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  1. Yea sure, anytime

  2. Hey man, nm, you?

  3. I got the Samsung Gravity Touch which came out a few weeks ago, bought it last week, its a nice affordable mini Android with touchscreen and a keyboard. http://www.t-mobile.com/shop/phones/Cell-Phone-Detail.aspx?tp=tb2&cell-phone=Samsung-Gravity-T#feature
  4. haha thanks! you know my home station

  5. Ohhh I see, thanks. Can I request 1? If so can I get this: (Mx) Kings Highway (Mx) Myrtle Local (Mx) Via Broad (Mx) 4 Ave Local (Mx) Via Sea Beach
  6. These are very nice! Can you tell me how to do the R160 ones? Thanks
  7. lol, well I know you want something....what do you want.....

  8. Nice meeting you to! btw, do you have Facebook?

  9. Yep,not everyone needs to know my name,lol

  10. Thanks. Hey fellow Sea Beacher,wats up.

  11. It was cool,the concourse line is nice. BTW next time comment on my profile,lol.

  12. Will it be on the B1 tomorrow?

  13. 0055 is at UP?! Dude,can you find out for me if its gonna go on the b1?

  14. Yea,if they do that I will not be riding the B1 anymore

  15. wow,why would they do that,those seats are horrible

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