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  1. Hey man,nm. and u?

  2. Hey,nice meeting you today

  3. Wow that was so nice of you! Thanks Melv! Your so sweet!

  4. Glad to hear Trevor! Im sure we can do this again sometime!

  5. Is there anyway you can make an NG B1 for me? B1: Bay Ridge-Shore Rd/71 St --- via 13 Ave/86 St -- via Bay Ridge Ave
  6. It looked really strange,it read "B3 Gerritsen Bch",it was dark out so I couldnt see the sticker that well

  7. Happy Birthday man!

  8. welcome back! havent seen ya on here for a while

  9. OMG your the 5th bailout!

  10. hey just checking to see if your still coming tomorrow!

  11. hey just checking to see if your still coming tomorrow!

  12. LMFAOOOOOOOO. Ok,so i'll cya tomorrow!! you'll recognize me right away

  13. lol,how about I meet ya at the 10 car maker at 12:50. is that good? i'll be with a pear shaped lady,lol

  14. im going to bed so i need to know now,lol

  15. im getting the 1p out of 2nd ave,wanna meet up. but im only gonna do one round trip

  16. ohhhh,a shaving set,a book,chocolate,burgerking giftcard. and u?

  17. hey man! look forward to seeing ya on monday!

  18. yea,theres a big package under the tree,maybe its a BIG staple,lol

  19. so far I got a stapler,lmao

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