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  1. Dave.....yur STUCK here(B div) for the rest of yur career!!!!! NO PICK!!!!!!BUHHHHHHAHA.....BUHHHHHHAHA....B) They need you over here.
  2. 2 weeks more of vacation...The more time I'm NOT around these clowns,the better!:tup:
  3. I got the antenna today!!! Thanx alot! Yur right,that place was a real hole in the wall...lol It was kinda busy too.I lost Taylor's E-mail,if I find it I'll give it to u...yeah,yeah

  4. DOB, I'm REALLY tempted to call out sick but I'm gonna chill for a minute.I wanna make it thru probation clean.I'm on the 30% list... I checked the IVR and I had 12 AVA's last week...
  5. Yur NOT gonna miss that smell...lol Hotel ...:tdown:
  6. DOB,you went to graduation?? I wonder why I wasn't invited??? Hmmm...I smell fish! It might be a conspiracy!! Would you believe they called my name??(classmate told me) These SOB's prolly didn't wanna pay that OT! I missed all the action with the SUPT. giving you guys the BIZZNESS...:cry:
  7. Yeh,Yeh, I know the procedure...I was being SARCASTIC...:confused: I DIDN'T believe he would go...
  8. Dave you leavin?????Aw man...whatcha pick???
  9. No they don't have any rules but they ask.This guy that was in my class uncle is a "BIG DOG!!!!!" We saw him in a couple of pictures...lol He can make things happen...NO DOUBT about it!
  10. LOL!!!!! You've got to be kidding me??? That guy is a dik!B) Why would you tell them that?? Why O why?? I don't get it....Then again,it's "HAPPY TOOLS":p I hate to say it(again) but he DOES NOT DESERVE this job!GOD forgive me but it is what it is...There are sooooooo many people out here who would give their left nut for this job and who would really take this seriously!He's a joke and it's just a matter of time...Yeah "UNCLE" would cok block ANY charges against him so he has that "comfort zone."I wish I had a hook with the "screw office." lol
  11. DOB-wassup man? What going on in the A??
  12. I hope not! You know what?? I seriously doubt it because the new people are scared to death now...I'm hearing these guys are banging in every little thing.Catch me if you can,I'm the Ginger-Bread man...
  13. I heard that some T/O backed up his/her train 95 feet over a switch at Dekalb yesterday...lol WTF?? The word spread like wild-fire! That guy/gal got BAWLZ to do that in front of the cameras...
  14. Oh, ok because I was wondering how you pulled that off everyday...:confused:The is sweet!!! The is cool too but you work like a dog...
  15. Sorry to hear about the death in yur family...Stay strong Dave!Sometimes when I'm on board I see some C/R's looking unhappy and I find out that they got sent from Uptown or Bklyn...lol They always say-"I HATE Queens!" I thought you always commuted?? As far as the pick location,I'll be fine because he likes the Astoria line.
  16. All the early PM jobs are going.Now I see late jobs paying only 8hrs.All the Old-heads are eating up those 9+ hr. jobs. I was speaking to this Kid the other day and he has 1yr. and 2 mos on the job and he picks about 6min before me on the last day...wtf??:confused: I couldn't believe it! T/O seniority is the worst!!!:tdown:
  17. lol!!! Nah,the C/R was a cool...I think he/she enjoyed p*ssing the customers off!
  18. AYYYYYYYYY....where have you been hiding?? Don't you miss racing on the VAN WYCK??? Anyways-yeah the bridge aint fun at all! Wassup with that area?? I had major static and sometimes I couldn't hear control!I had to translate thru Liberty tower.It reminds me of the B1 channel in BKLYN! You can't hear SH*T!:mad: We need NEW radios...Guess what?? I heard "HAPPY TOOLS" hit a home-ball at W4!!!b Wait...wait!! It wasn't his fault! It flashed on him and they told him to go back and "see the sunshine";) and he said "W4,I cannot back my train up!!!" lol.....HA HA HA HA! You can't make this stuff up!!!! SOB...:confused:
  19. If you can get part of the weekend's in the A,go for it!I figure if you move around a bit and see diff faces and routes,it keeps you fresh.This job can get boring after a while.:(I'm surprised to see ALOT of jobs open! I've also noticed ALOT of S/M,S/S slots open which will prolly be gone in the next 2 weeks or so.I was thinking maybe the boards didn't get updated yet.The North is filling up FAST!I pick the 3rd week in May...SOB :mad::tdown: I know I'll prolly stay Xtra,Xtra P.M.'s. I know you don't miss those days.
  20. Yeh...Someone's gotta eat that.:confused: First thing control asked me was how long have I been out?lol
  21. Dave,have you been looking at the boards? When do you picK?
  22. Yessirrrr...lol

  23. Yeh,I know... These people are crazy.It's like they wanted me to admit to something I didn't do...lol It's like there's NO WAY it couldn't have been his fault.I see why people don't bang in stuff. They prolly gonna charge schoolcar for the service delay.
  24. Thanx...but I knew that!Got my words mixed up.I meant after i went BIE.If it was a pulled cord,I would have to put a hand brake on(secure my train) top side charge,turn off the HVAC,lock my cab go on the track and mess with the angles to find out the BAD section then me or my C/R would reset the cord...DONE.
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