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  1. updated pay as in During training, or when you are on you're own?
  2. 15$ an hour during training, 23$ an hour first time on your own. its in the description in the post if you read it.
  3. Yesterday my son received and email invitation to testing for the above position. Has anyone else received anything? Also if anyone know's what the test might cover or if he just will have to go in blind. Any info is much appreciated.
  4. You could pm me for more info, the test you've taken most likely was the BOSS exam and since you've passed they are granting you the interview which is a step in the right direction. After the interview should be the the drug exam. The process has change from what it was when i as first hired 24 years ago.
  5. usually after the interview, and if they see you as possible new hire they will sit you down so you can take the BOSS exam at the Hr office located at 475. After that its a vist to the on site Doctor for the exam and drug tests.
  6. When they sit you down they will just explain to you what they expect of you and how training will work. They will ask about your previous employment if it was in a driving capacity. How familiar you are with westchester county and such. They will give you examples of the type of work you will see when you go out on your own for the first time later down the road when you pass through training. Also they will explain the safe driving awards and payouts for being a safe driver for a certain period of time.They will also discuss the extra list just in case all work is taken during the pick process and theres nothing left for you. Starting rate is 15$ an hour during the training process. once you complete training you will go on ride alongs with other drivers to get yourself familiar with the routes thats about 2 months it can be shorter if you learn quick and ask to be put out on your own sooner. Once you go out on your own for the first time you will be bumped up to your next rate which is 23$ or 24$ and hour. Then after that its every year. No group interviews. 2 hours is just an estimate shouldn't take that long. its been a long time for me so i really dont know what else they may ask you. Just show that you are going to be committed to this job if you get it and you'll be fine.
  7. No way that is possible they wont hire you intill you are at least 21 or older. And the 10 years of exp is bullshit that is not true at all. Ive seen people get hired that drove nothing but a van before. Period they are not gonna hire you at 19 way to young right now. Trust me ive been with liberty lines for 25 years now i know.
  8. No it is not. All you need is a completely clean record. And everything in order on your CDL.
  9. My older son applied for the position as well, his status is at the passed prescreening part. No luck on his end yet i hopefully he might get one still. been looking for awhile now. Good luck to you on the test!
  10. This will be my last year with Liberty Lines Transit. On January 1st 2019, i am out its been a interesting and amazing 23 years but with current situations internally with the company its going to be better to leave now then later. Still got work on the side i will do but heres to hoping i hear from Metro north sometime soon to continue a career in transit. 
  11. Ive been with liberty lines for 22 years, Im thinking of calling it quits with this company. Not going to go into detail but it isnt what the job used to be like back in the day. Im only 43 yrs of age. is there a age limit?
  12. You need to go in person to 475 saw mill river road, Yonkers, ny. Pick up a paper application and fill it out. They will ask for a 30 day driving abstract from the DMV which you can get online at home for a fee. They do not use the online application and if they do they make you come down in person to fill it out in writing.
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