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  1. Nice meeting u today to, I cant find ur FB

  2. So did I, nice seeing you :)

  3. Thanks, but is there anyway u can put it to the other size like before, im actually using this for Facebook Banners, and can u make an R160 Version as well?, thanks alot!

  4. BTW, is there anyway u can put N in it?

  5. Its nice, I like it, thanks! EL OH EL EL OH EL

  6. LMAO may I ask why?

  7. I dunno, I got off at 2 Ave

  8. R68 (F) lulz, but seriously, one of the T/O's rly did that.....

  9. Crazy ass people, thats what I think!

  10. Hey Adem, do you have Facebook?

  11. Really? Write on my wall. I forgot who u are lol

  12. Do you have Facebook?

  13. Happy 18th Birthday Ty, Im a day older the you lol

  14. Thanks Fellow Sea Beacher!

  15. If you want you can PM me

  16. Yea sure, anytime

  17. Hey man, nm, you?

  18. haha thanks! you know my home station

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