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  1. And it was said, it was never in service, THE END Who gives a flying f***, theres 3 pics of it saying Forest hills, in service or not, it still says Forest Hills, its not like I made the post and didnt put the pics up or put fake pics, that would've been a complete lie, you people really need to stop bitching over little shit.....
  2. So how come after I said it wasnt in service you still bitch and whine?
  3. LOLOLOLOLOL We went through this already, I already said that it wasnt in service now. You really dunno how to end anything, o wait, thats because you people love drama, this is giving it all to you :tdown: There all a lost cause......:tdown:
  4. Ohhh im so sorrrryyyyyyyyyyyy, i'll kiss everyones feet
  5. It aint the end of the world, in service or not, it still says Forest Hills, so it looked like it was in service, it really dont make a big difference, theres other things to be worrying about....
  6. Nice pics, nice fanning with you last night! :tup::tup:
  7. How about next time you stop being a wise ass and keep remarks to yourself -_____- And yea, no one cared, thats why they enjoyed the pics right? -____-
  8. LMAO well you guys still got a treat, in service or codebreak, so appreciate that :cool:
  9. Now that the needs more trains, I wonder if its gonna use an R46 from the :confused:
  10. The was at 59th St and there was an issue at Q.B.P, where would you like for the to go? They had no choice but to send it to Forest Hills, if they left it sitting at 59 it would back up the ..........if you think it's B.S, keep your comments to yourself
  11. Thanks guys, I know, always getting the good stuff
  12. Thanks Guys! No announcements, it was programed as local, it was going exp so they were shut off.
  13. Thanks Guys! Thanks, actually there was a G.O sometime in in 2002 that had the go to Forest Hills. Today at 4pm, Thanks
  14. First special of the year, enjoy it :cool: -
  15. There way past Ft Hamilton, there btwn New Utrecht and 18 Ave now, its going pretty fast.......
  16. Nice! To bad it wasnt signed up as , it would've really went with that!
  17. Ohhh, I guess they needed more trains
  18. Wow, nice catches! Do you know if this will be on the all weekend?
  19. Thanks Guys. belongs on West End! for Brighton.
  20. Thanks! Yea, you would think it would cause delays at 95th but it actually did pretty well....
  21. 8 Ave Sea Beach Brighton ( Myrtle-Wyckoff ( via 8 Ave Videos Enjoy -
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