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  1. Oh HECK yeah!Yur gonna get tests weekly.These tests give yur TSS's an idea of who's slacking or picking up the information.If you fail these little tests(Quiz) they'll give you a second chance.After that you qualify for tutoring which you get paid OT for....Yur gonna get a midterm and a final.Yur gonna get a Yard practical exam,brake-pipe rupture practical,road practical.(all HANDS on)I'm telling you, once you pass schoolcar it's a BIG relief!
  2. Lol...Seriously,that TSS is piece of work.I've seen the TSS since,but it's funny how people don't remember what they say or how the treat you at one time.I NEVER forget...
  3. Ha Ha...Hope you enjoyed it!B)
  4. Yur still young...enjoy it while you can.There's no rush for kids man until you get settled and have some good income because they're expensive.I also get tortured with Noggin,Hanna Montanna,Yo Gabba-Gabba and all this crazy stuff..lol I have nightmares of channel 129!B)
  5. lol...I thought you were 23?? Oh I get it,that's yur showbiz age!B)
  6. They'll call u but it's like waiting on babies...Take all the tests you can-don't put all yur faith in TA!There's alot of people hiring in 2010...The Chief comes out every Tuesday,so check it out.
  7. The Following User Says Thank You And AMEN SubwayGuy For This Useful Post:
  8. THANX EVERYONE!! I appreciate the blessings...:tup: Like Jah said,the BS will drop by 75% and that's what I've been wating for.
  9. My probation is OVER!!!!!!!!! Yesssss....I did it! Nah Nah Nah Nah...Nah Nah Nah Nah...TSS GOOD-BYE!!! Owwwwww!! Thank GOD, for the most part I won't be picking up TSS's and getting asked ALL the same questions over and over-"Sooooooo-yur the blah,blah,blah outta...What's yur pass number?Do you wear perscription glasses??-contacts?What's yur radio number?Have you been on this line before?Have I seen you before?Do you need line-up cards?How long have you been out?Remember-take yur time!Do you like the job?"The funniest one is "next time I see you, I'll show you how to operate the R160!!!???" lol Get the H*LL outta here!:eek: R160??? Yur gonna show who how to operate what??(not being cocky)lol You gotta be kidding me...I'll show my five year old how to move that thing. I like to say congrats to my whole class and to the guys on here-Taylor's Law and DOB2RTO!!Last but not least........(drum-roll please) The "#1 MAN" The best TSS down here!You are AMAZING Bro!I've learned sooo much from you and you are truly one of the nicest people I've met in my entire life!GOD bless you and thanks for the memories.....NASCAR
  10. lol...Oh SH*T- Get outta here!!! That Ol guy is a lazy Bazztit and so is our "BUGGED MAN".Those were some classic moments at Pitkin.

  11. Oh yeh??? Savor the moment because that doesn't happen often!I see yur in my neighborhood now...Welcome.I'm getting alot of switching jobs which sux because they start late.

  12. So you finally got PM's??? Good for you!!! I don't know how you guys do the Nite thing???It sux!!!! I hope they NEVER give me NITES or AM'S...Now you get to operate that "JUNK" on the Victor...lol Welcome!

  13. Very interesting things happening in the 60th street tube..."DO NOT GO FASTER THAN 45MPH IN THE TUBES UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE!!!!" Hmmmmmm....very,very interesting!:confused: I was on the Astoria line and saw this notice hanging up.Soooooo me being me,I asked a person of "higher authority"(whatever) what's the big deal?? He/she said "there is some vibrations in the tubes when you go 50mph and up and we wanna be safe." WTF!!!!:eek: I said"what???"-"what's TA saying??"-He/She replied-"they won't get into details" WOWWWWW...I don't wanna scare anyone but this doesn't sound good to me at all! I gotta admit,I'm not crazy about flying thru there with the 160 anyways!!! The 160's in the tubes are "VIOLENTLY FAST!!!!!" If yur going S/B from Q-boro plaza,you can coast on the downgrade and hit about 50mph. I've also noticed before you hit the last signal on the downgrade before you go up,the 160 shakes pretty hard and it's NOT a good feeling!:eek: I was thinking maybe they're afraid of a a possible derailment or.....OR(:eek::cry:) damage to the structure inside of the tubes from constant rumbling of trains that could...Shall I say, spring a LEAK!(My GOD) Then I was thinking...If it was that bad,they wouldn't have trains going thru the tubes until it was safe...Hmmmmmm I don't know about this one!I smell FISH...
  14. AHHHHHHHH YESSSS!!! The "#1 man"....that's good news! I'm sure you had fun with him!
  15. Ha Ha...get used to the rats!They eat VERY good down here.I wish I could bring you in the garbage room at 42st. grand central station...I swear to you, it WILL change yur life...lol
  16. Wait a second...:confused: yur coming back to the B??
  17. The plot thickens!!! That's great Dave, you deserve it...I LOVE early PM's...1300-2100,1400-2200 or anywhere in between is good for me.When you start getting past the 1600's-1700's and GOD forbid 1800's and up it's not a good look. You come home to complete silence and all you got is Sports-Center and a bowl of Haagen-Daz!!!l:p What's East or West? If I came over to the A,I would only wan't jobs that start in BK or Willets PT. which is IMPOSSIBLE to get...those guys on the won't leave!
  18. lol...yeh the Bar!!! I forgot...lol

  19. That's cool...Yur acting like a Vulture T/O picking up all the students huh??lol Yeah,Yeah...Hope you didn't do the Freddy Flinstone with the winky wink and the wooty woo!(Builds character)lol

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