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  1. I've only rode on LIB once since the changeover. And it was on an Orion VII NG CNG on the N24. And I couldn't stand it. I refuse to ride those things again. I'll take ANYTHING over that garbage. I miss the MSBA days the most. Differentiation was a norm. You had Fishbowls, RTSs, Grumanns and Gilligs. You never know what you were going to see. Now-all you see are Orions. It's just a matter if you're going to get an Orion VII NG CNG or an Orion V CNG. It's not the same.
  2. In Queens, almost every single local line has some segment that is good in some particular way...whether it is speed, transfers, bus models and whatnot. I'll name a few of my particular favorites. You'll be surprised that some of the common lines are not listed on here: Q11 Q16 Q17 Q18 Q19 Q24 Q25 Q26 Q31 Q32 Q33 Q35 Q46 Q58 Q59 Q60 Q64 Q65 Q66 Q67 Q75 Q76 Q88 Q102 Q104 Q110 QBX1
  3. 40 bucks to go to Cold Spring and back is a little bit too much money for me. I'll pass.
  4. I'm disappointed that there will be no MNRR Open House this year but understand fully. I do hope that people inquire about it in high demand which could lead for a return of it for 2010 and beyond. Originally, there wasn't going to be a Bus Roadeo this year but due to high demand, they had one. I'm hoping the same can be said for the Harmon Shop but I highly doubt that will happen. I'm also wondering if MNRR will run a Fall Foliage Train this year from GCT-Cold Spring? If you want a ride up the Hudson Line, this could be the only way to go. As far as charging, they could make it a part of a One-Day Getaway and charge a little extra that would include: 1.a train ride to and from your starting station 2.shuttle bus to and from the train station 3.admission to the shops 4.food 5.fall foliage train ride They should also make it from 10am-4pm. Give the late starters a little extra time to make it up there. Not everybody can make it up there early in the morning.
  5. OK...They have not called everyone from Exam 2801 and 2901 hasn't been established yet and at the same time they're having filings for yet another exam? NO more filings for me. They already having conflicts because I'm on a list for Exams 2801 and 8008. As I said in a previous post...I GIVE UP!
  6. It's 621 NOT 624. I just wish they'd take that MTA Logo off. The bus was preserved to keep the Triboro Coach Corp name going in memory. Same goes for QSC 275 which has Queens MTA Bus Surface on the front. The other museum buses don't have MTA logos on them...why should these 2? They NEED to come OFF! I'm not happy to see that. :mad:
  7. They say that every year and they wind up having it. I was unable to attend last year. I hope they will have it again this year. I'm also hoping I will be able to attend.
  8. I had that last week on 1775 except that the train was going LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL LOCAL!
  9. HELLZ NO!!!! WTF is the thinking? If the LEDs on the 7 weren't bad enough, NOW it's come to THIS?! How about NO?! They will NEVER work. It looks way out of proportion. Just leave it alone as it is! There's no need to change that. :eek: If they want to do something, why not correspond the front LEDs to the lines in existence? Why does everything have to be in red?
  10. I miss the redbirds-especially on the . I feel like ever since these R62As have arrived, there have been more and more screwups with them. More breakdowns, more trackwork more of everything except quality service. When the redbirds were on the line, it was rated the best line in the city many times. Now, it's lucky it makes the top 5. I just wish they could've stayed around a little longer than they did. The redbirds also had much better A/C than the R62As. However, 1 thing I will say positive about the R62As on the is that they are kept in great condition. Otherwise, blech. I can't tolerate the R142/R142As. They look like they've had it...ALREADY! And they're just about to make their 10th Anniversary. Very sad. As far as the Slants, I just like them for their uniqueness to the NYC Subway System. They too also had great A/C. I don't approve of these R160s at all. They have a very unpleasant odor inside of them. They are very boring to railfan. They all look the same. They're too bright. No railfan window. They lack the uniqueness that the older cars have had. My feelings are the same in regards to the M7s on LIRR and MNRR. Like it or not, this is way the wants things to be. There have been so many changes made in 10 years and in my opinion, it is not for the better. For me, since I'm not an avid fan of these high tech cars, I think once all of the oldies are done for, my subway and rail fanning days will be placed on a very limited basis. They just don't do it for me. And before you all ask, I feel the bus industry is even worse. The only new buses that I approve of are the Orion V Suburbans at WCBL and the new look MCIs. Everything else-PATHETIC!:tdown:
  11. Here are a few: Will search for some more. Enjoy!!!
  12. I saw Orion V CNG #734 from SC sitting outside LGA Depot earlier this morning.

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