and the Q Mon , Tues/Wed off. PM's. Do you work for the MTA?

  14. Mike, what line do you work? I'm asking because I am friends with LOTS of employees.

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