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  1. arrgh... I forgot there is such thing as email notification...

  2. Happy Birthday! (by the time you see this message it will probably be next year lol)

  3. how was kings borough?

  4. Havent posted here in awhile, been really busy with work, but I did catch this today, a (Q)uincy to 95th St, Enjoy...
  5. Your friend has it. It's a picture of me wearing a shirt with the R subway line.

  6. Nice meeting u today to, I cant find ur FB

  7. It was nice meeting you at Coney Island!

  8. Due to this mornings derailment, trains were running on the and onto the due to the weekday G.O, causing the West End to have no service, as a result, selected trains were running over the and were programmed as (D)'s. And an R68 and at 18 Ave via Culver... Enjoy -
  9. Thanks Yup, im really happy for UP Thanks, they really should fix the font on the Novas..... Thanks, yes it did, there outta control I tell ya, there always making fun of the elderly ppl, I was on the 64 not to long ago and they were throwing soda bottles at this elderly lady, there disgusting and disrespectful. Shows ya how much a private school can do........:tdown: Thanks!
  10. I meant 4 Car, my bad, Thanks
  11. Caught it once again without waiting on Saturday... And the soon to be gone R46 ... Enjoy -

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