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  1. Due to this mornings derailment, (D) trains were running on the (F) and onto the (N) due to the weekday G.O, causing the West End to have no service, as a result, selected (N) trains were running over the (D) and were programmed as (D)'s.



















    And an R68 (D) and (G) at 18 Ave via Culver...








  2. That is a pretty sweet catch :tup:


    Pure Excellent Photos!!!!


    Great Pics/Catch;)




    Alright!! Finally new buses for Ulmer Park. :cool: I was a teenager when they last had new buses. :o


    Yup, im really happy for UP


    Great shots! the (6) looks oversized compared to the (4) lol.


    Thanks, they really should fix the font on the Novas.....


    Nice shots. Curious: did the bus pick up anyone from the Xaverian crowds? Because I saw a lot of them on the B1 yesterday from 4th and 86th...even though the B1 no longer goes there. (I was about a mile down on 86th and Colonial.)


    Thanks, yes it did, there outta control I tell ya, there always making fun of the elderly ppl, I was on the 64 not to long ago and they were throwing soda bottles at this elderly lady, there disgusting and disrespectful. Shows ya how much a private school can do........:tdown:


    Nice photos :tup:... Can't wait to see them in my woods, especially the LED ones.



  3. oh my gudness those buses are making a statement now..great pics now it goes to show..the railfanners gotta get out there more and start being alert at all times


    I totally approve, great catch!


    Beau T Full Catch !!


    Thanks Guys

  4. Cool pics...Weird to see my 68s on the (G). So is it safe to say, come the end of June, the (G) will be based out of Coney Island Now?


    Thanks, and its rly is, but I have to say, its hot! Nice to see a 5 car 68 in (G)reen

  5. Excellent!


    Fantastic vids and pics!




    Of course they were on the (N) b\c Coney Island doesn't just have R-68's like Concourse.There aren't many 68's spotted on the (N) b\c they are either on the (:P which is about half and half 68 and 68A.

    So the (N) is now 100% R-160 again?


    Exactly, the mojority of it was 68A but there were a few 68 thrown in here and there. And yep, the (N) will be 100% 160 again by 6/25/11, so enjoy the 68/A on there while you can.


    (G)reat catch! So no more R46 on the (G)? :cry:


    Thanks, there will be a few on there til June 25th


    yeah the (N) is exclusively R160 again. the (R) lost its R160's to the (N).

    im hearing Jamaica sent off 5 sets 9143-9192 to CI. idk about 8722-8713 though...


    Yup, as for 8722-8713, it did get sent back to CIY, its undergoing maitnance*, there taking out the "Pilot Flip Seats" and replacing it back with the regular seats, not to sure about the surveilance cameras...

  6. Nice (G) train catches! So the R-68s are on the (G) I see!


    Very Nice (V)! I approve the (G)eorge with these cars but not the (F)ox.




    If these sets were taken from the (B) and (D) lines when what trains will replace the 68s that were sent to the (G)?


    JYD R160's, so no more 68's on the (N)

  7. Thanks guys. I got a call from a friend who said that it might be the only one to go down the Culver, several had been sent down 6th Av, but they went over the bridge to Brooklyn.


    I see, I was on QBL when this mess happened, my (F) got sent down Crosstown, im assuming the (R) went Crosstown as well? To 18 Ave or Kings Hwy?

  8. Havent posted for awhile, but heres a few R160 Pics/Announcements i've collected over the past month. And some other shots afterwards.




    Due to signal problems at C.I, this (N) train terminated at Bay Pkwy on the (D), also at the time, C.I bound (N) were being detoured over the (D) which didnt help the situation for the (N) at all........


















    An update to the (M)








    (Q) To P.P via Brighton














    (F) Shuttle








    (N) To 34 St, via Astoria













  9. theres a 99% chance that the (Z) won't go, Jamaica/Nassau St riders would go mad...


    Maybe they would make the Bay Pkwy (J)'s, skip-stops/exp like the (Z)? For that matter, extend the (Z).


    But if this all goes through, they should terminate it at 9th Ave, West End dont need extra service, its just the 4th Ave line that needs it badly.

  10. This weekend, the (D) will run it two sections. One section is between Norwood - 205 St and 34 St - Hearld Square. The Other Section is between Atlantic Av - Pacific St and Coney Island - Stillwell Av. My question is that since the Brooklyn part of the (D) will not have access to Concourse Yard, will there be a set of R160s from Coney Island Yard on the Brooklyn part ? Or, will it be R68As ?




    this video is property of Vinster 1115.


    Possibly, l caught it last time the G.O happened back in summer of 2010 in my video you have posted, there was 1 set of R160 on there, the rest of the fleet was CIY R68 and a few CCY R68, we'll see what happens this time.

  11. Not entirely true, several sets way before this recent re-flashing of sorts had the program. They all had the announcements too but the C/R was told to do the announcements manually.


    That is correct, but they only had a via 53 St program, not via 63. Or if they did, they never used it and sticked to via 53 st.

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