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  1. In a way, the B2 as well, because all the Kings Plaza, Av R, and other people along the route mostly only want the (B)(Q).




    That could possibly be because the service ends at Kings Highway, and it is harder to continue west (there is no easy way to get towards Bay Ridge/Dyker Heights). If you expand the route, you might discover a demand for travel between these areas.


    If you think about it, the B9 gets a lot of riders that continue past the Brighton Line.


    If it goes along Kings hwy, then onto McDonald, then 65 St it can.

  2. Thank you :tup::tup: To make them, well... all I did was use massive pictures that focused on the R160 LED signage and used Paint to design it. Its hard to explain it, but maybe a tutorial could help (which I'll send you via PM in the future)


    Ohhh I see, thanks.


    Can I request 1? If so can I get this:


    (Mx) Kings Highway

    (Mx) Myrtle Local

    (Mx) Via Broad

    (Mx) 4 Ave Local

    (Mx) Via Sea Beach

  3. I have this kind of camera: http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=ModelInfoAct&fcategoryid=145&modelid=16347


    I was wondering,which ISO and/Or settings should I use for underground subway pics? I always have my ISO on auto and my settings on Manual. Most of the time my underground pics come out blurry. and do you think I should leave those settings on for outdoor pics to? if its cloudy outside,my pics come out blurry. Any advice would help!

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