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  1. You prolly make more now as a T/O with the late clears,RDO's and built in OT...But after the 3 years that check would look pretty decent.Yur really considering coming back??
  2. Maybe the A will work out better for u...I ran into a couple of TSS's in the past who came from the A and said they couldn't wait to go back so I'm guessing it's less stressful over there.
  3. Really??I guess they need more help in the A...
  4. Dave,I don't wanna see u standing at Rock-Center telling TO's "ten miles over that switch"on the radio!!!! Congrats...U deserve it my brother!
  5. The and line SUCKS!!!If I had to choose I'll roll with the ONLY on an EARLY pm shift because yur express in Queens both ways and get it out the way before those D@mn track gangs hit the road!!!You wanna be off that line by atleast 2300 hrs or a lil after...It's a work-horse but if u got a good C/R u guys can knock it out plus the 160's can make it a lil better....Now the is PURE punishment!!LOCAL all the way in Queens,Manhattan,Brooklyn u got all these timers,twists and turns etc.and at Nite a lot of work trains can plug you up in Bklyn soooo you wanna be off the road by atleast 2200 hrs.If u don't have any seniority,u aint getting NO EARLY PM jobs on those lines.If u can pick outta Brooklyn,I'd stay in the A division...
  6. Sun/Mon is good!I had Sun/Sat for a minute too...It goes by pretty quick but I aint complaining,just enjoying it while it lasts.I just came off of vacation the first week of the New Year and hooked up some AVA's-came out to 11 days total...First day back,got screwed with the R line...
  7. LMAO!!! Oh really?? Sure, I'll be glad to show u the B-Division lines...Just make sure to give me a call to schedule it because I'm very BUSY on the WEEKENDS watching sportscenter and Yo Gabba-Gabba with the kids while u figure out how to read the G.O.s... I got the PM's on lockdown....
  8. Don't come over here....Keep yo azz over there on that fake railroad! You got something to tell me bwoy??I'm waiting...............lol:cool:
  9. I'm tellin u...those things are off the chain!The hisss is the warning shot....:eek:
  10. Like I said,I don't mess around with those things...I got hissssed at a couple of times and had to fall back.Braindamage??I can deal with the rats...lol
  11. Really?Most of us prolly thought u were talking about the rats!!!I didn't notice any Water Bugs(flying roaches)when I walked those tracks...Have u ever walked back from Metropolitan Ave. Yard at nite?Now I don't know about u but I ain't messin with those Racoons!!!:eek:I have the utmost respect for those suckers....
  12. lol...You have to make noise and let them know u are comin so they'll scatter!Try carrying a shoe paddle....I used to work with old-timers that loved to catch and throw em!:eek:
  13. That whole situation made me uncomfortable man......I was in total shock!I really felt sorry for the guy.Yeh,I lost my radio once and didn't realize it til the next day!I was more p*ssed than anything because I didn't wan't to pay 900$ for that POS radio!Luckily,I called the terminal from the nite before and someone was nice enough to leave it with the TD.
  14. lol..With all due respect it was a guy.That was some wild stuff that went down,glad I'm here to tell you about it!This job can be dangerous at times.....

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