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  1. Hey whats up BIll i see you are interested in the simulator. its called Microsoft train simulater it was released way back in 2000. so finding it might be a little hard.And as for all the addons and trains/ lines theres a certain site forgot the name that has all that youll ever need.ill get back to you with the name when i have time.i used to make new lines and trains for it but nowadays i just dont have the time anymore.even on my youtube account i just log in for minute and log right off.Certainly this job is a one of the kind you can meet some iteresting people and then just some you wish you just turned your head the other way.if you have any more ???s just feel free to ask. just give me time to respond back to them take care.

  2. see you later buddy im off to sleep nice talking to you.

  3. really god dang.i never really payed attention.and thanks for the complment.on my driving.ill be looking out for you now.

  4. i do operate the 45 line.i work on the 45 mon-fri and start at 7:00am on the 45 eastchester line then i come backtowards pelham bay subway station leaving eastchester square around 8:15am.then i make one last trip back to eastchester then i only operate from eastchester to new rochelle and back.two times then i swtich off and do my two other run on the 5 and the 21

  5. hey man im a bus operator down here in westchester county for the beeline system if you have any questions just feel free to ask.

  6. alright man im gonna get ready for work ill talk to you later.

  7. yea it took me awhile lol i just got a phone call and now i got to go in to cover for another driver on the 60 north bound and south bound. that route is long.but i have to be there around 11.35pm tonight. looks like i can say good bye to sleep.

  8. great pic of those buses keep up the good work

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