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    3 Yearsto top pay. Right now Min TSS pay and Top T/O pay is the same rate an hour.
    You prolly make more now as a T/O with the late clears,RDO's and built in OT...But after the 3 years that check would look pretty decent.Yur really considering coming back??


    I'm at the bottom and almost everyone from B so I got picked out. So A was last to go.
    Maybe the A will work out better for u...I ran into a couple of TSS's in the past who came from the A and said they couldn't wait to go back so I'm guessing it's less stressful over there.


    I hear the (F) is a rookie line, is the ®ookie one of those too? B-Div persons are coming over here, especially to the money making (1) line. They love the few lineups they need to know also. I spoke to a few, some of which live in Brooklyn, but pick A-Div Extra List.........
    The (F) and (R) line SUCKS!!!If I had to choose I'll roll with the (F) ONLY on an EARLY pm shift because yur express in Queens both ways and get it out the way before those D@mn track gangs hit the road!!!You wanna be off that line by atleast 2300 hrs or a lil after...It's a work-horse but if u got a good C/R u guys can knock it out plus the 160's can make it a lil better....Now the (R) is PURE punishment!!LOCAL all the way in Queens,Manhattan,Brooklyn u got all these timers,twists and turns etc.and at Nite a lot of work trains can plug you up in Bklyn soooo you wanna be off the road by atleast 2200 hrs.If u don't have any seniority,u aint getting NO EARLY PM jobs on those lines.If u can pick outta Brooklyn,I'd stay in the A division...


    I got Sun/Mon since January last year, and still got it. Now I will see what happens Friday this week, since this is the second week of my vacation. Feels good to not be there for two weeks..............
    Sun/Mon is good!I had Sun/Sat for a minute too...It goes by pretty quick but I aint complaining,just enjoying it while it lasts.I just came off of vacation the first week of the New Year and hooked up some AVA's-came out to 11 days total...First day back,got screwed with the R line...:)

  5. I though after 1 year of probation, it was parole for the next 24 years..........




    I am moving to Brooklyn, and will request you to show me the B-Div lines, when I can get over there. It will be fun, to be shown a new divison, by someone I bumped.....:P:P:p...........

    LMAO!!! Oh really?? Sure, I'll be glad to show u the B-Division lines...Just make sure to give me a call to schedule it because I'm very BUSY on the WEEKENDS watching sportscenter and Yo Gabba-Gabba with the kids while u figure out how to read the G.O.s...:o I got the PM's on lockdown....:(

  6. Congratulations Andrew. But, you can have that mid-night tour. I've done all three, and that is the worst for me. It does work for some, a killer for others. Be safe, stay alert, and since I might be moving to Brooklyn, I will join yall in the B-Div, when I get the chance.........

    Don't come over here....Keep yo azz over there on that fake railroad!:P You got something to tell me bwoy??I'm waiting...............lol:cool:

  7. Racoons arent no joke. I will never go anywhere near those things. At my Aunts house in the Bronx those suckers are always in her backyard and onetime I went out back to get something and all I heard was hissing and I thought it was a cat and I turned around and hauled ass, that thing was right behind like it was about to bite.


    Those things are not your average wild animal. And dont even think about leaving your trashcan wide open......

    I'm tellin u...those things are off the chain!The hisss is the warning shot....:eek:


    Raccoons arnt so bad,. just gotta watch out for them when they live inside tunnels or indoors. Their feces has eggs that have a parasite that once enters the human body goes into your eyeballs and brain and causes braindamage.
    Like I said,I don't mess around with those things...I got hissssed at a couple of times and had to fall back.Braindamage??I can deal with the rats...lol

  9. Actually it was not the rats I was talking about,although there are several hundred there at any given time.


    I was talking about the Giant Flying Roaches!!!

    Really?Most of us prolly thought u were talking about the rats!!!I didn't notice any Water Bugs(flying roaches)when I walked those tracks...Have u ever walked back from Metropolitan Ave. Yard at nite?Now I don't know about u but I ain't messin with those Racoons!!!:eek:I have the utmost respect for those suckers....

  10. You can know all the lineups,relays,yard leads,timers..et.BUT IMHO Untill you go and either do a layup or a Put in on 1 or 2 tracks on the E line at Parsons/Archer THAT is what seperates the men from the boys.IF you can walk out of there in a calm and cool manner that is even better.(I could not do so,I ran out of there faster than Edwin Moses in the 100 meter run.)


    Those of you who have been there know exactly what I am talking about:eek::eek::eek:

    lol...You have to make noise and let them know u are comin so they'll scatter!Try carrying a shoe paddle....I used to work with old-timers that loved to catch and throw em!:eek:


    lol! That's crazy! One time I left my bag on a C train in the cab it was a sinking feeling but never got that crazy over it. I got reunited with my stuff at the other terminal.
    That whole situation made me uncomfortable man......I was in total shock!I really felt sorry for the guy.Yeh,I lost my radio once and didn't realize it til the next day!I was more p*ssed than anything because I didn't wan't to pay 900$ for that POS radio!Luckily,I called the terminal from the nite before and someone was nice enough to leave it with the TD.:)


    lol. Interesting story. Who knows what she might of had in that back for her to act up like that. Close call with the t/o who nearly killed you.
    lol..With all due respect it was a guy.That was some wild stuff that went down,glad I'm here to tell you about it!This job can be dangerous at times.....

  13. Hey people wassup??lol I gotta end off the year with ONE more story!lol I know,I know-where have u been NASCAR??Ok just let me tell u that I apologize in advance BUT(GOD FORGIVE ME)this is the funniest sh*t I've seen in a looooong time!U know how u may laugh if someone falls but yur not laughing at if they're hurt or not,just the act of falling?Well......Lemme tell u-Since I wanna make fun of people,lets talk about me first.One day(Can't tell u where)I had to do a Put-in(prepare a train for service for all u civilians:p) and I had to ride a relay train down in the tunnel and get dropped off where my train is then there's an operator on the other side that pulls away when SAFE to do so.Remember the word "SAFE".Down here u MUST ALWAYS communicate because u don't know where people's minds are.Anyways,I tell the operator at the other end"Partner,I'm getting off on the other end and when I get down to the road-bed, I will let u know on the radio and u can charge up and leave."Ok so I pull the train down dump it and open the door and for some reason the storm door isn't locking so I'm wrestling with this SOB and it finally locks and I put the safety chain on and I hear air release- and guess what??The SOB starts to move and I'm like"NOOOOOOO FVCKIN WAY!!!"I told this DIK that I will let him know when it's SAFE to move via the radio!!!!:mad: Guess what I had to do?Yup- jump off that sucker QUICKLY!!!!I threw my bag on the tracks and hopped off that MF!!!It was a scary feeling because I could have been hurt really bad or killed.I'm in pretty good shape but some people down here have back and leg problems and lets face it,some operators are kinda up there in age and I know prolly wouldn't have the BALLZ to jump cuz its REALLY high!!!!!I didn't bang this DIK in because I'm not a sucka like that BUT I can't wait to see him because I'm definitely gonna give him a piece of my mind-and would you believe he came out of my class??lol SOB Anyways,I was ok(thank GOD) and was able to make my interval.This may sound crazy but sometimes workin for Transit either u gonna laugh or you'll end up Cryin!:cry: Remember the word CRY!!lolololololol Ok so lets move on to the story of the day...I had a job that required me to do a relay and this time I'm on the other end pulling the train out of the tunnel to go into service south-bound.Ok so the the train operator on the other end dumps the train gives me two buzzes so I can charge up and move into the station when I get the line-up.After I charge up,I'm putting in my ear-plugs and I hear a LOUD scream so I'm like-WTF is that??:confused:The scream is getting closer and closer...I hop up and look out my cab window on the operators side and see nothing!WTF is that noise??So I look out the cab window and it sounds like a woman screaming.It's a loud pitch sound!You ever go into a haunted house and hear the fake spooky ghost sounds like.....Whooooooahhhhhhhhhhh.......Whoooooooooahhhhhhhhh........whoooooooahhhhhhhhhhhh??!!!YEH it sounds similar to that but to give you a better picture in yur mind,imagine the Pillsbury Doe Boy yelling Whoooooooooahhhhhhh.......Whoooooooooahhhhhhhh REALLY LOUD!WTF??:confused:Ok so I finally see an orange vest and it's a Train Operator yelling into the radio!So I yell saying "what's up partner?? You ok??"The operator kept yelling in the high pitched Pillsbury Doe Boy Ghost voice....."Whoooooooahhhhhhh.....Whooooooooooahhhhhhhh-Control,Control Im the train operator on the ****Put-in(Can't tell U again:p) and the train took off on me while I was on the back and MY BAG,MY BAG is on the back of the train....Whooooooooooahhhhhhhhhh.........whooooooooahhhhhh.......MY BAG,MY BAG........Whooooooooahhhhhhhh........Whooooooooooooahhhh!!!"So the operator yells to me"let me up....let me up!"So the Operator climbs up to my cab and I open the door and guess what?The operator's sweating and crying like a little kid who lost his/her mama at the mall!Guess what?It's a Grown-azz MAN!!!!!!!!lolololol YESSSSSSSSS a GROWN MAN sounding like a GIRL!!!So controls says to him"Operator calm down with all that anxiety we can't understand what yur saying,can you please talk clearly so we can help you."So the Pillsbury Doe Boy Ghost sounding train operator says "Control-MY BAG,MY BAG is on the relay train that left me and please don't let it leave from the terminal.....Whoooooooooahhhhhhhhh.....Whoooooooahhhhhh.....MY BAG,MY BAG!!" So control finally contacts the tower and says for the Female Operator to contact them when they get to the terminal.LMAO!!!!!FEMALE operator???lolololol Ok it gets better.....The FEMALE sounding Pillsbury Doe Boy Ghost voice Train Operator GRABS the master controller of MY train and tries to take power on some taking of Pelham Bay Sh*t to get the GOD D*MN BAG!!!WTF is wrong with this dude??I take my keys out of the train and finally tell him to RELAX and CALM down because someone is gonna get the bag....GEEEESH! So he's STILL crying and sweating and HOPS off my train and RUNS down the tracks ALL THE WAY into the station hoping to get that BAG!!!!!!!I finally get the line-up and didn't move because a Pillsbury Doe Boy is running down the tracks like a Jack-azz!SMH Later on that day I found out he got the bag because when I came into the crewroom I see him eating his lunch very quietly....Mr.Female sounding Pillsbury Doe Boy Ghost voice Train Operator u ought to be ASHAMED of yurself....MAN UP!!!! Yur worried about a BAG????You could have been seriously hurt or killed and here you are acting like a little wussss!!!!!!You have become the laughing stock of the terminal now.....Whoooooooooahhhhhhh........Whooooooooahhhhhhhh!!Are you kidding me?lolololololol I'm not finished(I know it's a long story)the SAME train that left him was the SAME train I had to jump off of and it's the SAME job Pillsbury Ghost had and the SAME track HIS train was layed up on for him to put into service!!!!!!LMAO lolololololol!!!!!!You CAN'T make this stuff up!!!Seriously,I'm glad he wasn't hurt tho....Everyone have a safe New Year and many Blessings!NASCAR.....IAM Bob Ross


    Isn't that basically a TSS?
    LMAO!!!!OMG that's GREAT!!!!I'm not gonna lie you have a couple of "Beakie" type TSS's around that just LIVE to get you in trouble but usually TSS's keep it movin...You might have people from "system safety" riding yur train at any given moment too.Quick story...I was on the (A) last month and my C/R was sooo slow and we got to Mott Ave. a lil tardy and I noticed this "System Safety" guy that I saw at 130 Livingston Street(I NEVER forget a face) get off my train and he rolled his eyes at me I guess he missed his bus or something.:( You NEVER know who's riding yur train...Ha Ha


    Ok, Ill bite. What is a 'Beakie'? :(
    A RAT BASTARD!!!!! People going around checking to see if yur doing yur job.When I was a cleaner,I used to see them messing with the station agents.They would check to see if the agents would "Nickel" meaning pocket the money and let them thru the gate or to see if the agents are being rude if he/she have too many customer complaints.Beakies as far as I know were part of supervision.You could smell them!!!They were too obvious....

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