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  1. aww Good luck,Feel better!

  2. hey buddy,hope you feel better!

  3. Thanks 7-11! Gimme a slurppee,lol

  4. Thanks Mark! LOL Im The Big Bad Wolf

  5. I have a bday party planned with my friends today

  6. Thanks Ty! and Happy Birthday to you to!

  7. Thanks Curtis,and Happy Birhday to you to,I forgot it was your bday!

  8. hey,nothing much

  9. ok,great! let me know when ya go and we can go together!

  10. ohhhh,I see. Maybe sometime during Christimas Vacation then

  11. congrats on being a mod,you defidently deserve it!

  12. how about the day after thanksgiving,I have off from school which is a friday

  13. hey Kev,we gotta go railfanning again some day! maybe Weds? (its me vinster,I got a name change)

  14. k,thanks! I wanna be either a T/O or Conductor for the BMT/IND,lol. btw,this is my website,if ya want you can register: http://thejunction.smfforfree3.com/index.php

  15. Nice name. I added ya on youtube! Dont forget to check out my transit and comedy vids!

  16. o gees,wow it is,same year to,lmao were just one day apart! Nice to meet ya,thanks for teh friend request!

  17. One of my best pics R160 Train @ 9th Ave via West End For more pics you can visit my album here: http://s281.photobucket.com/albums/kk218/vinnyfrombklyn9/
  18. Happy 20th B-day Mark! Hope ya enjoy it!

  19. hi,is it true that theres gonna be R160's on the D on the weekends due to R68 getting SMS?

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